Who should control the AZ GOP’s Get Out The Vote Effort?

As discussed in a previous post, there is a fight brewing for the State GOP Mandatory Meeting this Saturday. Opponents of State Party Chairman Randy Pullen are trying to characterize this fight as an attempt to expose Randy Pullen’s alleged financial mismanagement of the party. This is BS. Let’s all get aboard the Straight Talk Express and have an honest discussion about what this fight is really about. This is a fight over control of the state party’s GOTV effort and money (i.e., the Victory funds) and, more generally, control of the state Republican Party.

Specifically, Randy Pullen and the State Party want to retain control over the money and John McCain and his allies want to control the Victory funds. That is, John McCain wants one of his staffers or one of the staffers of John Kyl to have exclusive authority to authorize all spending of Victory funds. Randy Pullen wants the state party to retain spending authority of the Victory funds and not have to ask permission from our Senators’ staffs to spend Victory funds. The stories (or hit pieces) about Randy Pullen’s alleged financial mismanagement only began to appear after Randy Pullen orchestrated the Az GOP executive committee’s rejection of the 2010 GOTV plan that gave McCain control over the Victory funds.

It seems to this blogger that John McCain and his staff should not have any control of the Victory funds or control the State Party’s GOTV effort because a conflict-of-interest exists. The purpose of the Victory funds and the State Party is to drive Republican turnout and elect as many Republicans as possible. This year, John McCain is just another Republican candidate with primary opponents (and a potentially primary-losing candidate if JD Haworth enters the US Senate race).

Giving McCain’s staff control over Victory Funds creates a potential situation where Victory Funds could be misused to benefit McCain and to the detriment to all other Republican candidates. For example, McCain’s staffer could decide to allocate funds to drive turnout of voters who will vote for McCain but no other Republicans. In another example, funds could be allocated to make robocalls that promote McCain instead of other GOP candidates (e.g., the GOP gubernatorial candidate or our congressional candidates). With McCain’s staffers having absolute control over the allocation of funds, there is nothing anybody could do to stop this abuse of power.

Because of this inherent conflict-of-interest, no candidate or his staff should be given control over allocation of Victory funds or the GOTV effort. The State Party should control GOTV efforts and the Victory funds for the benefit of all GOP candidates, as is traditionally the case. Hopefully Saturday, we can have some straight talk about control of the GOTV efforts and money instead of an disingenuous fight about some side issue.



  1. You do realize Thomas Paine was a leftist radical right?

  2. Curious how mismanagement by Pullen, the State Party Chairman, is a “side issue.”

    It could be a “non issue” if Pullen would give an explanation and accounting.

    That’s not happening and so the topic remains. If it comes up at the State Party Meeting, no one should be surprised and no one should be told to “shut up”, as is being insinuated here.

  3. Randy Pullen Needs to go says

    Randy Pullen hasn’t done anything for the GOP Party. No wonder thousands and thousands of Independent voters are on the rise. Randy has done nothing about the more “centrist” Independent vote. In fact, there has been a surge of Independent voters in the State of Arizona — no thanks to ol’ Randy Pullen.

    For shame.

  4. Re comment #1. That is absolute nonsense unless you qualify being anti-Tory as being leftist.

    I know that’s what you think because McCainiac supporters are the equivalent of Tories in 1774-1776.

    Re comment #3. Last year you were crying “unity”. This year “division”.

    Flip. Flop. Flip. Flop – go John McCain and his supporters.


  5. Travis states that Randy Pullen mismanaged something, yet he has no evidence.

    Standard McCain SOP: allege (lie), allege (lie), allege (lie) until you can line up votes on your side.

    Travis last year was supporting party “unity”. This year – party “division”.

    Flip. Flop. Flip. Flop.

  6. Whoever funds the Victory Fund should be allowed to decide this one.

  7. When did we get to the point that we work for our Congressional delegation instead of them working for us?

  8. Jefferson Smith says

    “Randy Pullen and the State Party want to retain control over the money and John McCain and his allies want to control the Victory funds”


    A question… what money?

    Is there anything in the AZGOP cupboard?

