The Arizona Republican Party Executive Committee meeting went well. As reported earlier Bruce Ash won the election for Republican National Committeeman.

At the dinner the night before the conservatives were bemoaning the fact that Goldwater was not one of the nominees for committeeman. They did not have a clear favorite between Ash and Bridwell. Bridwell gave an excellent speech and Ash delivered a well-prepared statement. Despite Ash’s rumored status as the favorite one insider speculated early Saturday morning that the vote would be closer than previously assumed. That turned not to be the case.

The meeting went smoothly except a few moments of discussion on how the nominating committee was selected. The treasurer’s report was eye opening. The current chairman faced, after bills due, a negative bank balance upon taking office. There is also a fine due to the FEC because of a late filing from 2006. Current fundraising and the bank balance are strong. The chairman stated that the party should soon have a balance of $200,000. The chairman also mentioned more than once that they are being careful how they spend state party funds and are working to get the highest return for each expenditure.

After the election of Ash each county gave a report. One county chairman after another stood up and said they were receiving excellent support from the chairman and staff of the state party. Several outlying counties mentioned the willingness of state party officials to attend their events. The support for Chairman Pullen was quite strong.


  1. In an attitude of fairness to Mr. Ash, did he offer an explanation for his donations to the DNC? What was the vote?

    The financial statement; the negative cash balance is not a good thing! The $200,000, is that based on pledges or an actual reconciliation of funds received versus encumbered cash?

  2. The $200,000 is fairly close to cash on hand including bills due.

    No, we did not discuss who funded Grassroots Arizona PAC, NRCC and NRSC meddling in primaries, Ash’s donation records, or other things from the past. The meeting was about moving forward and winning in 2008.

    Even LD-6 was allowed to make a presentation and Horst Kraus spoke for a while about PC recruitment.

  3. Party Guy says

    Best wishes to new AZ National Committeeman, Bruce Ash.

    Bill Bridwell is a good man who is commended for his longtime party involvement and his statewide campaign for this position. Everyone who met with him was laudatory regarding his commitment and knowledge of the issues. Our party has an abundance of riches in this regard.
    Both Bridwell and Don Goldwater have much to offer and we should call upon their expertise.

    The Dist. 6 PC recruitment presentation had potential to be informative save for the fact that they didn’t know when to give it a rest.

  4. I liked this better before someone took my name! That said, the more “party guys” the better, right?

    According to the reports given, Fannin left Salmon several hundred thousand dollars while Salmon left Pullen IN DEBT! Kinda puts that whole “good luck Randy” speech of his at the State Convention in perspective, doesn’t it?

    The party now has more than $180,000 cash on hand with additional pledges still out there. When we consider that the grassroots have been making up for a few large donors who are still sucking their thumbs from January, that’s pretty impressive. Imagine how well we’ll be doing when those folks finally suck it up and get back on the team?

    And for those who wanted Pullen to fail, they’ll be saddened to know that even without the help of those who have been withholding their money, he’s $70,000 ahead of Matt Salmon’s pace at this point in time. Yup, raising more money than a former Congressman who was our candidate for Governor and who was a bigtime lobbyist to boot!

    Way to go Randy!

  5. Party Guy says

    Oops. I’m new here and didn’t realize there was an “original” Party Guy. I do apologize and defer to you. I’ll be back with another name.

  6. If it were true that Salmon left Pullen in debt, then if Lisa James had won, she would have been in debt as well. What was in the bank account was in the bank account, and it’s what you do with it that matters.

    If you want to compare Matt Salmon’s fundraising as Chairman with Pullen’s, you have to look the same time period in order to accurately compare. We can’t use 2006’s numbers to compare with 2007 because 2007 isn’t an election year and it wouldn’t be fair for Pullen. Therefore, let’s go back to 2005 for Salmon.

    In 2005, AZGOP raised $521,071.31 in Federal dollars from 01/01/2005-04/30/2005. In comparison, AZGOP raised $196,443.35 in 2007 (from 01/01/2007-04/30/2007).

    Where are you getting this $70,000 figure from?

  7. $180,000 Cash On Hand is very impressive considering that Cash On Hand at the end of April was only $21,258.33. May must have been a very good month for AZGOP.

    Does this include the $68,476.34 that Salmon left in the non-federal account at the end of November?

    Party Guy, the fact is that as a political organization, all of AZGOP’s numbers are reported. There’s simply no fluffing or padding… FEC.gov and AZSOS.gov will let everyone know what the real numbers are. It’s better to be truthful and transparent than to be wrong.

  8. PartyGuy says

    I wouldn’t use end of November numbers when Pullen didn’t take over until January. Especially not when they paid all of the quitting staffers for the full month in advance. That would seem transparent to me…

    No worries Party Guy, I’ll stay PartyGuy and you can be Party Guy and all is well!

  9. Evan is probably bright enough to know how it worked, but since he doesn’t want to tell you, I’ll tell you instead.

    Fannin wanted Salmon to succeed, and there was no question that Salmon was going to be chairman, so they left lots of money for him. Salmon and his crowd did not want Randy Pullen to succeed and they didn’t know who was going to win (Pullen or James). So they left debt behind. If James had won, the big donors would have sent in their money right away and she would have been fine. If Pullen won, they wouldn’t and they all would work to dry up the money so Pullen would fail.

    This isn’t speculation, this is how it actually happened.

    They tried, they failed. The end…

  10. Still no answer to my $70,000 question!

    Sorry for using November’s numbers… I would use more accurate ones if AZSOS required more frequent reporting from political committees.

    However, the federal numbers are still accurate since they’re from April.

  11. I find Evan’s point extremely interesting on where the AZGOP was at at this point in time in 2005.

    PartyGuy, since you are obviously an insider- how is the Party ahead $70k? The #”s are pretty much black and white.

    Also, is the cash on hand federal?

  12. Jan-Mar figures tell you nothing about Feb-May, which is the time period Pullen has been in office. The people who went to Prescott got the figures for the appropriate time frame.

    If you are interested in helping our State Party, write a check or use your plastic. That will make the numbers even better.

  13. Not PartyGuy as in insider… PartyGuy as in “Go Party!”…

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