Will there also be an Office of Heterosexual Affairs?

     Your tax dollars at work. The University of Arizona is creating a new position for director of gay and lesbian affairs on campus. Just when I finally understand what LGBT means they go and add questioning. So now the correct term is LGBTQ (that is a mouthful, sorry bad choice of words.)

     Maybe they could have a Director of Fornication to help inhibited straight people get past their antiquated views of human sexuality.

SA – Keeping you on the cutting edge of political correctness.


  1. I am so old… when I was in college the only question we had about sex was yes or no.

  2. You guys from the Larry Craig party seem to have a problem with gay people.

  3. OVD,

    Yep, it true. For the record, I really don’t care, but for a real treat, head out the Starr Pass resort this Friday to hear esteemed Dr. Florida, economic development guru, discuss the “creative class.”

    He evaluates local economies, and asserts that increasing the “gay male index” improves recruitment of high paying corporations into town.

    If anyone understands this, please clue me in. I didn’t believe it until I googled “creative class” and saw it with my own eyes.

    Apparently the “lesbian” index correlation with economic growth is less convincing.

  4. Oro Valley Dad says


    Personally I do not spend much time focusing on homosexuality. If you have read this blog much you will note that I rarely cover the topic. Silly me for thinking that the job of a university is to educate not indoctrinate. This new office seems more agenda than education.

    By setting themselves apart as the LGBTQ community this group only creates more distance from other segments of society.


    What happened to safe streets and neighborhoods, good schools, nice parks, good government, well planned transportation, competitive tax structure, etc. Oh, and everyone would benefit from these things.

  5. I am not saying that I agree with the “creative class” theory, but if it is actually correct, how would that not benefit in that community OVD? Don’t you believe in Reganomics?

  6. A safe environment? Efficient transportation? Good schools for our children? A trained workforce that can perform high skilled jobs?

    You obviously know nothing about what makes a community desirable for conducting business.

  7. While were at this, why don’t they create an office of hygenic affairs, or create a postion for director of dietary orientation? Good grief! We might as well set up an office to protect every type of behavior and orientation.

  8. Oro Valley Dad says


    I don’t agree with the “creative class” theory but I’ll stipulate for the purpose of discussion.

    Trying to appeal to one segment of society is like sales-tax incentives. You end up in a race to the bottom against the next community that is willing to offer a better deal. In attracting the creating class how can we ever compete against San Francisco and the Folsom Street Fair?

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