    All the congressional delegation wanted was to ensure national GOP funds where not squandered by the clearly “in over his head” Pullen. No need to imagine a wilder conspiracy that that. Occam’s Razor… the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

    All this could be cleared up with a little financial transparency.

    Come on, Randy. Shut those RINOs up. Produce the books!

  9. Just another PC says

    Phil Townsend, the author of the latest “hit piece” and 1st Vice Chair of the Yuma County GOP is a McCain supporter and gave $700 to his campaign. Townsend did not call nor email Randy Pullen nor Timothy Lee to inquire about any of what he claimed. I think we know what is going on here and quite frankly, it is shameful.

    The issue that many seem to be overlooking here is the theft of Az GOP financial records from the Az GOP Hq, which I believe is a criminal offense.

  10. Jefferson is right. Look what Pullen did with the money he did control in the last election: used it to “help” Thomas and Arpaio who were widely expected to (and did) win landslide victories. Not a good track record.

    Remember what the “N” in RNC stand for and you have the answer.

  11. According to Wikipedia, Thomas Paine advocated “social programs to remedy the numbing poverty of commoners through progressive tax measures.”

    Not much different than John McCain, don’t you think?

  12. That article was COMPLETELY asinine. Dear God. I am uncertain which is more absurd the fact that you wrote it or that you actually posted it.

    For those that want the TRUTH please see below.

    Dirty Laundry: RNC Treasurer Randy Pullen launders nearly $300,000 through AZ
    GOP to influence 2009 City of Tucson elections – gets most cash from Jim Click »

    The hardest-hitting most incriminating investigative article on Randy Pullen.


    Arizona should be very very angry . . . we hope you do something about it.

  13. hotflashholly says

    The state GOP is broke!!! demand to see the bank statements. to scream and holler on the conference call tonight and resisting a fraud audit is a sure sign things are amiss..Timothy Lee …you better be careful all snuggled up to randy…i understand there is more to come..oh..and exactly how do you think is going to fund this program you voted on tonight…there is no victory plan with out no money..blame the accountants now…accountants are only as useful as the information you give them..bet they want like being blamed for your mistake but then again …the GOP owes them money as well…FOOLS beware!!

  14. McCain should have no say on how this goes, only elected members of the EC. Period.

    Maybe McCain will start airing radio ads attacking Randy next! What a coward.

  15. AZ GOP PARTY IS DIRTY - - says

    I can’t believe this! What is going on with the Arizona GOP Leadership?! Arpaio gets endicted a few days ago. JD Hayworth is still cleaning up his Abromoff money scandal mess, and now AZ GOP Chair is laundering $300,000 more thousands of dollars!

    Get your freaking act together AZ GOP! You are an embarrassment for the country.


  16. AZ GOP PARTY IS DIRTY - - says

    Why should Travis practice Travis “unity” when Randy can’t practice it? Randy had the most divisive nature against Michael Steele, so I suppose karma is making things come back full circle.

  17. #15 That takes it a bit far wouldn’t you say? Truth is the only people who have gotten in trouble are John McCain (Keating 5 ring a bell) and his current campaign manager Verdone. Google her and you will find mob ties, FBI sting operations for public corruption and indictments.

    Those in glass houses should stop throwing so many stones.

  18. AZ GOP PARTY IS DIRTY - - says

    Not far at all. Google JD Hayworth and gthe Abromoff Scandal.

    It’s these kinds of Republicans who need to skip on over to the Democrat side. How embarrassing.

  19. hotflashholly says

    demand to see the bank account…the GOP is now reporting cash on hand as 91K..It is a farce and fraud…demand to see the bank statements and you will see that this is FRAUD. Randy is the TREASURER of the RNC..what a joke this is

  20. #18 Yeah I googled it and here is what i found:


    It’s a letter saying the Dept of Justice clears Hayworth of wrong doing.

    This is what John McCain said about his own actions on behalf of the crook Charlie Keating: “It’s a wrong appearance when a group of senators appear in a meeting with a group of regulators, because it conveys the impression of undue and improper influence.”

    McCain admits undue and improper influence?

    His campaign manager is tied to the biggest corruption scandal in AZ history and has mob ties?

    Now i don’t have strong feelings for Pullen one way or another but you McCain people take this stuff way too far.

