Wil Cardon: Congressman Jeff Flake Continues to Waste Money for Travel

Phoenix, Arizona – A recent study by CREW, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, found that Congressman Jeff Flake has no shame when it comes to the amount of government money he is willing to waste. Phoenix’s KPHO-TV highlighted the study’s findings in which Congressman Flake has reimbursed himself $20,000 for travel, meals and other expenses. In a time when our country faces over $15 trillion of debt and 14 million Americans are unemployed, Congressman Flake thinks we should be footing the bill for his extravagant congressional lifestyle. When KPHO-TV reached out to Congressman Flake for an answer on why he finds it appropriate to waste $20,000, the sixth term congressman had no response.

Arizonans can’t afford Congressman Flake!

In case you missed it…

KPHO CBS Channel 5

Study: Some AZ Reps. Use position to benefit themselves

PHOENIX (CBS5) – Do you ever wonder how much money your lawmakers give to groups?

A new study spells it all out for the United States House of Representatives.

Of Arizona’s seven representatives, only three are mentioned in the study.

The group behind it is CREW, or Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

It decided to look into how many U.S. representatives used their positions to benefit themselves or their families.

The group claimed the answer is more than half.

People like Rep. Ron Paul, who’s campaign paid more family members than any other representative, the study said.

You’ll also see Congressman Jeff Flake, Ben Quayle and Ed Pastor mentioned.

Quayle seems to be the lightest offender in the report.

It said he gave $250 to his dad’s company for facility rental and staffing services.

The report claimed Flake reimbursed himself nearly $20,000 for travel, meals and other expenses.

Then there’s Rep. Ed Pastor.

According to the report, his wife and nephew used to work with Chicanos Por La Causa, and CREW claimed Pastor has earmarked more than $1.8 million to the group from 2008 to 2010.

The report also said Pastor gave his daughter a big one up on the competition getting her a job at South Mountain Community College.

It said Pastor earmarked nearly a million dollars in 2008 and 2009 to the school’s ACE program and steered over a million dollars in federal grants to the program four months after his daughter was hired.

Coincidentally, her salary was at the very top of the pay scale.

CBS 5 News reached out to Quayle, Flake and Pastor for this story.

The only one who responded was Pastor.

His office said he has declined to comment.



  1. AZDryheat says

    CREW is a George Soros funded liberal group. Why on Earth is this guy citing them and giving them legitimacy? The report isn’t even accurate – surprise! – they don’t know the difference between taxpayer funds and campaign funds

    • McFlake is a RINO stooge!

      • I hope you realize that your buddy Wil Cardon once interned for John McCain and proudly displays that fact still today on his corporate website. Just go to http://www.cardon.com click on Team and take a look at the background discription for “Wilford R. Cardon – CEO”. It says that prior to working for the Cardon Group your pal Wilford worked for John McCain. So if Cardon is still so proud of that fact that he has it as a selling point on his company’s website, how is it exactly that Cardon is somehow the anti-McCain candidate while Jeff Flake is in your words “McFlake”?

        Don’t know too many “RINO’s” who are endorsed by the Club for Growth, like Jeff Flake is, either.

  2. Proof that Cardon’s campaign is on life-support. Spends a boat-load of money to no effect so he’s reduced to recycling liberal attacks on Flake. What next Will? You going to quote Media Matters?

    • McFlake is for Homosexuals in the military.

    • Recycling LIBERAL attacks is a classic strawman tactic that the McMcCain Machine uses to draw attention from the true opponent of McFlake’s being Clair Van Steenwyk. Why the Cardon ad blow out….. http://patriothq.com/2012/03/16/jeff-flakes-strawman-wil-cardon-and-his-outsider-tv-ad “Team Work” is running a two week plus, quarter of a million dollar TV ad, five and a half months before the August 28, 2012 primary, when Cardon’s campaign fund raising has been in a nose dive? Again, “Team Work” is distracting the electorate two and a half months before Candidate Nomination Petitions have to be turned in by May 30, 2012 to get on the primary ballot. The last thing Fake Card needs for their plan to work is Steenwyk participating in the primary debates.”

