Wil Cardon: Congressman Jeff Flake Is No Friend Of Israel

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, March 6, 2012
CONTACT: Katie Martin

Congressman Jeff Flake tweeted about seeing so many “friends” at the annual AIPAC Policy Conference Monday night, but Congressman Flake’s record shows that his support for our Democratic ally is a no-go.

Tweet from Congressman Jeff Flake: @FlakeforSenate: “Enjoyed seeing so many friends at the AIPAC Policy Conference tonight. #AZSEN #azright #aipac” 

While Congressman Jeff Flake Touts His “Friendship” on Twitter, He Votes Against Israel and Strengthens Our Enemies in the Middle East

In 2002, Flake Voted Against a $28.9 Anti-Terrorism Bill, Which Included Funds to Fight Terrorism in Israel. (Fiscal 2002 Supplemental Appropriations – Conference Report – H.R. 4775, CQ Vote #328: Adopted 397-32: R 201-18; D 195-13; I 1-1, 7/23/02)

In 2004, Congressman Flake Voted Against Foreign Aid Appropriations, Including $2.2 Billion For Israel. (Fiscal 2005 Foreign Operations Appropriations – Passage – H.R. 4818, CQ Vote #390: Passed 365-41: R 177-34, D 187-7, I 1-0, 7/15/04)

In 2005, Flake Voted Against Foreign Aid Appropriations, Including $2.5 Billion For Israel. (Fiscal 2006 Foreign Operations Appropriations – Passage – H.R. 3057, CQ Vote #335: Passed 393-32: R 199-27, D 193-5, I 1-0; 6/28/05)

In 2006, Flake Voted Against Foreign Aid Appropriations, Including $2.3 Billion For Israel. (Fiscal 2007 Foreign Operations Appropriations – Passage – H.R. 5522, CQ Vote #250: Passed 373-34: R 188-27, D 184-7, I 1-0; 6/9/06)

In 2007, Flake Voted Against Foreign Aid Appropriations, Including $2.4 Billion For Israel. (Fiscal 2008 State-Foreign Operations Appropriations – Passage – H.R. 2764, CQ Vote # 542: Passed 241-178: R 31-164, D 210-14; 6/22/07)

In 2009, Flake Voted Against Foreign Aid Appropriations, Including $2.2 Billion For Israel. (Fiscal 2010 State-Foreign Operations Appropriations – Passage – H.R. 3081, CQ Vote #525: Passed 318-106: R 76-97; D 242-9; I 0-0, 7/9/09)

Why won’t Congressman Flake Support Our Only Ally in the Middle East?

For documentation and to attempt to get an explanation, call Congressman Flake at 602-845-0333.

Click Here for Wil Cardon’s Stance on Israel

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Let’s Take Our Time, Find the Right Leader on Israel Issues

Opinion Editorial by Bill Levine & Elliott Pollack
Published in the Jewish News of Greater Phoenix on January 6, 2012 

One such supporter is a business leader and U.S. Senate candidate we both know well: Wil Cardon, who entered the race for Kyl’s seat just a few months ago. We have had the chance to talk to Wil about Israel and the conflict in the Middle East.

In a sentence: He gets it. Wil not only understands the need to aggressively, effectively oppose those who would seek to destroy Israel, but he also stands fully committed to the primacy of the U.S.-Israel partnership.

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  1. TruConserv says

    “In a sentence: He gets it.”

    No, in a sentence, Wil will give away money to any COUNTRY in exchange for votes.

    Support Israel – Great!

    Support Israel unconditionally – forget about it.

    Israel is a great nation with great people. It’s economy is stronger than ours. Why can’t it pay its own bills?

  2. Oberserve says

    Are we electing either one of you clowns to be a friend of Israel? Who the h*ll do you think you work for, were you to be elected.

    Get a grip. You are already a lobbyist tool and you haven’t even been elected yet!

  3. Not a good idea, moderating free speech. In any event, thank you for the compliment or is that conformation.

  4. AZDryheat says

    Flake votes against a lot of Appropriations bills, they are mostly multi-billion dollar boondoggles full of pork. That’s why fiscal conservatives love Flake.

    I hate seeing Republicans using Democrat talking points. What next Wil? You going to claim Flake is trying to “destroy Medicare”?

  5. Chandler Right says

    Yea I have to agree with DryHeat. This is ridiculous. But remember this is the guy who promises to bring home the pork so what do you expect. If he is going to bring home the port then he needs to support others pork projects. This is what is wrong with the system. This is why we cannot afford people like Cardon in the Senate. This is our “conservative?” We deserve better than this. Still dont see an alternative yet to Flake. Kind of surprised Shadegg never got in and right now Flake is probably our best option. All I know for sure is Wil Cardon IS NOT.

  6. TruConserv says

    A key point to remember: nations have allies, not friends. I want a Congressman who knows the difference. At the end of the day Israel will do what is best for Israel, America will do what is best for America, etc, etc.

    That’s just reality, and as conservatives, we are the ones who truck in the world of reality. Leave the warm, sappy international love-letters to the libs.

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