    I am guessing you must be a former Mitchell staffer who now works for McCain and hates republicans. Anybody who reads through this blog regularly sees right through your McCain attack BS, and no that’s not bachelor of science I’m referring to.

  21. AZ GOP PARTY IS DIRTY - - says

    Looky here, you have one crook helping another.

    Joe Arpaio to Host Fundraiser to Help Pay J.D. Hayworth’s Legal Bills

  22. AZ GOP PARTY IS DIRTY - - says

    Hell, JD Hayworth is a laughing stock to the democrats.



    Dirty Republicans all right…..these dirty Republicans have got to go before the GOP loses Arizona entirely.

  23. Rebuttals usually refute what was said previously. Go ahead and try. I dare you.

  24. AZ GOP PARTY IS DIRTY - - says

    Here’s a rebuttal:

    If Randy gets investigated, and if they conclude that he BROKE THE LAW, then that makes him an illegal crook which might render him some pink underwear. 😆

    Wow. I can hear the democrats making fun of them now. You have the 3 stooges at play here — Larry can be Arpaio, Moe can be Randy, and Curly can be Randy.

    There ya go. The AZ GOP leadership is one big comedy act, and it’s time for real leadership to take back Arizona! Imagine that.

  25. Think Bill Lumberg: Yeah, that wasn’t even close to a rebuttal.

    Perhaps you don’t quite get my meaning. Here is what Webster’s says: the act of rebutting especially in a legal suit; also : argument or proof that rebuts

    Some wondering diatribe about Pullen doesn’t quite cut it. Nice try. Why don’t you go to bed, I think you have had enough.

  26. I don’t know what everyone is talking about on here, but if there is an issue with the books, let’s just look at the books! What’s the big deal?

  27. Warrior, if you don’t know what the big deal is, it means you have not been around very long. Watch for awhile.

    to AZ Party . . . SInce you like to proclaim others as crooks using the IF word, IF are either Nathan Sproul or one of his henchmen, you are a blight on society and should be summarily driven out of the party. How’s that, IFS..t.

  28. On yesterday’s conference call….someone mentions the audit, Pullen immediately shoots it down saying it costs $100,000 and then Timothy Lee chimes in to move the focus and deny, deny, deny. Can’t do it, we don’t have the money…challenges to the members as to how would we pay for it…besides….all is well anyway!

    Open the books Randy! Tell the truth!

    The members of the EC better be paying attention! Do you get it? This is not going away..it will get bigger!

    Every registered R who thinks this stinks…write to the RNC and demand they protect our interests! Flood them with faxes at 202.863.8820. The winter meeting is next week, make them notice us even if Pullen, Lee, Haney and others think they own us!

  29. I haven’t seen this many McCainiacs posting together. He was really be scared of JD an the base, and he should be. If McCain has any say in how State GOP money is spent, they got their last dollar from me.

    It’s time to dump him, his staff, his kinda and his politics. Come on JD, here is more proof we need you.

  30. Blue Meanie says

    Johnny boy is up to his old tricks I see. He is one of the reasons I left the republican party. Grow a pair and retire this guy. You won’t get another chance for six years. That is unless the old geezer dies in office.

  31. Oh my, what is that shiny object…taking my focus off of the real issue and deflecting the attention?

    What an insult to every free thinking, common sense R! Do they not exist or is it that they cannot think without Pullen/Haney telling them what, when, and how? We do not have a right to demand honesty?

    The McCain strawman is no more! This is purely about OUR party and OUR right to know!

  32. PC – The real issue IS McCain. This was all contrived by his apostles. McCain is in danger and he is pulling out all the stops. This just makes the base angrier and more determined to flush him.

    We do deserve a response from Pullen on the allegations and he gave one. Let’s see if we get it posted here.

  33. I love this newest post here. McCain did didn’t file right and had to amend his reports. What a guy. It’s wrong for Pullen, but it is just an honest mistake when he does it.

  34. honest abe says

    Dirty Laundry: RNC Treasurer Randy Pullen launders nearly $300,000 through AZ GOP to influence 2009 City of Tucson elections – gets most cash from Jim Click

    Written by Don Henley

    RNC Treasurer and AZ GOP Chairman Randy Pullen has done it again. Pullen’s official Arizona Republican Laundromat is open for business.

