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blast.jpg     Our site has been noticed over at Tim found our post on embryonic stem cell Frankenscience and wrote the following comment (#8):

     Did you know that in the normal course of Sexual intercourse, thousands of blastocysts are flushed from the uterus. Maybe you can get some volunteers to rescue these poor souls.

     I am no specialist in biology but this is a very interesting take on intercourse and blastocysts. If there are any “wingnuts” out there with a background in biology who would like to comment please do so.

Monday 10-30-06, 11:30 pm


  1. I only have a basic college level understanding of sexuality and biology but I think TimO is off. Blastocysts are fertilized eggs. It usually takes time for the sperm to reach the egg, it doesn’t happen during sexual intercourse (unless you’re lucky and having it for a prolonged period of time). However, many blastocysts are expelled because they could not implant in the uterus or sometimes a blastocyst/embryo can be expelled if the body does not recognize pregnancy and continues the menstrual cycle. Don’t ask me about the frequency of this event or how many times it happens to sexually active women, but I’m sure it happens plenty of times. Some drugs (narcotic and prescription) can prevent the body from undergoing a normal pregnancy cycle.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says


    Thank you for the thoughtful response. It was TimO who wrote, “thousands are flushed.” His comment is very interesting given that the left loves to criticize conservatives for not understanding science.

  3. Randall Holdridge says

    Is there some conviction on your part that anyone who advances a scientific fact (or theory) which threatens your dogmatic ideology must be a “leftist”?

    Let’s get this straight then. You think that “left” is always “evil”; and “conservative” is always Godly?

    I’m quite positive that the Pharisees and Sadducees would have agreed with you. Indeed, they did, didn’t they?


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