You can count Chewie among the 40% who will be appealing a photo speeding ticket

I opened up my mail in shock recently to see a photo speeding ticket for driving 67 in a 55 mph zone on the 101 near Shea. (note – I’ve never received a photo speeding ticket since Janet Cams were implemented) Why was I in shock? That stretch of the freeway has been 65 mph for a long time, other than a few temporary drops to 55 mph for construction. In fact, I don’t remember seeing a 55 mph speed sign where I entered onto the freeway around Shea right before the speed van, so you can bet I will be taking photographs before the hearing. I was even madder considering I’d only sped up to the evil speed of 67 to get over a lane to the right since someone (clearly drunk the way they were weaving – but don’t expect the speed camera to stop them) was coming up behind me fast. No police officer would have ever pulled ME over.

Besides all the constitutional and fiscal arguments against photo speeding tickets, the fact that they are placed in temporary construction speed zones that are long-known for being set at higher speeds, in order to trick drivers, is appalling. Those speed vans don’t have the yellow-orange “photo enforcement zone” warnings ahead of them either. Everyone around me was going about the same speed – it was a clear evening with few drivers on the road and no construction going on.

Because of ridiculously located speed cameras like that, 40% of us are appealing these tickets. And the cost of handling our appeals negates the revenues that are brought in. What idiot decided to put speed camera vans in an area that was briefly under construction so most drivers pulling onto the freeway immediately before that location don’t realize the speed limit has dropped?

Thanks to, a ballot initiative is being circulated in Arizona to get rid of these cameras which the government has admitted are nothing more than revenue generators. The Newspaper has a great article exposing this racket, I urge everyone to read it to get the full scoop.


  1. What is there about “illegal” that you don’t understand?

  2. Chewie Shofir says


    So, are you saying you would approve if government installed video cameras inside every toilet stall, to ensure that every individual only took 5 sheets of toilet paper, just to make sure that people weren’t *stealing* more than they should be using? Even though 1) the government did not have enough money or resources to do this excessive monitoring, 2) research had determined that the excessive government monitoring was not saving lives nor money, and 3) the fines from the oversight went to a completely unnecessary government program such as transgender beauty pageants? If so, then you should pay my ticket for me.


  3. BSExpress,

    That’s a bit harsh — 2mph is well within speedometers’ typical margins of error. (I am assuming that there indeed was no speed limit sign between the on ramp and the van — thus, this was a speed trap.) Now if Chewie _knew_ that the speed limit was 55, then I would agree — what doesn’t he understand about the word “illegal?”


    My sympathies. I have seen similar vans right after on ramps. While I normally try to drive the speed limit or very close to it, I now have the habit of slowing to ~63 mph any time I see a camera in a 65 mph zone “just in case”. I thought that I was being overly cautious. I guess not.

  4. The day the speed cameras were put in on 10 westbound the speed limit was dropped to 55 from 65.

    They did raise the limit to 65 several months later.

    It’s so transparent. They want the $$$. How else can you account for the points not going on your record?

  5. You don’t appeal it, you ignore it. What you got wasn’t a legally binding summons of any kind. Now, if you are actually properly served, IN PERSON, then you have to respond and you can then appeal. Otherwise, you just ignore the darn thing and it goes away after 150 days. I speak from experience here. With tens of thousands of these things being ignored every month, the courts are not going to be paying to send a process server to your house for one ticket. Get six or eight or ten, and it becomes worth their while. But not ever for one.

    Don’t draw attention to your case by appealing. That would be dumb.

  6. The 101 has been set at 55 mph from the 60 to the 51 for a few months now, due to the construction. Where there is not construction, it’s still 55 mph.

    However, I wasn’t even aware the Scottsdale cams were working because of the construction. Must have been a van.

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