Will John McCain Return to His Mavericky Roots?

With each passing day since the signing of SB 1070; with each public denouncement by a Republican ally; with each pro-amnesty interest group parting ways with our senior senator, I have to wonder if John McCain is on the verge of a political implosion as he tries to reconcile what he truly believes against where he needs to position himself to get re-elected. The last few months have seen a repackaged “more conservative” John McCain who conservatives won’t trust and liberals no longer respect. It has become pretty obvious that the John McCain we once knew has been taken over by political desperation and cognitive dissonance.

Even Lindsey Graham, one of John McCain’s closest confidants, must be scratching his head wondering, “Where are you, what are you doing John?” Graham publicly parted ways with McCain when recently announced that he believes Arizona’s tough immigration law is “unconstitutional.”

Somos Republicanos, who absolutely adores Senator McCain, must be torn over McCain’s comments supporting and promoting the new law. Their recent website post, “Arizona Hispanic Republicans React To SB 1070 And We View It As An Attack Against Our Civil Rights” puts them in a difficult position of supporting a man who has abandoned their principles.

And now the debate over the law – which has spread beyond the borders of Arizona – must be tearing John McCain’s political soul in two. The question is how much more can he take it? With August 24th only116 days away, can the former “Maverick” hold out long enough to win the primary before recanting his support of the law on August 25th?

Perhaps there is another way John McCain may “return to his ‘mavericky’ roots” and put an end to the torment of his political soul.

The answer could be found in Florida where Governor Charlie Crist is about to announce his departure from the Republican party and bid for the US Senate as an “Independent.” It’s been done before. John McCain’s close friend Joe Lieberman managed to pull it off in 2006 when he failed to win the Democratic primary nomination and himself went “maverick.” And John McCain is certainly one to pull off political surprises.

A quick visit to the Secretary of State’s website shows that John McCain has yet to file signatures with Ken Bennett’s office, as a Republican. His campaign has been circulating petitions since the summer of 2009 which means the campaign must have acquired more than enough to qualify for the ballot.

So John McCain has to ask himself, does he feel lucky? Lucky enough to bolt the Republican party and run as an independent candidate where he can take off the conservative mask and act like the “maverick” he once was?

The answer may come in the days ahead.


  1. nightcrawler says

    Excellent post DSW. As a moderate, I feel abandoned by McCain on SB1070 which I oppose. If not for Rubio, Jeb Bush, Tancredo, Graham and countless other Republicans who feel the same way, I might have re-registered as an Independent myself.

    McCain is one of several moderate Repubicans who suffer an identity crisis around election time. You can find others in the CD5, CD3 and several LD races. Conservatives smell a rat, moderates feel betrayed and the result is a loss.

    Be yourself, be loud and proud, let the chips fall where they may. People respect it.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMOrWsNSTj4

    Tancredo was misquoted by the Huffington Post. Tancredo supports SB1070.

  3. The problem with this theory is one guy was down by double digits and depending on the poll over 20 points. We are yet to see a poll with McCain down.

    So dont expect this to get any serious consideration till then.

  4. DSW paid for by JD Hayworth 2010.

  5. VSB,

    Absolutely! You want a pro-McCain blog, head on over to PoliticoMafioso.com.

    Heck! We even have a link to them on our blogroll and allow McCain supporters to post here (not just comments).

    How’s that for fair and balanced?!


  6. McCain has worked the system to his own ends and created unnecessary chaos. We have never had a viable candidate to run against him before. McCain will continue to deceive us! He will eat constituents who do not agree with him.

    McCain supported: $700 billion TARP bailout; $25 billion auto bailout; $300 billion mortgage bailout; $85 billion AIG bailout. Not to mention Cap and Trade that will cost us billions, and the billion dollar boondoggle with McKyl – McAmnesty. With taxpayer “friends” like this, who needs Demorats?

    McCain and Kyl have stuck it to the real workers of the Party for so long that it’s time for them to get a spoon full of their own nasty medicine. Bye, John. Thanks for all you’ve done. Flush …

  7. John McCain is not going to leave the party that he leads, especially since he is leading in several polls by over 20 points in this current race is averaging a lead of over 14 points overall.

    It doesn’t really make sense to even speculate that.

    By the way, I do appreciate the fact that you allow McCain supporters to post and comment.

    As John McCain has said about this race, “I love a good fight.” I do, too.

  8. Always thought that “maverick” to McCain was code for total willingess to collude with Democrats without dumping the charade of “Republican.”

    “Maverick” sounded better than “Vichy.”

  9. Fight On USC says

    Funny, This is written by a Hayworth Staffer! I wonder what a post by a McCain staffer would look like?

  10. kralmajales says

    hahahah DSW. That was a nice response.

    Heard Hayworth on the radidio yesterday on NPR. He was quite quite good. I think he is over the edge and over the top, but eh…he is really getting attention and momentum.

    And come on, I have to agree, McCain is fighting for his political life and he is also pandering like crazy to the right. Feel powerful right.