    Pullen’s newest scheme to break campaign finance laws took place in the last few months of the 2009 City of Tucson elections. And it’s a nasty one.

    Sonoran Weekly Review has discovered a new Exhibit A in the long list of formal and informal indictments against so-called “clean elections”.

    “Clean elections” provide state or municipal funds (up to a pre-set maximum) to a participating candidate, who (allegedly) couldn’t raise money and get elected on his or her own. In contested races, participating candidates are given “matching funds” when a non-participating candidate spends money – the dreaded “trigger” funds. This type of campaign reform is supposed to equalize the playing field – keeping big money from having an undue influence over an election.

    It hasn’t worked out that way in Arizona. Randy Pullen has seen to that.

    Tucson’s 2009 campaign finance records show a $300,000 GOP money laundering trail that originates from longtime Tucson auto dealer Jim Click.

    The money trail curls around Click’s bottomless bank accounts and makes stops at the Compass Bank – a bank he used to have a controlling interest in. He still sits on the Compass Bank board of directors. Compass Bank was the depository of choice for Jim Click’s favored City Council candidate and many of the official committees supporting Proposition 200.

    Major Funding Jim Click Automotive

    The money trail then snakes its way through Jim Click’s hand-picked Ward 5 candidate Shaun McClusky’s campaign committee, the Pima County Republican Committee and various committees that supported Tucson’s “public safety” Proposition 200.

    Ironically, Randy Pullen was the founding father of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s 2008 GOP money laundering scam Arizonans for Public Safety. Now, he’s washing, pressing and folding “clothes” as a favor to the “Wildcats for Public Safety”.

    The money trail doesn’t turn cold until it makes a stop at the Arizona Republican Party before finding “safety” in the hands of former AZ GOP Executive Director, Nathan Sproul, and his political consulting firm, Lincoln Strategy Group.

    To the untrained eye, almost $300,000 ended up in the coffers of the Arizona Republican Party from our conservative friends down in the Old Pueblo. An absolute windfall for the AZ GOP. Well, not quite.

    In reality, Randy Pullen allowed Jim Click to pull a train on the AZ GOP.

    During the City of Tucson 2009 election season, Click had a series of one-night-stands with the Arizona Republican Party. He also had a “ringer” City Council candidate to elect and a “public safety” proposition to fund. Jim Click was a very busy man.

    Click was a major player in the front to pass Tucson’s Proposition 200. Prop 200 would have significantly increased the number of police and firefighters hired within the city limits but there was no funding for the improved public safety – Prop 200 was an unfunded mandate (and failed at the polls)

  35. honest abe says

    By Dennis Welch
    The Arizona Guardian
    Everyone is now calling for FRAUD AUDIT

    An official with the Arizona Republican Party wants a comprehensive audit of the party’s books to discover whether GOP leaders are mishandling money.

    Phil Townsend, chairman of the Yuma County Republican Party, is seeking an independent review to answer concerns that have surfaced during the past month about the GOP’s financial recordkeeping.

    In a letter mailed this week to rank-and-file members across the state, Townsend cites several stories published by the Guardian detailing transfers of cash and outstanding debts that were never reported.

    State and federal laws require political parties to record all transactions as well as any money owed when filing campaign finance reports.
    Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, said all the money has been accounted for in the party’s internal records, but he has not explained why it didn’t show up on the legally required financial reports.

    Supporters of the chairman are accusing Sen. John McCain of leading a political attack against Pullen, who has been an outspoken critic of the longtime U.S. senator.

    But there are many other party members who want to clear up any questions because they fear the Federal Elections Commission could step in, which could put the credibility of the party at risk.

    “Perhaps on our own motion, without waiting for a formal demand from the FEC we should consider having a fraud audit conducted,” Townsend said in a letter mailed this week to members of the executive committee of the Republican Party.

    In the letter, Townsend accused Pullen of ignoring a critical function of the state party, which is building grassroots support and increasing voter registration.

    The Republican National Committee had transferred $50,000 to the state party to help with those efforts. Federal records show the money being transferred out of the RNC’s account but the state party never reported receiving the cash.

