You Tube video targets Gorman’s vote on budget/taxes

Plenty of views of this new video on computers all over the Capitol, you can be sure of that.  It appears to have come from within LD6, first appearing on an email sent to LD6 PCs, urging them to contact Senator Pamela Gorman and speak with her about the budget package that hinges on her vote.



  1. A quick check on the domain name “” reveals that the domain name is listed to a trust based out of Chandler called the Ricardo and Caridad Sales Trust.

    One other note. I know for a fact that one of the organizations listed in the video did NOT give permission to use their logo as part of the video.

  2. There is no need to target Senator Pamela Gorman. She has consistently voted in FAVOR and IN THE BEST INTERESTS of her consitutents. She has NOT DEVIATED at all in her position as long as she has been elected and her constituents have rewarded her for her steadfastness against increasing taxes in whatever form they’ve taken. The real target should have been the Democrats in districts where voter registration is moving away from Dems. That would have been money better spent to get the desired outcome by the group organizing for the sales tax increase.

  3. Everyone knows who’s behind this. The same old liberals. This is just the same old McCain game:

    The Verdone Family
    Lisa and Gordon James
    Sean Noble
    John Shadegg
    Tony Bouie
    Mac Magruder
    Horst Kraus

    It’s just one more version of their standard operating procedure which is to try to make people believe that they are conservatives while labelling real conservatives as liberals.

    In other words… lies, lies, lies.

  4. Weak and pathetic. You can always tell how confident a group is about its message when they put it out anonymously.

  5. Senator Pam Gorman has an excellent four page response that went out in an e-mail to Legislative District 6. It explains the state budget process, her position on the budget and the proposed tax increases. Perhaps the bottom line is that a bad idea does not improve with the passage of time.

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