    Nightcrawler…I still can’t believe you haven’t re-registered. I just can’t believe it. Are there really Republican moderates left in the political circles you run in?

  11. I am laughing so hard I can’t think of anything to say.

    Other than the reality that John McCain is the voice of the right in the Senate, seen as the strongest opponent to Obama’s socialist efforts, that Arizona laws are different than Florida laws…and basically that John McCain has no need, desire, or inclination to leave the party he leads.

    Things must really be getting heated over at Camp Hayworth. You all know the things I pointed out are true but are hoping you can make some political hay anyway in the minds of those who do not.

    It is understandable; that 20+ point deficit, little money, a candidate with a spotty character history, a bad voting record, who is seen as a loser in his own district and all. Good try.

    Weak and really lame…but when it is all you have….

  12. Its nice to see the McCain camp so full of happiness today! A local-yocal, research firm specialized in Latino studies and intricately tied to ASU published yet another piece of propaganda this week. However, I would not trust the alleged 20% advantage claimed by this group. A sample of 315 ASU students may not point to lasting support for John McCain since students have a tendency to migrate to other places in the summer.


  13. Cactus Jack says

    It is always funny how pundits and the press go out of their way to describe how McCain is an independent and should bolt the GOP. He might see TR as a hero, but McCain is a solid Republican in the proud tradition of Reagan and Goldwater. Sorry, but you’re going to see his name on the Republican ticket guys.

  14. Stephen Kohut says

    The only ticket McCain’s name will be on are those needed to keep him on the road helping Cindy sell beer when he is retired on 8/24.

    The hard one for McCain is Arizona’s “sore loser” law that prevents him from doing a Leiberman after 8/24.

  15. What does our “sore loser” law say!!!

  16. Other than the reality that John McCain is the voice of the right in the Senate, seen as the strongest opponent to Obama’s socialist efforts

    Uh, most of the country sees McCain as the “weak horse” that Obama defeated. If he’s supposedly the “strongest opponent to Obama’s socialist efforts,” we’re TOAST.

    No. If he actually cared about the PARTY, he wouldn’t even be running for re-election right now, he’d be retiring AND team campaigning to get a Republican to hold the seat, but noooo. He’s wealthy and doesn’t need the paycheck. He wants to fossilize in the Senate, all flattered by the power perks, while the PEOPLE need a robust representative who conveys the will of his constituents.

    The more I see of his campaign the less respect I have for him. (First time to vote in AZ – so didn’t have to pay attention to him as Senator until now. He was always someone else’s senator.)

  17. Born in Arizona says

    Which would be fine if his republican opponent didn’t once speak out against men marrying their horses.

    Mccain maybe a traitor to his beliefs that is trying to show himself to be a staunch conservative when his not but at least his not Hayworth.

  18. “DSW Says:
    April 29th, 2010 at 9:09 am


    Absolutely! You want a pro-McCain blog, head on over to PoliticoMafioso.com.”

    I am just pointing out that you are a paid staffer of JD Hayworth. You haven’t been putting up that disclosure anymore. It puts things in perspective for other readers. Posting this stuff is part of your job now.

    And if I wanted to go to a pro-McCain blog, I’d probably start my own because PoliticoMafioso often does McCain little justice.

    “Heck! We even have a link to them on our blogroll and allow McCain supporters to post here (not just comments).

    How’s that for fair and balanced?!”

    You almost have to have the occasional token pro-McCain post to avoid campaign related issues with this blog.

    I think it would be more fair and balanced if you disclosed which posts were posted directly by people paid by the various campaigns (Hayworth, Thomas, etc.).

  19. Martin Sepulveda,

    1) Jason Rose is not with the JD Hayworth 2010 campaign.
    2) This was not a post about JD Hayworth but rather John McCain. “VSB” was the first one to mention JD’s name.
    3) Hayworth has a lot more substance than McCain simply because McCain cannot consistently stand for anything, especially conservative values.
    4) Hayworth was not fired by Republicans in 2006. He was nominated. 2006 was a bad year for the GOP nationwide thanks to people like Mark Foley and a Congress which increased spending. The Independents in CD-5 determined the outcome of the 2006 General.
    5) As a native and decorated veteran, I take offense to your labeling of my association.

    Cactus Jack,
    6) If you recall your American history, TR gave us probably one of the worst and most racist presidents, Woodrow Wilson. As of 21:30 04/29/10, he has still not filed with the SOS.

    Born in Arizona,
    7) God forbid you’re advocating for zoophilia or bestiality!

  20. Born in Arizona says

    Obviously not, but I don’t think we need to be told by congress not to do it. I mean it’s common sense, it’s like passing a law explaining not to put your hand on a hot stove.

  21. Interesting…John McCain has been a democrat-in-drag for years. Just listen to Megan,…..the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree….

    This sb 1070 is not about color but about country……

    I haven’t looked forward to voting this much since Dennis DeConcini retired……

    Mr. Hayworth, I support you.

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