Will the real Jeanine L’Ecuyer please stand up?

Jeanine L’Ecuyer testimony today blaming Gerard for failing to convey seriousness of Veteran Home back on February 10:
Although she told the joint committee investigating the Veteran Home situation that “assignation of blame is a side issue,” L’Ecuyer said this afternoon she stands by her earlier statement to the press that Gerard failed to adequately convey the seriousness of the problems discovered at the home, delaying the matter going to the governor. L’Ecuyer, a deputy chief of staff and Napolitano’s communications director, said she does not recall her reaction to being told by her counterpart at DHS, Michael Murphy, that The Republic was going to break the story on the vet home in 30 minutes. She said she was more concerned about how the media would handle the story. In other testimony, L’Ecuyer said she might not have immediately given Stephens a letter from the federal government, notifying the home of a $10,000 fine that had been imposed. (Yellow Sheet, 4-5-07)

Email from Jeanine L’Ecuyer to Contreras, Stephens, and Gerard on Feb. 10, exclaiming “holy cow”:

Jeanine L’Ecuyer, a deputy chief of staff and the governor’s spokeswoman, and January Contreras, a policy adviser, found out about the review on Feb. 10 — a day after Stephens.

In e-mail among L’Ecuyer, Contreras, Stephens and Gerard, L’Ecuyer wrote: “Holy cow. We need data ASAP on the State Veterans Home. What exactly happened? Where are these people going?”
So, doesn’t “holy cow” express L’Ecuyer’s acknowledgement that conditions at the Veteran Home were serious?

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