    Pullen and other officials said the party would be filing an amended report showing the transaction. As of Wednesday, the party had not done so. Brett Mecum, the executive director of the party, could not say why an anemded report hadn’t been filed.

    Townsend said in the letter that Pullen intentionally kept the $50,000 transaction off the books so he could pay for a large amount of unreported debt instead of building a stronger base of grassroots support. Townsend told the Guardian that he’ll push for an audit Saturday at the annual state GOP meeting in Phoenix.

    The Guardian reported that during the past year, the party carried roughly $120,000 in unreported debt to a pair of companies for political work. Penalties can range from $5,000 to $10,000 for every violation.

    The party owed Nathan Sproul, a local Republican tactician, $70,000 for work on the partisan Tucson City Council races, according to records obtained by the Guardian. The GOP also owed a Minnesota-based firm, Strategic Fundraising, about $50,000 for help raising money.

    Representatives with Strategic Fundraising and Sproul confirmed the party owed them money. Both said much of the debt has been paid down, but would not reveal how much was left on the account.

    Pullen did not return repeated calls Wednesday. But Rob Haney, chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Committee, said this was a political hit job by McCain and his supporters.

    “All of this is coming from the McCain cabal,” Haney said Wednesday. “He’s out there trying to take the true conservatives out and bankrupt the party.”

    Haney said he has complete trust in Pullen and he doesn’t believe what he reads in the media. Until there is absolute proof, he said, “he’s not going to believe anything coming from the McCain camp.”

    Since Pullen was elected in 2007, he’s been a controversial figure within the party. Critics accuse him of being too ideologically driven and not focused enough on raising money.

    Since he took over as chairman, fundraising is down. According to the latest FEC reports, the party had about $49,000 in cash on hand. The figure is far below where the party was in prior years, when it had balances in the six figures.

    The state Democratic Party has also struggled to raise money. Officials with both parties say the poor economy is largely responsible for the lackluster fundraising efforts.

    Still there are many Republicans, like Haney, who are proud supporters of Pullen. Before he was elected, Pullen was a critic of McCain on a number of issues, including illegal immigration.

    The feud between the two has continued. Most recently, they appeared to be battling over control of a pool of money meant to help with this year’s efforts to drive more Republican voters to the polls.

    That money is known as the Victory Fund. Most of the cash comes from the RNC and is not supposed to be used on individual candidates, but rather for wider political purposes. For example, the money could be used to provide voters with information about early voting and polling locations.

    Executive members of the state Republican Party recently voted down one plan for the money because some were concerned about its legality. The fight has exposed a deep rift within the party between McCain supporters and opponents.

    A straw poll taken at last week’s Maricopa County Republican Committee meeting showed 82 percent of those in attendance disapproved of McCain, according to Haney. Nearly 70 percent of those polled had positive views of former U.S. Rep. J.D. Hayworth, McCain’s potential challenger.

    Regardless of the political infighting, Kim Owens, secretary of the Maricopa County Republican Committee, said a financial review of the state party’s books should be conducted.

    Owens, who voted against Pullen the two times he ran for chairman, said it needs to be done to end the speculation. She said she’s always tried to help Pullen despite having voted against him because “he was my chairman and I wanted him to succeed.”

    She added that the audit was not about choosing between the party political factions, but rather about what’s in the party’s best interest.

    “It’s about what’s the right thing to do,” she said. “If you’ve got nothing to hide then there’s nothing to worry about.”

  36. honest abe says

    In Case You Missed It: McCain Opens Primary Lead in Rasmussen Arizona Poll

    January 22, 2010

    AZ Sen Poll: McCain Opens Primary Lead
    Sen. John McCain (R) has known from an early stage that he could face a tough primary in his bid for re-election this year, and acted on it. He already launched radio ads touting his effort to block President Obama’s “extreme left wing crusade.” And just this week, Sen.-elect Scott Brown (R) recorded robocalls that went out to voters in Arizona.

    Now, a Rasmussen poll (502 LVs, 1/20, MoE +/- 4.5%) shows the Maverick just over 50 percent in a potential matchup against former Rep. JD Hayworth — not the best position for an incumbent to be, but an improvement over the dead heat Rasmussen found in November.

