Will Haiti be Obama’s Katrina … or is Jan Brewer using a Straw Man?

Jan Brewers Straw Man?

Jan Brewer's Straw Man?

This is gonna be short and sweet – AND ITS ONLY SOMETHING TO CONSIDER.   Is “Buz” Mills Jan Brewer’s straw man in this election cycle?

Consider she qualified for Clean Elections funding (in spite of having a record to run on and being an established political brand in Arizona politics).

Consider how hard the Goldwater Institute (who generally dislikes Governor Brewer’s affinity for taxes) is struggling to close down the CCEC matching funds provision of the voter approved Clean Elections program.

Think about it.  Brewer obtains three-quarters of a million dollars in public financing and because of the dog-pile of money dumped into the race by a competing candidate (Buz Mills), Governor Brewer will be matched with little effort on her part.

How hard will it be collecting the necessary funds to mount a successful campaign to retain the governor’s seat?  How many good candidates are already in the race?  And don’t forget the 800 pound gorilla in the Big Tent running for his political career in the U.S. Senate.  Times are tough.   Could one of Jan’s advisers have come up with a quick and easy way for her to short-cut the system?

Slick isn’t it (if its true)?  Someone could be really gaming the system and should be shut down.  Shame on those veteran incumbents who couldn’t be re-elected without CCEC.

Veritas for the record supports Clean Elections funding of entry level candidates into the political process as a means of equalizing the playing field and as a mitigation measure against deep pocketed special interests from buying elections.  I am deeply disappointed in the Goldwater Institute that given all the abuses of Constitutional law, they are choosing this narrow niche in which to sally forth into courtroom battle.

A misconception should be clarified.  Clean Election funding is NOT involuntary and does NOT involve taxes.  When you err in your driving (and for some criminal actions) you have made a voluntary decision to contribute to Arizona’s Clean Election fund.  And lets not forget those voters who include a $5 contribution along with their Arizona income tax filing as well as the thousands of voters who give the candidate of their choice $5 during this time of year.

Lastly, is CCEC truly a violation of “campaign speech”?  What about the candidate who’s told by the big corporate special interest “… these are our issues.  Now did you want to talk about a contribution from our members?”  Isn’t that stifling the “free speech” of the candidate who truly wishes to represent their voters?

Two final parting thoughts:  The CCEC should be reformed, perhaps by amending it to only be available for the first election and first re-election bid of a candidate.   Lastly, should there be a cap on election spending by all interests in Arizona elections?  Why should someone be willing to spend millions of dollars for a job that pays peanuts?


  1. Still waiting for the Haiti part there, Veritas. Can’t wait to see how you’re going to equate a seperate nation devastated by a sudden earthquake, 710 miles from the US, across a sea to a region of America devastated by a hurricane with several days advance notice.

  2. Where is the part on Haiti?

    Oh well, one thing I will say and it is just pure coincidence and luck but Clinton who has helped handle all the things with the tradegy in Indonesia and helping set up the charity with Bush 41 is the envoy to Haiti when a horrible tradegy hits there… I bet Clinton and Obama handle this pretty well actually.

    Not that Americans overall will realyl care about that kind of stuff.

  3. And by that kind of stuff I mean events in poor countries outside the US… We as a country after a few days of news cooverage get turned off…

  4. Basil St. John says

    Good to see that Veritas is willing to spend hand out welfare to politicians because it suits his political agenda. Nice surrender of principles there! Veritas just surrendered any moral authority he ever had and is nothing more a big-government RINO.

    The Katrina/Haiti connection is lost on me, too.

  5. One of the more incoherent posts I’ve seen on SA. Setting aside the lack of a Katrina/Haita connection, Veritas makes it clear that he’s in favor of Clean Elections, unless a candidate he doesn’t like (i.e. Brewer) participates. Note: This IS her first attempt to run for Governor. You can at least atttempt to stay consistent within one post, VV!

  6. Here’s my attempt to link the post to Obama and Haiti. Apparently, Obama has asked former President George W. Bush to lead the U.S. rescue effort in Haiti. What puzzles me (not about this post) is why would Obama ask Bush to head up the effort when Obama blamed Bush for the failure in Katrina?

    Two posts for the price of one!

  7. It’s a valiant attempt, DSW, I’ll give you that. 🙂

    Also, why am I hearing about Shadegg’s retirement on HuffPo on not here?!?!? 😉

  8. Veritas Vincit says

    Basil St. John; Not at all. I simply think there must be a way to balance the playing field so that the voter is represented by the candidate.

