YS reports GOP bookkeeping troubles

This afternoon’s Yellow Sheet had this story:



Two Republicans claiming knowledge of the Arizona Republican Party’s finances say the party’s year-end federal campaign finance report is a sham that greatly exaggerated available cash on hand. The report, filed last month, claims the party’s federal account held $65,000 at the end of 2009, but the sources said the real figure was closer to several thousand dollars. YS made several attempts to reach Pullen for comment and requested to view the party’s banking statements, but calls on the subject matter were not returned. State GOP Director Brett Mecum said: “If a Republican has a problem with the state party showing what we have on hand, it would be nice if they actually picked up the phone and called the office and maybe talked to some of us over here. They should take it up with the party and not the press.”

The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the committee held less than $5,000 in late December. One of the sources said they pulled a sleuth move and called the party’s bank (M & I Thunderbird) in late December to ask if the federal account balance could cover a (non-existent) $5,000 check. The inquiry, said the source, prompted the bank to respond in the negative. “The guy (Pullen) is the treasurer of the RNC and his books are a joke,” said the source. “Their entire reporting system is riddled with fraud.” The second insider who contacted YS said the party’s federal account funds were “not anywhere close” to $65,000. A more accurate figure by the end of 2009 would be roughly $3,000, said the Republican. Mecum said the party has “multiple bank accounts so it’d be interesting” to see which account was tested with the fund verification test. SOS records show the in-state account for the party reported $10,600 cash on hand at the end of 2009.


Would Brett Mecum really provide the bank statements if asked?  What does he mean by “take it up with the party”?  That happened and those folks were dismissed.  The questions linger and suspicion is not easily dissuaded with avoidance. 


It is time for Mr. Pullen and Mr. Mecum to provide a full accounting of each account, money in and money out with dates to match.  No accrual accounting, without the date of transactions, the real story. 


Avoidance of disclosure and facts and repeatedly distracting the focus from obtaining answers to blaming the one with the questions are not signs of a willingness for transparency.  Hey guys, it isn’t your money.  It isn’t your party.  And we aren’t idiots.


  1. hotflashholly says

    Randy was asked again about a fraud audit at the executive committee and he declined again cause of cost.. How expensive is it to show the executive committee the bank statement to prove the allegations untrue..He will not do it cause it is all true…The executive committee is allowing this to continue..I think someone should post all the names of the AZGOP executve committee so everyone can see who all is at fault here. The GOP leadership will not be able to hide from the truth forever..unless the executive allows the to..Pullen is the national treasurer of the RNC. how embarrassing!!

  2. Isn’t Sonoran Alliance worried about violating Yellow Sheet’s copyright by copying the article without permission? Or is this just another baseless hit piece not worthy of copyright protection?

  3. Maybe pullen should just show us the books and get this over with..how much more of this is going to come out..this is such a distraction for our job of electing Republicans

  4. In a year when the GOP is poised to make major moves on the Dems, we have a State Party headed up by Pullen with just 3 people on the payroll. This should tell all of you something. A house in order, as Pullen states, should be robust with staff, positioned to help all Republicans win elections. Yet, with just a touch of money in the bank, bills mounting, others unpaid for more than a year and not reported, I believe Randy Pullen is a liar. Pullen can simply produce the bank statements and put this story to rest.BET money he won’t though!!

  5. hire a real pr firm says

    Pullen looks worse by letting Brett “stalkergate” Mecum explain away the discrepancies to the media. That ED has lost all credibility in this state. Nobody trusts him to avoid shady behavior. Pullen would be better off either hiring someone reputable to manage this PR disaster, or handling it himself – after all, he is an accountant and the RNC’s treasurer.

  6. #3 oberserve above is not me.

    Do we have to go through this again?

    #1 It’s confirmed that McCain’s political consulting firm was behind this first time around

    #2 It was proven utterly false

    #3 HEre we go again with the McCainiacs providing aid and comfort to the enemy (Democrats)

    #4 Proof positive that McCain should have registered Republican back in 84 when he wanted to before people convinced him to register Republican.

  7. nightcrawler says

    So what exactly is the point here ?

    What is the end game ?

    Why should the average person even care ?

    The AZGOP has been thrown under a bus by a certain coalition of legislators who have set up parallel fund raising operations. Money normally headed to the AZGOP has been diverted. So don’t bellyache about lack of funds.

    Randy is a professional accountant by training, are the people shouting the loudest financially literate, I think not.

    I am an unapologetic moderate, so I have no need to stroke the mean spirited grassroots. Regardless of ideology, Randy and the AZGOP staff are getting a raw deal.

  8. How is it a raw deal if they have mishandled funds and spent them in violation of the law? Did the “coalition of legislators” coerce the behavior?

    If anyone has withheld money, it is based on a pure lack of trust. No bus disasters here…a self-inflicted wound that may be mortal.

  9. We have demanded an accounting in writing and in person. The press has asked for an explanation from the AZGOP for months now. Our elected officials and candidates running for office are not getting the proper financial or administrative support they need going into this important election season.

