YOU Owe us America!

Bet you didn’t see this photo in your local newspaper?


  1. Veritas Vincit says

    This is terrorism, domestic economic terrorism.

    Ignore them. Refuse them. Ridicule them. Defuse them.

    To do otherwise will only encourage them. Remove the media. Boycott any firm that supports them. Turn their tactics back upon them. They will go away.

  2. Proven to be a photoshop hoax

  3. This would be published in a newspaper because it is a hoax. Said to be taken at a rally in Phoenix, the building in the background is actually the Los Angeles Times building. Close examination of the “sign” (zoom in) shows abundant noise around the letters which is consistend with photoshop removal of previous text. Appears that the entire sign may have been added. ALIPAC has issued an update asking people not to continue posting the photo because of the strong likelihood that it is a fake. But of course, that won’t stop a lot of people who care more about their agenda than they care about truth.

  4. Meant to say “This would NOT be published in a newspaper because it is a hoax.”

  5. Ay Yi Yi! says

    C’mon Carnelian, don’t buy into photoshops

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