Woods finally leaves Republican Party.

     Grant Woods came out in support of the Democratic challenger to J.D. Hayworth.  At the event Grant criticized Hayworth and is purported to have endorsed the Democratic candidate is Congressional District 8 as well.  

     Grant, we won’t miss ya.  For those of you who don’t remember Woods was not man enough to marry the woman he was shacking up with until he ran for AG.  At that time Arizona had a law against cohabitation and Grant would have looked pretty stupid wanting to be AG while breaking the law.  It is a small thing but a good insight to his view of life.  You don’t marry the woman you are living with because you want to pledge your life to her before God and man.  You do it when it suits your political ambitions.  

     Enjoy the other side Grant.  You were always one of them any way.  


  1. Ouch! That was a direct hit and had to leave a mark!

  2. Finally a great post, another one bites the dust! I absolutely love your blog.

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