WTF? Fed, Fiscal, Funding, All the Fs of a Politcal Petaflop

by Gayle Plato

Grabbing your attention through implied vulgarity is albeit a cheap shot.  But then again, I ask you, are you getting angrier everyday?  Meet the Press, still airing here in AZ as I am writing and I am sick of this.

Secretary Tim Geithner just said that Americans will benefit from this critical time because we’ll care less about how much we make and care more about what we do.  Umm, WHAT?!
Timothy Geithner is not out speaking much, aside from a committee hearing in Washington, or slip shot statements in a G20 meeting, but today on NBC he just blew me away.  Geithner is an amazing politician.  He is on this and going forward double guns.
I am gravely concerned as the leading elected officials in DC are BUYING IN!  No one had more hope for our Sentator John McCain than me, and here I sit fuming.  Get McCain OFF of the national scene.  He is on air saying, once again, that he is no economics expert, and he is believing the overall process.  He may target a few issues and keep saying generational theft; now he is singing the budgetary problems.  McCain is boring to death the few republicans left listening.
We are NOT noticing the biggest problem.  Since economic transfers and wealth holdings started moving on waves of digital light, the United States financial system became vulnerable.  Global economy is a real concern as there are no borders.  The quintessential One World Order IS real and not looming in the distance.  It happened while we were all refinancing out houses and flipping properties.   Your loans are held by God knows who at this point.  No one even knows who holds the notes.
The REAL THREAT is that as more international fund management and regulation happens, the less value we have as citizens of a country.  We are losing American standards and dreams as fiscal power goes from a trickle under a bridge to nowhere, to a flash flood on out the cracked borders.
Simply put, once the money is regulated by an international agency, an agency like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and a World Bank United Nations entity, the political power structure becomes  a global cookie.  Cookie Monsters grab and gobble them all up. We lose the uniquely American factor of the fiscal control.  We are transferring power right out the digital door.
It is not over yet. We still have the right to vote. We can vote in and vote out the leaders and all of the appointed Geithners.  Get this Congress out.  If we have a bunch of  weak leaders who get on television saying they are not experts, sounding like door mats, we are going to lose the unique dream and American political structure.
We are seeing a politcal petaflop with digital grab of the money, the structure, the power, and then the people’s will to stay unique, indivualized and intrinsically free:

“A petaflop is the ability of a computer to do one quadrillion floating point operations per second (FLOPS.)  Additionally, a petaflop can be measured as “one thousand teraflops”. A petaflop computer would require a massive number of computers working in parallel on the same problem. Applications might include real-time nuclear magnetic resonance imaging during surgery or even astrophysical simulation.

Today’s fastest parallel computing operations are capable of teraflop speeds. The world’s fastest supercomputer today, the climate-modeling Earth, has a top speed of 40 trillion operations a second. Scientists predict we will see a petaflop computer by the year 2010…”

Watch how politcal power is being hijacked in unions. Notice how businesses, small and large, are being cornered into new guidelines and regulations.  Realize that this is a trial balloon for bigger control.
Glenn Beck did a great bit playing economic Jenga last week, and I like the imagery.  We are facing a politcal Jenga jerry rigging of the power, with one right at a time being pulled away from the United States. We must rally NOW and get the power back.


  1. “Secretary Tim Geithner just said that Americans will benefit from this critical time because we’ll care less about how much we make and care more about what we do. Umm, WHAT?”

    I’m genuinely curious as to why you find this some sort of terrifying, march-you-into-the-camps scenario.

    What Geithner is saying is that people will be able to remember what is important in their lives (family, friends, spirituality, etc.) and try to remember that what makes them happy isn’t “OH BOY NOW I CAN AFFORD THE NEW H3 – MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!” (and if that is what makes you happy, you are a shallow, venal person and America cannot afford you anymore).

    What you’re saying Rightwoman, isn’t new. I heard this all back in the 90s – I have a highlighted copy of Pat Robertson’s the “New World Order” on my shelf somewhere. Of course, there were more references to “international bankers” (dog whistle term for “the Jews”) in there.

    And it’s all going to culiminate in a huge fireball somewhere outside of a Federal building somehere because some paranoid hick wasn’t able to make the determination between empty-headed rhetoric designed to boost ratings or sell books and actual marching orders.

    Hey, we’re almost there:

  2. Nice try at labeling me anti-semitic– I am on record as an STAUNCH supporter of Israel, jewish causes and faith, so you’re barking up the wrong tree.

    This is not like any other time. No matter how you spin it, there is a clearly unique set of circumstances. Deny it all and label it a conspiracy. That implies it’s all hidden. I think this is right under our noses.

  3. I was saying Pat Robertson is anti-Semitic, not you – to him Israel only has to exist as long as it takes for the Jews to rebuild the temple and trigger the Apocalypse. After that, the Jews are headed to the Pit because they refused Jesus.

    And yes, it is like every other time. None of you gave a damn about the deficit or generational theft or whatever buzzword you’re calling it today when Bush was racking it up. It only became an issue when McCain was clearly going to lose the election and the right decided they needed an issue to hang their hats on.

  4. Gayle,

    “We must rally NOW and get the power back.”

    You got the power back in AZ so show us what you are going to do with it.

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