Yet another FEC violation! Randy, where’s the debt?

It’s been a pretty rough start to 2010 for Randy Pullen. 

On Monday, the Arizona Guardian revealed that the Arizona Republican Party failed to disclose $50,000 it had received on November 24 from the Republican National Committee in its most recent campaign finance report to the Federal Election Commission. 

Chairman Pullen, Treasurer of the Republican National Committee and a certified public accountant himself, had no comment.  Neither did Timothy Lee, Treasurer of the Arizona Republican Party.   

And now today another devastating bombshell: tens of thousands of dollars of debt owed by the Arizona Republican Party was not disclosed in its 2009 campaign finance filings as is required by law.  According to the Guardian, an additional $50,000 was owed to Strategic Fundraising, a St. Paul, Minnesota-based call center that specializes in “telefundraising services”.  Guess Pullen didn’t think he got his money’s worth:

The latest FEC filings show the party has had a tough time raising money. Heading into the last month of 2009, the party had about $49,000 in operating cash. That’s more than their Democratic rivals, who were left with about $4,000 cash on hand, but still well below prior years.

When asked about the unpaid bill, Pullen remained unbowed.  As reported by Dennis Welch, he said the obligation was recorded but would not say where or why it doesn’t show up on its federal filings.  Additionally, Pullen noted that an “overall report” produced each year accounted for the debt, but Pullen would not identify the document or say if it was publicly available.

It’s time for some answers.  If Chairman Pullen and Treasurer Lee continue to refuse to provide these secret reports to the AZGOP membership voluntarily, then the grassroots must demand a full, fair and independent audit of the Party’s finances.  It is far too important an election year for Republicans to stand by silently.


  1. Miss Tomato says

    Great minds, think alike!

  2. CLEAR DAY FOG says

    As a PC myself, I feel a full FRAUD audit should be undertaken by an outside firm to ascertain the legitimacy of all prior filings both State and Federal, going back at least a full year. Clearly, the investigative reporting by the Guardian reveals why Pullen was so adamant about being a check signer on the Victory money purported to be coming Arizona’s way. Perhaps he had a plan for those funds as well. Pullen and Lee should be willing to cooperate and indorse an audit just to clear the air if they have nothing to hide, conversely, objecting will only demonstrate their individual involvement in this apparent “RandyGate” .

  3. Jefferson Smith says

    To Clear Day Fog — I suspect it’s not that Pullen was so adamant about being a check signor (after all, he should be a signor like other state GOP chiefs in their states)… it was the rest of the group that didn’t trust Pullen and the AZGOP staff with sole check signing authority. It wasn’t some policy-driven power grab by the congressional delegation as many I’m sure suspect (McAmnesty, etc.); instead it was a “we don’t trust you and think you might be corrupt” power grab to ensure that no funny business was afoot by the AZGOP to cover its other financial sins.

  4. Okay, will the real Lisa James please stand up?

  5. How many FEC violations has Randy already had? When were they and how much money was involved?

    If your headline says a new incident is another violation, you should be able to document those violations.

  6. Jefferson, your response is completely wrong. It was a McCain takeover attempt. Randy was not to be a signer on that account at all under the McCain plan – it was to be McCain’s people. Nobody has or will be given sole check signing authority on any state GOP account – and Randy supports that and it is in the by-laws of the state party. Most of the corruption and lax financial practices attributed to the Republican Party occurred BEFORE Randy was elected chairman. He and Tim Lee cleaned up the mess (both physical and financial) left by Matt Salmon and the Congressional delegation. They looted the state party before Randy got elected. Maybe they would have put some of the money back if Lisa James had gotten elected.

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