Who paid for Mesa Police Chief George Gascon’s trip to D.C. to testify against Arpaio on immigration?

Congressman Ted Poe of Texas asked Mesa Police Chief George Gascon during a Congressional hearing investigating Arpaio’s immigration procedures who paid for his trip. Gascon refused to say who, saying only “A group of nonprofit organizations that are seeking immigration reform.” Somehow we don’t think he was referring to the Center for Immigration Studies or the Federation for American Immigration Reform. Considering the radical agendas some of these groups have, at a minimum, Gascon should reveal who they are. Were they buying his testimony by paying for his trip? Were they groups like La Raza, ACORN and MEChA? Some of the more radical groups want to give parts of Texas, California and Arizona to Mexico. Why didn’t Gascon reveal who they were, was he hiding something? Here is something from MEChA speaker Augustin Cebada –
Augustin Cebada

Go back to Boston! Go back to Plymouth Rock, pilgrims! Get out! We are the future! You are old and tired. Go on. We have beaten you. Leave like beaten rats. You old white people. It is your duty to die…Through love of having children, we are going to take over.

This kind of hate speech does nothing to resolve immigration issues. Gascon needs to identify which groups paid for his trip and clarify they are not any of the radical organizations listed above.


  1. Veritas Vincit says

    A simple question: Why did Arpaio even attend the ‘hearings’? Under what authority does Congress have over a Sheriff?

    Sheriff Richie Mack took that one to the SCOTUS and won a few years back, remember?

    Here’s one to ponder; Look at how illegal aliens are treated in Utah (especially Salt Lake City). Look at which state has some of the most lenient laws and gracious benefits to illegal aliens. Figure out which western state is the most hospitable to border invaders.

    Now, what city was this police chief from here in Arizona again?

    The Mesa Chief should have either gone on his own dime, or not gone at all. By taking a ticket from these groups, he has tainted himself with a huge conflict of interest. And… if there were an attorney out there worth their salt, the City of Mesa would own CIS or FAIR a nifty pile of cash. This is so actionable its unreal.

  2. Veritas Vincit says

    Oh, that MECHA / Aztlan group? That hate speech quote above is just the tip of the iceburg of hate.

    The perfect storm: The nexus of Mexican drug interests, with the Middle-Eastern terror organizations, with the AZTLAN movement in the US Southwest. Think about where that goes. And look carefully at the clouds forming on the southern horizon.

  3. The names of the organizations were listed in the Tribune. It was Tuesday or so and was the las paragraph of the story.

  4. I wonder why the online Tribune article didn’t list the organizations. http://www.eastvalleytribune.com/story/137419

  5. Conservativo says

    Roger, I have the hard copy here and it does not contain any list of the nonprofits that paid for his trip

  6. The article was updated and the hard copy ran with the updated version. I wasn’t the only one who saw it. Not sure who it was but I didn’t recognize any of the organizations.

  7. William Crum says

    He needed to testify. You all must think he(the sheriff has something to hide). The fact that the sheriff didn’t go and save the taxpayer the cost of the ticket;really means nothing to us taxpayers. The fact we have losted over 43 million dollars in lawsuits of him screwing up is more important to me. I would have paid for the ticket and let him hang himself(that’s figuretively(that’s mispelled) and remove the sheriff from office. This may head off the 2500 lawsuits pending now; I could only hope. The fact the jail losted their medical certification and left the county open for a ton of more lawsuits that he will lose. I would be extremely lorried about especially the county island who depend on help from the county: no money, no service.
    Lets break this down as simply as I can:
    eliminate the sheriff, save the money.

  8. Well Mr. Crum,

    It seems as if you don’t believe in the rule of LAW. When City and County Governments don’t honor and uphold the law, what expectation do they have that the citizens will?

    The sheriff was elected by the people to perform a duty that is to uphold the law regardless of you or anybody else may believe.

    If you don’t like the law change it! If you don’t like the sheriff elect somebody else!

    Jail is not suppose to be a pleasent experiance. It should be an experiance and no one every wants to repeat again. The jail is not a hospital it is not ment to treat the sick and poor that is what the county hospital is for.

  9. A source very close to the illegal immigration issue, informed me last night that ACORN is the organization paid for Gascon’s trip.

    Shame on Gascon

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