Will John McCain ask for a refund from Charlie Crist?

Interesting response from Arizona’s senior senator today when asked whether he will ask for a refund from Charlie Crist over Crist’s decision to bail from the GOP primary in Florida:

Some senators who have personal ties to Crist will have a harder time than others in the money game.Arizona’s John McCain, in one of the toughest races of his political life, against tea-party favorite J.D. Hayworthowes Crist big. As Ticket reported Wednesday, Crist was courted heavily by Rudy Giulianiand made all the right noises about supporting him before endorsing McCain.

Asked Wednesday about whether he will seek a refund, McCain said he “hasn’t switched.”

and from the Washington Times:

Still, the immediate threat to Mr. Crist’s funds comes from Republican lawmakers, whose political action committees had given nearly $90,000.

Some of those waved off questions Thursday about what they’ll do.

“He hasn’t switched,” said Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, who is locked in a primary battle with former Rep. J.D. Hayworth.


  1. Crist announced his switch to independent on Thursday. McCain was asked on Wednesday. Crist hadn’t switched on Wednesday. By Wednesday everyone expected Crist would switch but he still had an opportunity not to. So what is so interesting?

    McCain has clearly stated in unequivocal terms that he would not support Crist if Crist runs as an independent.

  2. VSB, their candidate is weak, his loss of the House seat well-known, has a limited base, and is a bloviator of the first order with dubious character.

    Just as Mr. Hayworth makes every speaking opportunity a case against McCain…instead of a case for JD…so will his loyal followers both paid and voluntary.

    Again, lame and weak but it is all they have. The guy can’t get an endorsement from even one AZ member of the House from his glory days. What else is there to do when your candidate is dropping in the polls at record pace?

    Being a living characature of a candidate or politician is not the same as actually having leadership qualities.

  3. Jacklyn M. says

    DSW, this is a pretty weak post. Even from you.

    What if he does? What if he doesn’t? Big hairy deal. But I suspect this was only written so you partner in crime, Rachel, has something to tweet about.

    (and by partner in crime I don’t mean you took part in her illegal activities while she worked with Thomas, I just mean the current partnership you have with her through August)

  4. Jacklyn M,

    I know what you mean 🙂

    But don’t you find it interesting that McCain would not really answer the question? If asked today (Friday) I wonder what his answer would be? I don’t think that either Stephen Dinan or Ralph Z. Hallow with the Washington Times will circle back and ask McCain that question. Even if they don’t, his answer – whether he was asked on Wednesday or Thursday, doesn’t answer the question “What will he do?”

  5. You know what people might find more interesting? Jeb Bush, the ultimate architect of Crist’s demise, has endorsed John McCain over JD Hayworth!

  6. Why is that a surprise? Jeb Bush is for amnesty and so is John McCain.

  7. Oops, I meant “comprehensive immigration reform”.

  8. This is not an issue to Arizona voters. We will vote for the more stable, more trustworthy, most dependable candidate, McCain. DeAnn, McCain is not for Amnesty…know your facts before you post! I have researched these two guys for a few months, both have flaws, but the comparison turns out to be such a slam dunk overall it is not even funny. JD allowed for democrat Mitchell to be in Congress, a gamble I will not take.

  9. Hmmm!

    Trustworthy, dependable…that doesn’t sound like McCain’s histroy to me!

    Your memory seems rather selective Mike. The creator of McCain-Feingold and the amnesty granting McCain-Kennedy hardly has shown himself to be the possessor of either quality!

    I might add that his efforts to switch parties after his presidential bid in 2000, and his efforts to secure a postition on John Kerry’s ticket three years later would somewhat tarnish you picture, but that would be ‘piling on’

    If anything, look for “the John” to join Crist after he gets “flushed” in August.

    You’ll probably find RINOs and RINETTEs in his baggage train as their careers in the GOP will also come to an end! (Bye Ann!)

    The path taken by Arlen Spector and Charlie C. will, with good fortune be taken my many others!

  10. Stephen Kohut says

    McCain has to file as either a Rep. or Independent by 5/26 and, if he loses the 8/24 Rep priamry, cannot run as an independent under AZ’s “sore loser” law. His only option if he loses the 8/24 Rep primary would be if the Dem candidate dropped out, he rerigisters as a Dem and Don Bivens gave him the donkey slot.

