Who Is Wake Up Arizona?

The Arizona Daily Star has published a list of members of the newly-formed “Wake Up Arizona” along with a news piece.

Here is that list:

Mac Magruder, owns McDonald’s franchises
Ray Arvizu, owns Arvizu Advertising & Promotions, a Hispanic marketing firm
Tom Barnett, owns Good Egg and Eggery restaurants and Burger King franchises
Steve Chucri, president, Arizona Restaurant Association
Jim Click, Tucson car dealer
Jerry Colangelo, former owner, Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks
Brian Day O’Connor, owns a commercial real estate firm and a carwash; son of former U.S. Supreme Court justice
Nicole Dreier, representing Burger King franchises
Barry Goldwater Jr., son of former U.S. senator
Danny Hendon, owns Danny’s Family Car Washes
Steve Hilton, chief executive, Meritage Homes
Gordon James, owns public relations firm
James LeVecke, owns Carl’s Jr. franchises
Jeff Moorad, general manager, Arizona Diamondbacks
Mary Rose Wilcox, Maricopa County supervisor, owner El Portal restaurant


  1. Villanova says

    Money is the driving force behind any business decision. These folks appear to have forgotten that vital component. The people I speak with are furious at the arrogance exhibited by these business owners.

    We live in a nation of laws. When those laws are disregarded, our system of government gives way to anarchy. Why would any successful entrepreneurs be at the forefront of condoning such behavior, putting our nation at risk?

  2. money is also what is needed to get elected.

  3. It looks like this group has a lot of work to do if it wants to look like a serious threat to the new law and the Chambers that support the new law.

  4. FEDUP –

    Not in this state with the clean elections option. All that is required is a position that is in alignment with a majority of the voters and the integrity to actually serve the people by keeping those positions. If you can’t get elected following those simple steps, you are unelectable regardless of the money.

    AZAce –

    Many of the Chambers as well as the overwhelming majority of the NFIB and ASBA employers are in favor of this law. In addition, the national Chamber, Restaurant Assn, Hotel/Motel Assn., and many many more were on the wrong side of the Comprehensive Amnesty Reform Plan (CRAP) in the US Senate and the will of the people overcame their money. The group is one car dealer, one car wash owner, one home builder, one hispanic public relations firm, and fast food/restaurant owners. Not exactly an across the board majority of businesses in Arizona.

    Remember that over 80% of the voters of Arizona want the illegal hiring practices to stop. Those who ignore that fact are bound to face the long-term costs of the wrath of the citizens.

  5. Employer sanctions is a valid and worthwhile effort. It is necessary and absolutely imperative to any hope of illegal immigration control; what I am asking is, is this the best way to accomplish that goal?

    I’m starting to get a real sinking feeling about all of this. Having just reviewed the latest polls on RCP, things don’t look good folks. I know it is hard to imagine that a majority of people could reeeaaalllly vote for Hillary or Obama against someone as clearly superior as ANY of the “R” candidates, (OK, maybe not Ron Paul) but it could happen. And the chances are exponentially increased if we blow ourselves up in a political move that resembles a suicide bomber who would willingly sacrifice the future for the belief in a noble cause while discounting the possibility of another route to the same end.

    I also very clearly understand this is currently an Arizona specific issue so why bring in national polls? The temperature of the nation is reflected in those polls and we are a part of the whole. The isolationist vision of a sole and separate culture unaffected by the national trends is a fallacious and faulty belief to hang your hat on.

    Clean Elections works for the statewide races but not County or Congressional. If money is no problem, then why do we donate? Selling your soul for the benefit of financial gain is not the answer but conflict that results in all being lost is hardly a better choice.

    We are demonizing our own while degrading the perception of our side of the political spectrum to all those who may not have the same vision. Take a step back and try to see what others see, not what you desire the image to be. I fear the end result will be that conservatives are unsuccessful in elections locally and nationally and lose any hope of a platform to accomplish those lofty goals and sincerely held ideals that could and should be given a chance. We will be seen as divisive, angry, and without clear vision or defined leadership. We will look like the Dems of the past with a lot more to lose than just some big donors.

