You Tube Debate Links!

If you missed the You Tube Debates like me, you may want to watch the instant replay one question at a time. Here is the list of questions and their links. We’d love to read your comments.

Question 1. Giuliani on New York City as a sanctuary city
Question 2. Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants
Question 3. Guest Workers
Question 4. Huckabee on College Tuition for Illegal Immigrants
Question 5. Ron Paul on Conspiracy Theories
Question 6. National Debt
Question 7. Discretionary Spending – 3 Programs to Eliminate
Question 8. Elimination of Income Tax / Isolation vs. Intervention
Question 9. Opposition to Tax Increases (Grover Norquist)
Question 10. Farm Subsidies
Question 11. Trade with China
Question 12. Gun Control
Question 13. Giuliani’s Gun Exam
Question 14. Candidate Gun Collections
Question 15. Black on Black Crime
Question 16. Abortion Penalty
Question 17 – Roe v Wade (Federal Abortion Ban)
Question 18 – Death Penalty
Question 19 – Bible
Question 20 – American Image with the Muslim World
Question 21 – Waterboarding/Interrogation/Torture
Question 22 – Iraq-Mideast Stability
Question 23 – Giuliani Using September 11
Question 24 – Vice Presidential Power and Influence
Question 25 – Homosexuality in Military
Question 26 – Log Cabin Republican Support
Question 27 – National Debt and Social Security
Question 28 – Mars Exploration
Question 29 – Conservative African Americans
Question 30 – Confederate Flag
Question 31 – Infrastructure Repair Cost
Question 32 – Ron Paul Independent Run
Question 33 – Giuliani Red Sox Fan

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