  11. Steve:

    I wouldn’t put the last option past him!

    John has already sniffed around the aisle crossing routine a couple of times!

    Hopefully, he’ll demonstrate intellectual honesty and finally take the necessary steps after August 24th

    Travis and Ann will probably soon follow!

  12. Keep dreaming! McCain is going to file as a Republican, win the Republican primary, and then win the general election as a Republican!

  13. Right on VSB he will once again be one of the most respected members of the party.

  14. Leroyshabazz says

    McCain will win overwhelmingly as a REPUBLICAN candidate!

  15. I know where my vote is going and pretty much everyone I talk to agrees that McCain is the best man for the job.

  16. Michael,
    McCain allowed a democrat Obama to be elected to office because he ran such a pitiful campaign. He can only attack Republican candidates.

  17. ffrank,
    You must be talking to Democrats. Almost all of the Republicans in Mohave County that I talk to think it is time for McCain to retire.

  18. ffrank,Leroyshabazz & lblut2ru:

    Unfortunately, the “status quo” establishment, countryclub Republicanism is on the wane!

    It’s six years of disaster under Dubyah and company is cathching up.

    Necessary change can only occur if basic, introspective thinking can come back and the crowd which gave us “Dubya” and “McLame”
    are not capable of effective government at any level.

    The banking collapse and instinctive rush to T.A.R.P along with a three monkeys approach to illegal entry has solidified middle class public opinion in Arizona and other states.

    Arlen Spector was the first to get the message, Charlie Crist was next in line and their friend and political soul-mate, McCain will follow in August.

    Next on the list should be John’s protege, “Light in the loafers” Lindsey Graham!

  19. “I might add that his efforts to switch parties after his presidential bid in 2000, and his efforts to secure a postition on John Kerry’s ticket three years later would somewhat tarnish you picture, but that would be ‘piling on’”

    LOL! You have it backwards! The Democrats tried to recruit him and FAILED! John McCain was, is, and always will be a REPUBLICAN!

    I’ll say it again, John McCain will file as a Republican! When he files, he will have more Republican signatures than any other Republican candidate (and more signatures than any other candidate period)! He will win the Republican primary! And he will win the general election as a REPUBLICAN!

  20. Carlist says


    Until he returns to the Senate and forges another amnesty attempt and “cap n’ trade” debacle.

    Old dogs don’t adopt new tricks and the folks of Arizona are beginning to wake up as they’ve done in PA and FLA.

    This is NOT the year of the R.I.N.O.

    Get used to that fact!

  21. Carlist says

    Oh and by the way, why would Kerry seek out McCain and why would McCain seek out Joe Lieberman?

    It sort of underlies the stalwart Republican b.s. being dished out by VSB & Co.

  22. The Mole says
  23. Lot’s of McCaniac running loose today. McCain himself said no to look at what he has done for Arizona but to look at what he can do for Arizona in the future. That’s because he hasn’t done anything for us, just to us.

    If he is re-elected, campaign McCain will disappear and RINO McCain will reappear. The stage is already set for him and another round of McAmnesty

  24. Sherri Long says

    I prefer to call myself an informed voter, rather then the immature label you choose to put on those of us who know McCain is the best man for the job. When I look at the two side by side, there really is no comparison. Neither is perfect, far from actually. The truth is, JD is just too corrupt, too inexperienced, too unintelligent, too much of a blowhard, too egotistical, too many earmarks when he was in Congress, too little too late JD. McCain has the history we want, the experience that has proven itself especially this past year plus, McCain could be perhaps the best McCain we have seen. This past year and a half we have seen McCain the fighter come into his own, fight for us against Obamanation, become creative in his plans, show his sincerity towards Arizonans and Americans. All we have seen from JD this past year and a half is a failed radio show. By that I am talking about his lack of ethics in campaigning that forced him to leave radio.

  25. Stephen Kohut says


    Pro-amnesty McCain-Kennedy
    Pro Crap & Tax
    Anti-first amenedment McCain-Feingold
    Anti-second amendment
    Spineless against healthcare
    Voted for TARP

    That is not a Repblican. That is a Democrat. McRINO needs to switch to the donkey party and proudly wear the sign of the ass that he is.

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