  6. Anyone have a list of which McDonalds Magruder owns so that we can not boycott innocent franshises? I’m pretty sure he owns the one at I-17 and Thunderbird and the one on Camelback and 16th (20th?) Street. Anyone know any others?

  7. *** edited *** says

    Russell Pearce should take over every business in Arizona to make sure illegals can’t get hired. He and Don Goldwater have been sent from God to fix our mess.

  8. Ann – with a capital a

    See, I’m learning. About Hillary, do not be troubled too much.

    Her negatives are far and away the highest of any candidate with almost poll showing the number to be between forty five and fifty percent of those who will absolutely not vote for her. And that is before her personal record is exposed by a real opponent. Is it possible that the MSM headlines all of the good news about her and ignores the bad? I think so.

    Fred Thompson’s negatives, for example, are in the teens – a couple of low twenties. While the polls show a definite spill over effect on all Republican candidates right now with the combination of the war and the idiotic support of the CRAP bill, it is not election time just yet.

    With a strong border security candidate who runs as a Reagan Republican instead of a Bush Republican, I think we will be alright.

  9. W Phx Activist says

    Went out this morning to get some hardware for a honey do project, stopped at Fry’s for some essentials, and bypassed my normal stop at Burger King and got my brunch at A&W instead,

    Really enjoyed the hotdog and the fries were better than BK or Big Mac’s. The insistence of McDonalds, Burger King and Carls Jr to ignore our interests has already brought a positive in my day.

    Thanks Mac. I won’t be spending any money or time with you anytime soon.

  10. Buddy Breon says

    Mary Rose Wilcox?

    Isn’t she the bigget racist in county politics? That would make her involvement in this on an “anti-racist” motive somewhat ironic.

  11. If Russell Pearce and Don Goldwater, neither whom have probably had any experience in running business in Arizona were to take over Arizona businesses- we are all doomed. There is a reason (not to point out the obvious) that Don’s last job was as the events coordinator at the Capitol. And what does Russell Pearce do — other than grandstand every chance he gets? One of the first things that popped up on Google was this posting: something to do with an FBI Sting Operation, where Russell Pearce’s son was caught issuing fraudulant (aka. Fake) driver’s licenses and identification, WHILE Russel Pearce was the head of the MVD. Ouch- that stings. What would be sheer irony, is if someone were to find details to the effect that any of those fake licenses went to illegals or to coyotes. Wouldn’t that be an interesting turn of events?


  12. These right extremists shout ILLEGALS broke the law. It appears they are above the law.Or they want to apply the law to other but not to themselves.

    Isn’t this hypocrisy???

    Two months probation for Russell Pearce’s son?

    Recently 26 employees of the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles were arrested for issuing fraudulant driver’s licenses. They were caught by an FBI sting operation. What do you suppose will happen to them? What do you think should happen to them?

    They’ll probably get more than two months probation which is what Justin Pearce, son of former DMV head Russell Pearce, got when he committed the same offense back in 2000. Justin was a DMV employee at the time. Russell Pearce resigned his position as head of the DMV in embarrassment shortly thereafter. Russell is now a State Representative and Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.

    Evidently the folks in his Mesa district didn’t mind that Pearce’s son was making fake ID’s for his buddies so they could buy booze, or maybe they just didn’t know. At any rate they elected him to the State House not long after this incident. Isn’t consuming liquor some kind of violation of Mormon rules? Russell, do you have a jack Mormon for a son? Or perhaps he wasn’t consuming liquor himself. Maybe he was just picking up some extra spending cash by helping his underage friends buy alcohol



    Part of my family lives in USA, part of my family lives in Mexico.

    One of my uncles fought in the Second World War in Europe. Two other were stationed ready to go abroad when the war ended.

    A cousin of mine went to Vietnam.