      • Van Steenwyk is Flake’s true opponent? LOL! Van the Radio Man is a complete joke of a candidate who will be lucky if he even gets on the ballot.

  3. Conservative American says

    Don’t tell us about Flake’s shortcomings, Mr. Cardon, we can figure those out for ourselves. Tell us what it is which is compelling about Wil Cardon.

  4. Chandler Right says

    As it was pointed out on his facebook account the report says Flake was reimbursed by his campaign. So how is that using government funds exactly? ONCE AGAIN I come back to, is this really the best we could do? Who is running this campaign?

    • It is better to ask who is not running his campaign, and that would be the McRINO Machine that gave us Obama!

      • Wil Cardon currently has members of the 2008 McCain campaign team as advisors. Andrea Tyler Evans is just one example: http://www.evanscommunications.com/events.htm . She did event and fundraising work for McCain in 2008 (the election that you pointed out gave us Obama) and is now doing it for Wil Cardon. I am not saying that is a bad thing or that Flake doesn’t have McCain related people among his advisors as well. But it is disingenuous of you to suggest that Cardon’s campaign is devoid of McCain connected advisors, staffers or consultants.

        • …………. “Cardon was also Mitt Romney’s 2008 Presidential Campaign Vice-Chair for Arizona, and the Cardon clan contributed heavily in support of that effort. Yet Cardon hasn’t endorsed Romney for his 2012 Presidential bid. Doesn’t Cardon know Flake and Romney better than most anyone in Arizona politics? So, when they say they are for closing the borders, does Cardon know differently?

          Romney is pro amnesty, the same reason Cardon turned on Flake… allegedly. Cardon said he jumped into the Senate race because he didn’t agree with Flake’s pro amnesty position; would that go for Romney too? Romney said he changed positions. Wonder of wonders, it’s an election year, and Flake has changed positions too! Lawdy Hallelujah! I has seen the light, brethren! Is THIS the CHANGE that Wil is talking about? Has he changed his position, too? Do they all have the same position on issues now?”


  5. Ghost of Friedman says

    p2012p: As politely as I can, I’ll ask again: How do you define RINO?

  6. Megamurph says

    I just saw that Don Bivens has bowed out of race, giving Obama’s liberal recruit Richard Carmona a clean shot at winning the senate seat for the Democrats.

    Wil Cardon really needs to justify his continued existence in this race.

    He polls at 7% against Flake’s 56%. Bivens was at least competitive with Carmona.

    Staying in at this point only means that Wil seeks to harm the GOP’s chances of holding the Arizona senate seat, giving Obama more “flexibility” after the election.

    Do the right thing, Wil.

  7. No matter the few differences we might have with Flake, it’s time for us to get behind him and for Cardon to drop out. Carmona is now the only one on the democrat side and it looks like the liberal left are motivated to take the senate seat.. We don’t have the time and resources to bruise each other up. The few small differences some of us may have with Flake are inconsequential compared with our differences with the liberal loonies.

    • A highly decorated Green Beret has a better chance of beaten a pro-homosexual (in the military), open borders, career politician RINO. If you don’t want to risk losing a seat to the Democrats, then don’t try sending a flake (McFlake) to the Senate.

      • Flake has opposed everything from Prop 200 in 2004 to SB 1070 in 2010. I recall years ago Bob Mohan on KFNX had Flake on and callers ripped him to shreds. On caller referred to him “a disgusting excuse for an American.” Arizona voters are stuck on stupid; I’ll vote for any opponent he has – any opponent.

  8. Megamurph says

    The New Times schools Wil Cardon today for his seeming inability to comprehend facts and subsequent sloppy smear job touting the CREW (see George Soros) report.

    Wil Cardon Seems to Have a Difficult Time Understanding Jeff Flake’s Travel Habits


  9. Anyone else get a call from a horrible push-poll, which was obviously put on by the Wil Cardon campaign? I havent been paying attention to this race too much yet, but that one lame call/poll put Cardon in last place for me.

    p2012p is ridiculous, but I am also not a fan of Flake.

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