Young Wright does her best Kathleen Dunbar imitation

     Last week former Oro Valley Town Council member Conny Culver wrote a letter to the editor in the Explorer News stating that LD 26 House candidate Nancy Young Wright held up the construction of Ironwood Ridge High School while she served on the Amphitheater School Board. The new high school was needed to relieve overcrowding in the fast growing NW Tucson area and Culver contends that Young Wrights actions cost the school hundreds of thousands of dollars because of the delay.

     Probably not too many swing voters read Culver’s letter to the editor and with time still before election day the smart thing for Young Wright to do from a public relations point of view would be to issue a press release detailing her point of view and correct any misstatement of the facts of the case. A rebuttal for the paper to print and a few letters to the editor from supporters should control any damage. Young Wright currently serves in the legislature after being appointed in January 2008. She is a in respectable shape in the polls and has a good shot of getting reelected.

     The above was not enough for Young Wright so she had her attorney, Bill Risner of Pima County Elections fame, fire off a letter to Ms. Culver with a thinly veiled threat of legal action. We have also heard that he sent a letter to the Explorer Newspaper. Nothing better for getting an issue into the news like having your lawyer threaten people with legal action. Not sure how this one will turn out but the technique did not work very well for Kathleen Dunbar in 2005.

     This week the Explorer paper was filled with letters to the editor on the matter of Culver’s letter about Young Wright from both points of view.

     We can not totally blame Young Wright for reacting the way she did. It seems to be the thing to do this year. Kay Hagan is suing Senator Elizabeth Dole over her ad in the North Carolina Senate race. Not to be left out, Norm Coleman is suing Al Franken in the Minnesota Senate contest. At least the lawyers will not be suffering during the current economic downturn.

     LD 26 is one of the hotspots in the contest for control of the legislature. Read yesterday’s story for some background on the district.


  1. Funny that the Dems try to sell the baloney that Dems like children and eductation and Republicans do not.

    However, in yet another in the millions of instances of “do as I say, not as I do” that the Dems have really perfected, again this is not the case.

    To the garden variety liberal Democrat, an owl (I’ve seen instances where it’s a rodent or a slug) is more important that the children AND education.

    So I salute Nancy Young Wright for increasing the cost of the school and delaying it and I salute Don Jorgensen for dressing up in a pygmy owl outfit at a protest. Thank you for telling the voters that animals trump our kids and their education. You’ve given people an easy choice.

  2. …or maybe it was Patterson who dressed up in the owl suit. Different liberal, same nonsense. Don if you’ve never dressed up as a pygmy owl, in public at least, I apologize.

  3. Too late Ruh Roh. Risner has already mailed a certified warning letter to you about your accusation that Jorgensen is a pygmy owl.

  4. That’s OK, I have put on my Halloween outfit: a pygmy owl costume, so I’m protected from bulldozers and, thankfully, lawyers. Just hope Patterson in his owl outfit doesn’t think he has a beer and birdseed buddy.

  5. SonoranSam says

    If you take the trouble to read some of the letters, you’ll see that the issues surrounding that high school had a lot more to do with questionable and potentially sweetheat dealings involving school district officials and some real estate interests in the area.

    But of course you’d rather try to marginalize Nancy as an environmental whacko, when in fact she provided a valuable service to the district’s taxpayers.

  6. Sam I don’t care if Young Wright roasts pygmy owls on the grill with a sweet marinade or if she protects them with her own life. The point of this article is that she made the issue worse by sicking her lawyer on a critic when other avenues would have been easier and more effective.

  7. kralmajales says

    At least she will do whatever she can to protect our universities.

    I can’t say the same for Williams or Zerull.

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