    The end game here should be to have the following immediately undertaken:

    1. A public acknowledgement that prior state and federal campaign reports were inaccurate.

    2. Correction of the reports and a resolution of any outstanding penalties resulting from these amended reports.

    3. Bring in an independent, outside auditor to give Republicans a true accounting of the financial state of the Arizona Republican Party.

    4. Issue a report detailing exactly how the AZGOP will prevent such mistakes from taking place again.

    This has reached a tipping point.

  10. Ann, it is your ASSERTION they have mishandled funds.

    There is no evidence and no proof.

    Further, the people you support provide aid and comfort to the enemies (Democrats).

    Further, your concept of guilty before proven innocent is unamerican.

    Go join the dems. They will love you. Maybe you can get elected to office!

  11. Cactus Jack,

    The AZGOP should not do what you recommend. A board of directors have certain fiduciary duties to their organization. What you recommend is organizational suicide and will result in multiple lawsuits.

    Are you a Democrat?

    You obviously have never served as a director on a board.

  12. Observe,

    If a board of directors, either through negligence or incompetence, fails to uphold its duties of care and loyalty to the organization, then it is in breach of its fiduciary duties.

    Man, you picked the wrong Jack to call out on this one.

    Furthermore, if we want to continue the corporate metaphor (which in inappropriate for a whole number of reasons here), the shareholders always maintain a right to demand an accounting. The grassroots demand an accounting in this matter.

  13. Observe,

    Finally, are you saying then that doing Nos. 1-4 will reveal that there was something actaully took place that was illegal? Hmm…

    ‘Methinks the lady doth protest too much’

  14. nightcrawler says


    If I am not mistaken, items 1 and 2 were addressed to the State Committeemen by Tim Bee at the State Meeting on Jan 23rd.

    Item 3. A fool’s errand. Why spend thousands of dollars on an audit we as the members of AZGOP cannot afford to true up an account with a balance 10,000 dollars ?

    Item 4 is a good idea as long as it isn’t used to rub someone’s nose in the mess.

    Let’s not shoot a flea with a bazooka.

  15. Again, all of these vague accusations were PROVEN FALSE.

    The source of the accusations were PROVEN WRONG.

    Why trust these vague accusers again?

    Their story was wrong. Their source of data were wrong. Their accusations were PROVEN FALSE. They are complete nincompoops.

    Anyone who listens to them are fools.

  16. Blue smoke and obfuscation. McCain folks at their best! Why would anybody spend $25K to chase an account with only $75K total in it? Right. The answer is that it’s simply nuts! Just like the people who hate Randy Pullen. Yes. I said it. They are all looney, evil and need immediate medical attention.

    You want to know what the McCain folks are worried about? They are worried that you will catch on to their scurrilous back handed dealings outside the Party coffers.
    Check FEC.gov here: Pima County Federal Campaig Committee-http://query.nictusa.com/cgi-bin/com_ind/C00387316/

    You will find the AZ Congressional Delegation, McCain and Kyl all poured and directed millions into a Pima County slush fund in an ouright illegal move to skirt Campaign Finance Law (remember who co-authored the Law) The Committee has never been audited, The listing of contributors will make you wonder what the heck was going on in Pima County when Tim Bee also spent millions from his Campaign Committee -and NOBODY won a darned election in Pima county? Fraud? Shenanigans? McCain at his best. All that money to what, for what? No answers. No audits. Just continued silence from Tucson and Pima County.

    watch what they do this year. Watch the Yuma County Federal Campaign Committee reports, too! Tie the recent events, the people, and the money together. The picture becomes really clear.

    Just sayin’ …

  17. Stephen Kohut says

    McCainiac shills are once again trying to stir up their tempest in a teapot. Tim Lee addressed this thoroughly at the 1/23 mandatory meeting. Either the McCainiacs don’t understand English or have nothing else they can throw at Pullen and the conservatives but this pathetic joke of a story. Lets put a lid on it and toss the teapot and the McCainiacs in the trash where they belong.

  18. Miss Tomato says

    Don’t we have any PCs who can donate their time to audit or at least review the books? I don’t understand why you have to pay these fees. Does the party pay Lee Miller for his legal counsel?

  19. The books are already audited and reviewed.

  20. Black Helicopters and "A" Probes says

    Let me get this straight. Because the AZ GOP has no money-no respect-no leadership and a severly marginalized executive director who appears to be the last man standing on the payroll (who else would hire him)it all leads to one perpetrator
    —Blame McCain!—-

    Pullen lost alot of respect among professional republicans when he did not take action to find a new Executive Director. Same with the AZ GOP board who obviously does not demand any accounting or accountability for what has, and must still, be happening.

    It is systemic and symptomatic of poor oversight and lack of responsibility.
    Someone please do an intervention- they are in need of treatment.

    But then again, I forgot they can’t be expected to do anything about getting their own house in order because of ta da

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