Wil Cardon releases new ad: “Flake Air”

Looks like the air war has begun in the US Senate race.




  1. Chandler Right says

    Going to guess that Wil didnt have such a good fundraising quarter and dad stopped giving him money because all he did with daddys money before was waste it on supporting McFlake. Can we get serious now with a real conservative?

  2. What a disingenuous ad. The comment about communist restriction was about the US government preventing private citizens like me from going to Cuba, which is a ridiculous restriction on our freedoms – Flake is right.

    To take that quote out of context is dishonest.

    • Wish-

      Just as an FYI, saying that Flake was actually talking about communist Cuba is not helping the argument of why to support Jeff Flake. Flake is one of the very few Republicans who support Obama’s idea to normalize relations with the communist thug murderer & dictator Fidel Castro. I would guess that the best idea would be for Flake to just hide that fact until after the Primary & General Elections are over.

  3. D Allen AZ says

    So let me get this right… This spoiled kid who was a fundraiser for Flake.. whos family goes back a looooong ways in supporting McCain/Flake/Kyl etc all of a sudden wants us to believe he is the true conservative.

    How about us deserving better as conservatives in Arizona?

    • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

      Well, if you just wake up one day and say that you hate Mexicans now, and on that basis get Joe Arpaio and Russell Pearce to endorse you, doesn’t that cause the Tea Party to all of a sudden say that you’re a conservative, etc., etc., and forget all the weasel stuff you’ve done?

      That’s exactly what Cardon is doing, and it makes me laugh at how many so-called “conservatives” support Cardon because they are minions of Pearce/Arpaio.

      Jeff Flake is a national conservative hero, worshipped by Tea Partiers across the country because of his fiscal discipline. If we could clone him 250 times, our country’s financial mess would disappear.

      • If we were to clone Jeff Flake 250 times our military would allow open transvestites too on top of Flake’s support for open homosexuality in the military. We’d also probably have the additional 30 million illegal aliens that Jeff Flake would prefer & our country’s infrastructure could not support so many third world workers to “do the jobs that Americans won’t do”.

        Flake IS NOT a conservative. He’s what would happen politically if Ron Paul, Obama & John McCain had a love child.

        • True Conservative says

          Not sure I agree, but I love the line:

          ” He’s what would happen politically if Ron Paul, Obama & John McCain had a love child.”

          Well played!

  4. North Valley Patriot says

    Great ad, and glad to see that someone is going to start holding Flake accountable for his hypocrisy. Open borders, cap and trade, don’t ask don’t tell and on and on. Cardon ought to be able to do a video like this every week with Flake’s bad record.

  5. I guess all the polls showing Cardon losing by 50 points or more have him freaked out. Maybe Cardon will be headed back to the loony bin.

    • Yoda,

      You’re not as perceptive as your name would imply. This race has only just begun & Flake has an indefensible record to still defend. How is Flake going to defend his vote to allow open homosexuality in the US military in a Republican primary? How is Flake going to hide from all of the bills he sponsored to support as many forms of amnesty as possible? And how is Flake going to hide from his support for normalizing relations with the communist thug dictator Fidel Castro?

      • True Conservative says

        He won’t have to hide from the DADT. Most (R) poll in his direction.


        In the primary he is vulnerable because those elections typically are scued to hard-core of both parties. The more hard-core you are, the more likely you are to vote in every possible election.

        If Flake clears the primary, he will certainly prevail in the general. I’m starting to doubt if Cardon can do the same.

        I really liked Wil until this ad – but I react with stronger negatives to negative-campaigning than most people.

        • True Conservative,

          Negative campaigning works. ….Just ask Newt Gingrich while he’s not crying about it while trying to get away with it at the same time.

  6. Wow a member of the Foreign Relations committee went to foreign countries. Dynamite ad Wil. Of course Flake couldn’t have continued to serve on the Foreign Relations committee without the unwavering financial support of Wil Cardon all these years. Maybe Flake will use some of the money Wil raised for his Senate campaign last year to run a response.

  7. Chandler Right says

    So I wanted to see how big of a supporter Wil was of really protecting our borders. I do not see his name anywhere among donors to save RP in the left wing recall election. How is cardon different than the McAmnesty crowd again?

  8. D Allen AZ says

    Just saw a funny tweet. These junkets were trips the foreign affairs committee that flake served on took with the committee for work. Does Cardon know what that is? Oh this is going to be good Flake vs Flake with no experience, may the best establishment candidate win.

    • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

      People who call Jeff Flake “the establishment” are idiots. “The Establishment” is made up of Republicans with no guts to slash spending and taxes, like the gutless RINOs from 10 years ago in the Tom Delay era.

      Flake is the very best in the whole country at slashing government, which is why true conservatives around the country love him. Only racist nuts out here don’t like him because he doesn’t kneel before Russell Pearce.

    • Watch the ad again. I’m sure that all of those nice little island vacations were necessary travel for the Foreign Affairs Committee. Plus, shouldn’t all of Flake’s travel for that committee be to communist Cuba, Venezuela & Iran to support his friends who run those anti-American regimes instead of to the Marshall Islands?

      • Chandler Right says

        Tyler look at the whole list of places they go, they are all places we give foreign aide the thing about the ad is they did not talk about the other places Flake went. And Tyler remember this… this was a story in 2008 and guess who did a fundraiser for Flake after this story first broke… Yes Wil did. Such a moral compass on him to do that and now hit him for it. We need better than that Tyler.

        • So, what do you suggest is better than that? A representative who has never served in the military but thinks it’s okay for openly gay service Soldiers & Marines to be on the front lines? Back in 2008, Flake wasn’t championing his support for openly gay Soldiers & Marines, so do you think that Cardon should have focused on this in his first ad instead?

  9. EV conservative says

    Someone should ask Cardon if he would take a pledge to never take a taxpayer funded trip for any committee he serves on.

  10. PHernandez says

    If you think Cardon is bad, just take a look at the worst opportunistic person in all of az, van the radio man. yee-gads
    and don’t tell him any secrets, he will spill the beans if he thinks he can get something in return.

  11. Chandler Right says

    Oh this story gets better. So this comes from a story in 2008. After this story broke Cardon was on a fundraising committee for Flake and maxed out. So why was this not an issue for him then but it is now? Like I keep saying we can do better than this.

    • A vote for Cardon is waaaaay better than a vote for Van, the little Napoleon. Ditto a vote for Flake, Hensley and just about anyone else who throws his hat in the ring. He’s a creep and shouldn’t represent kindergarteners seeking permission to go the the bathroom.

  12. Flake a slasher of goverment, explain Resolution Copper Company and the great land trade. Flake and the rest of the R’s giving Arizonans minerals away to a foreign company. Voiding required studies on contamination of ground water.

  13. Clarification on the comments above: “Tyler M.” is NOT Tyler Montague. It is a different Tyler with the last name beginning with the letter “M.”

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