Who’s the frontrunner now!


On Tuesday Marilyn Zerull filed her signatures and $5 forms with the Arizona Secretary of State. One of the other campaigns in the LD 26 House race has been touting their media anointed “front runner” status. Marilyn will now focus on taking her message directly to voters and does not have to worry about gathering signatures or raising money. Sounds like the status of this race just changed.

Marilyn has been sending out weekly updates about the campaign. You can sign up for these short but informative updates by filling out the form below.

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  1. Well congrats on that!

  2. I went to Marilyn’s website and saw the photo of her with “Tim Bee’s Dad” and Tim Bee. The question is what is Tim Bee’s dad’s name?

  3. Mr. Bee

  4. Papa Bee

  5. Bumb L. Bee

  6. Buzz E. Bee

    And yes, we are all four-year old children.

  7. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Very CREATIVE four year old children. I worked with the Bees at a gun show several years ago in the GOP Voter Registration booth.

    I can’t remember the father’s first name either; I believe he always introduces himself as “Tim Bee’s Dad”

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