Yellow Sheet reports on another botched illegal immigration prosecution by Goddard

In a post titled “Goddard Loses Another Big One,” the Yellow Sheet Report (paid-subscription only) relays how a judge dismissed Goddard’s civil racketeering case against an operation that was flying illegal immigrants around the country out of Las Vegas.  The company, Iberoamericana Travel, had 47 local affiliates in Arizona and Nevada. The company’s attorney said the case was dismissed for lack of evidence, saying that the local affiliates Goddard went after had no idea of plots in California to move illegal immigrants. This is a terrible record and goes to show Goddard is not really making much of an effort to fight illegal immigration, he’s only putting up a weak effort to pretend he is, which in the end is doing more harm than good since taxpayers have to foot the bill. Wonder how much it cost taxpayers to bring this failed lawsuit? This incompentent attorney general wants to run for governor? <shudder>


  1. Speaking of failed lawsuits, is SA going to cover the school voucer opinion that just came out? If you go to the website below you can see the minutes from a Rules hearing in 2006 in which the House attorneys advised that those programs would be ripe for a state constitutional challenge, yet the Legislature and Napolitano enacted them regardless. Can someone do a report so we can see how many of our tax dollars were wasted on what was an obvious slam dunk against us?

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