Barack’s Rhodium Bailout

Drudge Report is reporting that Barack Obama will be buying his wife, Michelle a $30,000 Rhodium Diamond encrusted ring for her support during the campaign. If that isn’t payback, I don’t know what is.

In case your wondering what the ring looks like here is a photo.

Obama Ring

If you’ve never heard of Rhodium like me, you’ll want to read the Wikipedia entry on this precious metal mined in South Africa.


  1. He is buying off the kids, his wife, Hillary, etc., An auspicious beginning.

  2. DisappointedArmerican says

    Is that the same one Kobe Bryant bought his rape victim? If so, shouldn’t Obama be giving America the ring?

  3. Tucson Vice says

    Wikipedia. As legitimate as any other source offered on here, I guess.

  4. Kenny Jacobs says

    The post is simply bizarre but comment # 2 is disgusting. Truly shameful.

  5. Glendale GOP says

    A man who made a lot of money selling books buys his wife an expensive ring. How is that a bad thing? If George bought Laura the same ring, would you be making it an ugly thing?

    I don’t know what an “Armerican” is, except an illiterate American, but Kobe bought his wife a ring, not the alleged victim. Worthless comment, worthless post.

    There will be plenty of legitimate garbage coming from an Obama Administration that SA can get on him for. Getting on him for buying his wife a ring sends the message that you’re not to be taken seriously when you gripe about him, and that you simply hate the man and will gripe about everything and anything. That’s a bad message to send!

  6. Basil St. John says

    You people are such petty little losers.

  7. Casual Observer says

    Gotta agree with Glendale GOP.

    It is not unusual for married folks to buy each other gifts for significant occasions. This is pretty significant. She did sacrifice as a wife, mother, and is giving up her career. No doubt, the tradeoff has been well worth it, but it was a chance not a sure thing.

    I actually thought it was a thoughtful gift with no political hay to be made…. there will ample time to find fault, this is just not it.

  8. Its true love when Democrats give $30,000 gifts.

    Its sleeze, exploitation and bribery when Republicans do it.

    Nothing to see here. Move along. Please go to Puffington Host for the “truth”.

  9. Michelle O is finally proud to be an American.

    Barack is simply rewarding her “patriotism” with $30,000.

  10. Methinks that it might be worth asking, “how many poor people could have been helped with that money?”

    In other words, Obama talks a lot about helping the poor, but a $30k ring suggests to me that, in his case, charity begins at home… and not in a good way.

    Or is Obama simply telling us “do as say, not as I do”?

  11. Hey, guess what? Not true!:

    But I know, it sounded plausible, right? After all, them blacks like thier bling, right?

    Stay classy, Sonoran Alliance.

  12. I’m with The Klute on this one. And some of the comments (like AZ Annie’s and Disappointed/Armerican-great spelling skills there, pal) are tue truly pathetic to even be deplorable.

  13. Excuse me, “too truly pathetic”… see we can all make mistakes. I’ve admitted mine. Your turn.

  14. And Hillary Clinton came under fire in Kosovo.

    And John Kerry did get two purple hearts for non-self-inflicted wounds.

    And Dan Rather’s Nat’l Guard documents on George Bush were “fake but accurate.”

  15. –“But I know, it sounded plausible, right? After all, them blacks like thier bling, right? ”

    That’s disgusting, betond deplorable, but typical of a liberal democrat. Assume the absolute worst about anyone who disagrees with you.

    And since we’re counting spelling as a sign of intelligence, Klute you mispelled one of the most common words — “thier”…

  16. mixalot,

    Then what’s the point of the post? I would really like to know. Is it really newsworthy or relevant to Arizonans that Obama bought an ostentatious ring (which he didn’t)?

    No, it is not.

    What it is an attempt to start a meme (much like the “lobsters and Iranian caviar for lunch” lie that was attempted during the campaign) that somehow the Obamas think they are better than us, that “oh do they put on airs”. Sorry – seen it before. D.W. Griffith’s “Birth of a Nation” being one example. Limbaugh’s playing of “The Jeffersons” theme when Sen. Mosely-Braun’s name was mentioned on his show another.

    Throw in Iris’ desire to brand the relationship of the Obamas to that of a whore and her client, and DisappointedAmerican’s likening of it to that of an (alleged) rapist and his victim (which had the racist oggity-boogity of a black man/white woman dynamic), and sorry – this wasn’t a post to illict “Aw, that’s sweet – Barack bought Michelle an extravgant gift”.

    So, I invite Carnelian Saloon to come back and explain why this post was worthy of inclusion, why an errata hasn’t been posted, and to disavow some of the uglier comments here.

    Until then, I interpret this through the prisim of history – and growing up in the South, I saw a lot of this particular history.

    And I make no apologies about my transposition of two letters. My mind works faster than my fingers. Wasn’t my argument.

  17. Inside Out says

    You’ve gotta love our GOP. ONE man/ONE woman marriage, the sanctity of life, personal responsibility, don’t tax my paycheck, dinner at 5, barefoot and pregnant, etc. etc…..

    Here’s a rumor about a married man, giving his wife an expensive ring after the election. Who cares??!! Good for him & better for her. If I had royalties from a book, I’d design and buy my wife a ring worth $30K too.

    Another classic example of GOP hypocrisy. Thanks for the refresher course in angry white man syndrome, jealous white girl syndrome or just plain old player hater syndrome.

    I know of a gazillion trophy wives in the GOP (you local ladies know who you are!) who have had more than $30,000 worth of work on their faces. Shoot, they’ve probably spent more than that on salon services in the last 5 years. They look so out of touch and out of place, like some sort of GOP Stepford Wife. You Big Poppas which they were all fembots, don’t you? Yuck.

    An old, white GOP dude with a comb-over can buy his tricked-out wifey an Escalade or Hummer and no one says a word. Maybe the post’s author, Red Saloon, is jealous because he’s never owned a Caddy and it’s been years since he’s had a humm…….

  18. For a site that regularly lambastes the mainstream media for “inaccuracy,” like reporting the obvious fact that anti-abortion forces will be stronger with new AZ Leg and Gov. Brewer, there sure seems to be a lot errors in the articles posted.

  19. Obama O’Bling O’Boy!

  20. Is the point of the post that Obama is buying a Rhodium ring that is mined by companies accused of human rights violations?

  21. Kyle,
    Read Klute’s comments re: this is a phony story (the Obama ring, not the Human RIghts violations by Anglo Platinum in its mines – which is a very real and tragic story.

  22. Kyle,

    What Todd said. And thanks for proving my point to mixalot.

  23. President Obama should read The Heartless Stone, about how the DeBeers Campaign brainwashed people into buying into the “a diamond is forever” mentality. Countless people have been and toninue to be killed over diamonds where there are plenty of man made faux diamonds that don’t cost nearly as much in money or lives. Stores will tell you they abide by the Kimberly Diamong Act of 2003, however, no one can follow the whole trail of that diamond or who lost their life getting it here.

  24. Commenting usually isn’t my thing, but ive spent an hour on your site, so thanks for the great information .

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