Why is Clair Van Steenwyk running against McCain, helping him win?

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Thursday,  June 4, 2015

McCain WANTS the Senate primary race crowded to split up the conservative vote
Clair Van Steenwyk has no chance of winning, and serves only to take votes away from Kelli Ward

One way McCain stays in office is he ensures that there is a crowded primary field to split conservatives and the Tea Party. Our sources tell us that McCain’s operatives encourage – and some think financially support – long shot candidates like Clair Van Steenwyk in order to take away votes from any real credible challenger. This year, McCain has a credible challenger, Sen. Kelli Ward. She might have a chance IF conservatives all support her.

Unfortunately, Clair van Steenwyk announced on Facebook today that he is going to run.

Let’s look at what happened in 2010 when Clair van Steenwyk and Jim Deakin muddied the waters. In November 2009, Rasmussen Reports showed McCain virtually tied with JD Hayworth, 45% to 43%. By July, JD’s support had dropped to 34%.

The McCain machine is sitting around laughing their heads off right now and high-fiving each other, speculating who else will jump in to ensure his primary victory.

Listen up activists: You’ve learned this lesson before. Putting more nonviable candidates in the race isn’t going to defeat McCain, it’s going to defeat the only credible conservative candidate. So far, Kelli Ward is the only tested conservative candidate in the race. She’s made few enemies and is solid on all the issues.

Send a message to Clair and let him know this is not the right thing to do. crossroadswithvan@gmail.com

Here is his announcement:

Response To Our Friends / Supporters on Exploring a Run
For the US Senate Race Against Senator John McCain in 2016

Jean & I have decided to invest the time and some funds in the US Senate race in the 2016 Election cycle, in part to the 100’s of positive responses we’ve received from our initial question to our fellow AZ Citizens. As we informed all of you recently that we received quite a number of inquiries to run in the 2016 race against Senator McCain. With your response to our Exploring a run to see how much support is out there it left us with only one reasonable response which we’ve now made, once again thanks to all of you for your trust in us. .

Jean & I discussed and prayed about this and know Senator McCain needs to be replaced and we would enjoy being the ones to do it. We’ll be putting our fate in those who’ve given us their trust and encouraged us; keep in mind that it will take an investment of time and money to defeat Senator McCain as he’s proven with his races and those he’s supported. Having said this we treasure the trust given by all and pray for your investment in our challenge.

We’re trusting in those who’ve encouraged us to run this race to join us in the work. The Investment needed to defeat Senator McCain will be substantial, and we’re depending on you to follow up the encouragement by donating to the Campaign either on our Campaign Face Book page or website www.vanussenate.com or direct mail to; Van US Senate , 13726 West Gable Hill Dr. Sun City West, AZ 85375. We’ll also be in need of Volunteers to contact us, as we all know the importance of the Nomination Petition Signatures needed to get on the Primary Ballot. We’ll need approximately 8,000 signatures at 10 to a page, 800 petitions signed. Just suppose 800 Volunteers getting 10 signatures each including your own, so please go to www.vanussenate.com / copy one or more front and back, get them filled out, then mail back to; 13726 W. Gable Hill Drive, Sun City West, AZ 85375… ASAP.

Asking for monies from anyone in our private life has never happened and doing it even now isn’t something we do easily, however this is a battle for all of us and we hope you’ll understand the task at hand and invest in us as we’re investing in all of you.

I’ll be speaking at meetings statewide LDs, GOP, Liberty, Constitutional, AZRA, Conservative and other Groups, and of course personal residences as well, please contact us using the site or email, scheduler@vanussenate.com or call 623-322-9979.

We know this will take the efforts of all of us to be Victorious, therefore with the help of those who’ve given us their support and trust in response to the initial question we believe we’ll be able to bring this to a Successful Conclusion in August and then November of 2016.

I will be Faithful to the Oath and my Word to serve you in the US Senate. It’s Time to Stop Digging the Hole Deeper and Begin Filling It In on Those Who’ve Dug It.

We’re All In, and Hope You Are as Well the Campaign Begins Today
God Bless You All;
Clair & Jean Van Steenwyk
US Senate Candidate

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