Why not just put Endorsed by Pravda?

      Nancy Young Wright was appointed to the Arizona House of Representatives for LD 26 in January 2008. The district has a 9,000 Republican edge in voter registration with a large Independent/NOP vote. Political pundits would advise shoring up your base while also appealing to the middle. Publicizing the Tucson Citizen endorsement might make sense by that metric but touting the Tucson Weekly is akin to shouting “I’m a Liberal.” Works for us.

     For our readers outside of Pima County the Tucson Weekly is the local version of the Phoenix New Times, papers with the latest news on the local club scene and where to go to find a man-seeking-man hookup. Go for it Nancy.

     The LD 26 House contest is a prime example of how the Democrats have over reached this year. The had an inside track at holding on to one of the seats in an otherwise Republican district. The simple approach would have been to field one candidate and save their resources for other contests. It is almost impossible to avoid some single shotting and with two Democrats in the race it just thins out the Democratic vote. It will be almost impossible for Democrats to win both seats, especially in a presidential year when voters turn out in droves. Not the best scenario for Democrats in a Republican district. Depending on turnout and how Independents/NOP voters break, the Republicans have a change of winning both house seats. See Arizona Politics for a list of all the LD 26 candidates.


  1. You’re aware that three posts down, your colleague is using the same media sources to support Republican candidates, right?

    So when they support Democrats, they’re Pravda; when they support Republicans, they’re outstanding representatives of the mainstream media! 🙂

  2. Come on SA—you guys really have a crush on Ed Hermes don’t you. Why such a love affair with him. (and NO–I know nothing about him other than what I read on this site) I love this site…..I now know how to vote–which is the opposite of EVERYTHING you support. Thanks, you save me a bunch of research!!

  3. It’s ok for Republicans to single-shot, but not for Democrats?

  4. I believe that the single shotting referred to in the post was among the Dems. That’s the way I read it. Good luck with that, by the way.

  5. Glendale GOP says

    You’re a genius alright Steve. Of course, this isn’t the Hermes thread you’re posting on… D’oh!

  6. kralmajales says

    Come on…people love the weekly…my liberal and conservative friends think that its analysis and the Skinny are as hard hitting as any journalism in the state.

    Guess what? Some of that 7000 registration advantage won’t be voting and some of it wont be voting GOP.

  7. Get me a barf bag says

    Well, kralbejeebers, that’s one low bar.

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