Yes on 107 Campaign Challenges U of A President to Sacrifice his Position for “Diversity”

University of Arizona President Robert Shelton stated in a recent interview with the Arizona Daily Star that he opposes Proposition 107, which would ban race and gender preferences in government, including in higher education. Mr. Shelton further stated that, if 107 is adopted by voters, he “will not back off one bit” from the university’s efforts to promote “diversity” and recruit more women and minorities.

The university’s diversity goals, which are posted on their website, include hiring specified percentages of women and minorities. These hiring quotas include goals for women to comprise 63% of new Assistant Director Administrators, 73% of Animal Technicians, and 56% of the Faculty in Fine Arts. Goals for minority hires include 53% of General Maintenance positions and 59% of Supervisors in Service/Maintenance.

“President Shelton appears concerned that if Prop. 107 passes, the university won’t be able to put ‘diversity goals’ ahead of ‘most qualified’,” said Proposition 107 campaign chair, Rachel Alexander.  “I bet there’s a woman or a ‘minority’ that meets the minimum

qualifications to be president of the University. I challenge President Shelton to walk his own talk and step down for the sake of ‘diversity’. His $549,400 position could be given to an affirmative action applicant. Or perhaps he believes that discriminating quotas should only apply to other people, but not to him?”

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  1. $549,400? Seriously? He makes MORE than the Commander in Chief of the United States, with less responsibility, no profit-making, expenses thru the roof and has a client drop out rate that would have a private sector CEO run out of the business. Does he get a free house to live in, too? It wouldn’t be that fancy big mansion on campus? Eat free?

    And what’s with the blatent sexism of a higher % of jobs to females than males? Hey, this isn’t China, our population is STILL pretty much 50%-50% male-female.

    Just because ASU has way more females than males doesn’t mean ASU is discriminatory to males. Oh … wait!

  2. Yeah, Bob, why don’t you take a hike if it’s so important to have racial preferences? Surely we can find someone to replace you and save $549 K. You won’t be missed…

  3. Interesting because of course the document linked to indicates that they can’t hire people based on “…race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or other prohibited basis.” These aren’t racial preferences in hiring but trying to highlight were efforts should be put in recruitment.

  4. Recruitment leads to hiring. Joined at the hip so to speak, so HR is told to advertise ONLY in certain places, sort applications to favor quota numbers, issue interview invitations to quota targets, and make the final selections based on quota targets.

    Not fair. Grossly not fair. Especially at a university that is always squealing for more state subsidy funds, has a full-time office to get Federal funds … all off taxpayers whom the university then discriminates against.

    Why is this generation paying reparations punishmments when it is innocent of the injustices done by a small percentage of past generations? Not fair, not just.

  5. Annual expenses to ASU are running about $22,000 now. Hardly a bargain, and still requries MORE money than that to finance the frivolous enhancing of the higher evolving ASU lifestyle … not its academics.

  6. “so HR is told to advertise ONLY in certain places, sort applications to favor quota numbers, issue interview invitations to quota targets, and make the final selections based on quota targets.”

    No, that would clearly be illegal and contradiction to what it states on the site. The issue is recruiting in ways not normally done in addition to places it has normally been done.

    I went to ASU’s website. An instate student pays $8132 a year. Out of state pays $20,000. Where on earth are you coming up with your numbers? Are you trying to include cost of housing which is basically the same on or off campus?

  7. In-state tuition is running $8000 then add up from there. Room and board, student acitivity fees are costs. The university charges for them so out of pocket expenses to attend ASU full time for a typical student are far more than tuition alone.

    My numbers are coming off the ASU website. I’m just not pretending that the costs begin and end at the tuition figure as you are.

  8. Wanumba – Shelton is the President of the University of Arizona, i.e. U of A, not ASU.

    At least get the school right if you want to talk numbers.

  9. Shelton is belittling racial minorities by limiting them to “general maintenance” jobs while women are welcome in faculty and administration.

  10. Sorry. Do the numbers tell a vastly different story or do they stay in the general theme of overpaid for poor outcomes and constantly rising budget demands?

    And does that excuse the discrimination hypocrisy of U of A? They worse or better than ASU on these things or cut from the same cloth? Shelton is indeed making more money than the POTUS, and is divisively and harmfully promoting race and ethnicity as more important than merit. Bet he thinks since CEO of say… pick a random capitalist … EXXON makes more than him he should get paid even more.

    Why does the tactic always involve trying to talk about something OTHER than the core issue?

  11. wanumba – if you are including room and board you must understand that the costs for not living on campus are the same. how is this then an expense related to ASU?

    Also, many student don’t even pay this full amount since there is need based aid.

    Lastly, the budget demands have in fact fallen greatly as the legislature has continued to cut university funding back to 1980’s levels.

  12. John Says:
    September 30th, 2010 at 9:57 am
    Wanumba – Shelton is the President of the University of Arizona, i.e. U of A, not ASU.

    At least get the school right if you want to talk numbers.

    WHich is worse, inadvertently typing ASU for U of A or incorrectly conveying to the readers the reality of the numbers? The numbers I referenced are correct:

    Here’s the link to U of A’s 2010-2011 actual costs to the student:

    Quoting tuition alone of $8,238 doesn’t convey the actual costs, does it?

    In-state undergraduate student commuting from (parents) home to U of A = $17,072
    In-state undergrad student residing on U of A campus: $22,382

    Out of state undergrad students residing on U of A campus = $38,740

    NOT a bargain. Can’t keep students, pushing racist and sexist quotas, and the top dog makes OVER half a million bucks a year.

    MERIT is NOT a concept that the U of A is promoting, from the president’s office and on down.

  13. And U of A has stated that they “need” bagillions MORE to make their 18-30 year old bubble world LOGAN’S RUN TUCSON “green” and “environmentally friendly.”

    La-la land.

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