    Recall your history. Elections before the Civil War weren’t the media events they have devolved into today.

    Here’s my thought; All elections in Arizona (except federal) shall be limited to 2x the annual salary of the office being run for. Election costs should be capped. There is no reason someone running for governor should be spending millions to baffle with bull sh*t voters in a run up to election day.

    As for Haiti? Absolutely no connection intended other than to game the search engines.

    The question is; Is Buz Mills a straw candidate for Jan Brewer to insure she receives matching funds – and is G.I. running opposition because they disapprove of Ms Brewer? Simple enough?

  9. Veritas Vincit says

    Bill, I don’t like the idea of a career politician possibly gaming the system. CCEC was approved by the voters in order to balance the influence of folks like John McCain and his pals?

  10. Basil St. John says

    Veritas, you just want to “balance the playing field” with government money because your candidates can’t compete in the free market. Admit it: You support government handouts to people who agree with you politically. That is not a GOP principle. You, sir, have sold your soul to socialism because it helps you prevail. That is unprincipled behavior.

  11. Anyone who supports any part of Publicly Funded Campaigns has not participated in either end of the CCEC. It’s a nightmare for everyone, most importantly, the voters.

    I think the scenario that VV puts forward is highly likely and one of the main reasons that this funding ploy is a giant sham.

  12. citizen goofball says

    Clean Elections is welfare. You can dress up the candidates who run under it any way you want, but they are still pigs at the trough. You can justify it all you want but these candidates are too incompetant to run under market forces so they get a government handout. A handout, by the way, that gave us Janet Napolitano and will probably give us Terry Goddard. I think Goldwater is acting under their own principles. What would Barry do? Would Barry take money from the government to run for office? No, he wouldn’t and neither should any republican or self-described conservative. If they cannot get elected in the marketplace of ideas and money then they have no business running anyway. We believe that under capitolism, don’t we? Running for office shouldn’t be any different.

    Your principles, however, seem to be of the ends justifies the means variety. Conservatives don’t cut welfare for others and then take welfare for themselves. That means they believe in socialism but only for themselves and apparently you do too.

    I’m amused that you brought up McCain, because, for the record, he supports clean elections. So, Veritas, he agrees with you on something.

    This is precisely what is wrong with this country. People in Washington do things to benefit themselves that screw the country. Now we have conservatives in name only who believe in helping themselves to welfare.

  13. Veritas Vincit says

    Basil St. John and all those with the highbrow principles I have a simple question: How many tables have you sponsored at the GOP dinner this month?

    How many $410 checks have you written this election cycle?

    Why is Paxton raising funds and Jesse Kelly not? Is Paxton really the best man to take out Giffords? Tim Bee certainly didn’t measure up.

    Oh, Paxton is being funded by special interests – does that mean his ideas are more marketable than Jesse Kelly?

    Of course, Buz Mills is the more superior candidate for governor according to you logic because he can self-fund his race right?

    Please, seriously those of you in this discussion to date, how many of you are office holders who’ve raised funds and how many of you have written checks over $500 on your OWN bank accounts? (PACs don’t count and neither does a corporation)

    Anyone running for state office already knows that to receive support from the Az Chamber of Commerce they must support watering down employer sanction laws AND be supportive of employer rights over the employees right to self-protection.

    Hey, agree and they have funds for you. Now what is that called again? Oh, being competitive in the market???

    Ok, who’s in this game? How many tables are you sponsoring at the dinner this month?

  14. Veritas Vincit says

    Check out fund raising figures by Democrats and Liberal groups and compare that to Republican and conservative causes… and when a Republican has some funding – like McCain in the Presidential race – they manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    The dollars tell the story of who funds and who talks.

  15. Basil St. John says

    VV, you continue to prove my point: You are willing to take Big Government money when it benefits you. As long as the dollars are flowing your direction, socialism is fine by you. It’s fine, just don’t give us any more nonsense about your principles because the minute they cost you something, you throw them out the window. You have no more credibility as a true Conservative.

  16. Veritas Vincit says

    Basil, please explain how its “Big Government” money?

    Who wrote a check to the Symington Group for $37,000 just 4 days before Christmas so he could know how to sell himself to the voters? Is that what you want for *your* elected governor?

    You didn’t answer my original question, How many checks have you written to candidates over $250 each election cycle and how many tables at the GOP Dinner have you sponsored?

    Put your money where your mouth is.

  17. Veritas Vincit says

    Because you avoided my question the first time, we can understand the answer was “none”.

  18. Besides donating my own money to Haiti, I will continue to pray for them. Lifting everything up to Heaven for them.

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