    Primary Election Matchup
    McCain 53 (+8 vs. last poll, 11/18)
    Hayworth 31 (-12)
    Simcox 4 (unch)
    Und 8 (+1)

    Hayworth has not entered the race yet, but been publicly flirting with it for some time. Meanwhile, McCain’s camp announced this week that his former running mate, Sarah Palin, will campaign for him in late March.

    Favorable Ratings
    McCain 74 / 23
    Hayworth 58 / 25
    Simcox 28 / 23

  37. RepublicanSOS says

    Why is it that the only newpaper that McCain supporters quote is the Arizona Guardian?

  38. READ:
    1.The Arizona Guardian
    2.The Yellow Sheets
    3.Sonoran Weekly Review
    4.Randy Pullen.com

  39. @atticus – Paine was not a “leftist radical” despite the propaganda you’ve been brainwashed with. He was a strong central government proponent, however if you have read any of his prolific writings, you would know that there is a difference between an 18th Century (what you would call) “leftist” and a modern day “leftist radical.” Paine wrote dozens of articles explicit in their criticism of centralizing certain types of power. He was anti-slavery, and believed many government policies we have today (income tax) were a form of slavery. He was one of the few Deists that are regarded as a “founding father”, despite the claims that “most” of them were Deists (they were not.) Don’t spread one sentence idiocy.
    Based on that, this article could still be written by “Paine” however he probably would have done more research into both sides of the story, and written something with more appeal and elegance. But whatcha gonna do?

  40. Getting back to basics, this inter-party feud originated with Prop 200 several years ago.

    The proposition which committed the state to enforce existing immigration laws was backed by Pullen, Pearce, Husband, Chaney and Rusty Childers. They in turn, were backed by the overwhelming support of the party’s rank and file

    They were opposed by the Congressional delegation which, in essence, reports to the State and National CofC which form the backbone of the “Open Borders” movement within the GOP

    The Prop as we all know, passed overwhelmingly, but the O.B. crowd led by McCain tried to ram home their version of Simpson-Mazzoli along with Bush and Ted Kennedy in 2007. This too, was defeated as the Senate GOP revolted, embarrassing our “Maverick” who had to pull in his horns on the issue while running for president.

    One might think that John, would have received the message from the electorate. sat down with his opponents and come to a modus vivendi, but that’s not our John! He had to have heads!
    Kill the messengers and destroy the critics, especially when they’re in your own party.

    If “reaching out” becomes necessary, it’s always to the left. Democrats, Liberals and the Mainstream Media are snuggled up to the Pullens, Pearces and Haneys get the “back of the hand”. Damn! Those idiots actually have principles!!

    But I digress! Our “John” with the help of Shadegg and Flake launched coup attempts. There were two State Party takeover attempts by the feckless Lisa James, Flake’s brother-in-law (an immigration lawyer btw) was heavily funded to take on Pearce in his District, while an unknown Democrat was recruited to run against Sam Crump after having his registration changed just preceding the primary.

    All these efforts thankfully came to naught but it gives you an idea of “unity” as envisioned by the “Maverick” and his hearty band of Banana Republicans, Chamber Pots & Maids, and professional brown noses and social climbers!

    As I’ve stated before and will again, the “John” and those in office who smell like him, need to be flushed!

    Let the enema proceed!

    An arrogant elitist crowd was defeated in Mass. Now let their Arizona’s counterparts enjoy a similiar fate this August!

  41. Stephen Kohut says

    I can’t wait until we finish the county leadership and state commiteemen elections this fall and the state leadership elections early next year to have a “flush the RINO’s” party. If any of you McRINO boys can count the constitutional conservative PC’s from the Tea Parties, 9-12 groups, etc. ARE the majority of the PC’s now. If in doubt, check of the MCRC “member at large” election results. When we are done mucking out the mess we will leave you guys alone to blog away on SA to your heart’s content as SA in not a conservative site anymore based on the blogs above by our horde of brave “we hide behind fale name” posters.

  42. The great state of Maricopa does not control all of us! And for the record, I suported Prop 200…but I cannot understand why Pullen just doesn’t show someone the bank statements. That is not illegal or any sort of breech.

    I read the Common Sense retort. It still doesn’t say how much money is in the fund. Where is the money?

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