Will The REAL John McCain Please Stand Up!

One other video from The Cafferty File (CNN)



  1. wanumba says

    Hmm. “Toughest campaign of his career?” In “danger of losing his seat?”
    Well, well!

    On the other hand, CNN is mad, blasting McCain for “slithering” away from his “principles” – that is the “Liberal Left” stuff they support that the Left is now stating that McCain has consistently/ reliably advanced for decades.

    McCain has spent much time and effort currying favor with the Democrats and now they undercut him and complain that he’s only a political opportunist dumping his “true” Liberal Progressive convictions for the expediency of the campaign.

    Just what Republicans and Conservatives have been saying.

    What a waste to have invested in so many people who just stab ya in the back, even when they KNOW he’s “fighting” for his seat.

    With friends like that, who needs enemies?

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