    One of my nephews has been to Iraq (not only once, but twice !!).
    My other nephew is presently fighting in Afghanistan.
    Both of my nephews are with the Marine Corps. Semper fi.

    The parents of all these American soldiers, my relatives, came here first without proper documentation, with the exception of one, thus illegally. Even one of these Marines was born in Mexico.

    They were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their new country.

    Let me remind you that many Mexicans came to USA during the Second World War to work in agriculture, mining, and other industries, because the male population was drafted to fight overseas in Europe and Japan..
    Many of the present Hispanics are the descendants of those people that stayed here.

    Some of these soldiers are from parents that were once illegal. They have even joined the military and died in foreign countries

    Let me repeat the words of McCain in one of the debates:
    “My friends, I want you the next time you’re down in Washington, D.C. to go to the Vietnam War Memorial and look at the names engraved in black granite,” he said. “You’ll find a whole lot of Hispanic names.”

    My uncles and cousins of my American family are in disbelief by some statements.

    Why do you hate us so much, why do you want to harm us?
    We are not terrorists!
    Do you believe in God? Do you have a religion?

    United we stand.
    Divided we fall



    Why are you claiming the rule of law against people that came here to work? Work that many of you don’t want to perform.

    “Rule of law” means enforcing laws that are capable of enforcement, otherwise people merely learn disrespect for the law.

    Obviously, immigration laws that refuse to recognize the inevitable attraction of a lack of unskilled labor on one side of the border and a lack of employment for unskilled labor on the other is not workable no matter how much of the taxpayers’ billions get poured down a rathole of “enhanced” enforcement.

    Did you forget about the prohibition time, when many illegal activities flourished, including the rise of the mafia? This is exactly what happens when laws are NOT capable of enforcement. Black market and illicit activities are the result.

    Did you know that President Carter gave pardon for those that did not join the war in Vietnam? Many went to Canada, and others flew to Mexico.

    You sure know that President Ford gave full pardon to Nixon because of the Watergate scandal.

    And according to what it is known, Nixon violated blatantly the law in many issues and on a great scale. This does not mean that therefore, others must violate the law. But what I am saying is that in the history of this great country there are some examples of amnesty or whatever you want to call it.

    But you are in uproar claiming this very same rule of law.

    Ruthless to the poor, but silent for others. Quick to harm the weak, but smiling to the strongest.

    Isn’t this called hypocrisy?

  15. How is it that most of you go along with the idea that Mexico is a partner in the fight against drug trafficking?
    But, how than you can not go along with the idea to work together in an immigration plan?
    How come you decide to ignore Mexico completely, when you want to build a wall?
    Mexicans come here looking for jobs. They don’t come to USA because they want to die in the desert by thirst or drown in the river. They come here looking for a job.

    Just realize that you are pouring billions of dollars in places located in the other side of the world. To say that those folks hate you is to say the least. A tenth of this investment in Mexico would solve the problem by creating jobs.

    We could have a decent and rational discussion to secure the border. We could work together to stop illicit activities. We could find common solutions to common problems. We could do many things together, similar to Europe with different countries and many more languages involved.

    We could be the first line of defense against international terrorism.

    But in this way, by hating us, by denigrating us, and trying to harm us, you are shutting the door to any rationality in this discussion.

    We are not your enemies. Don’t treat us as such.

    I am begging you: Don’t close this door.

    God bless America as a country and as a continent!!!


    Several decades ago, immigrants from Hispanic origin came to the USA. They didn’t bother to participate in politics. They came to work and nothing else. Why to bother if the country was going OK. They didn’t speak the language very well and they thought let’s leave politics in the hands of those who are in power. Working and keeping a job was their main goal. Many even didn’t bother to change their immigrant status as residents.

    But a couple of years ago, particularly this year, something happened. Because they can not be recognized or distinguished by appearance, with the so called illegals, they started to realize that they had to become citizens to obtain a higher level of protection. They realized that they were being demonized. Many of them are coming to vote for the first time.

    Some of this population belongs to the group that came with the amnesty offered by President Reagan in 1986-1988. They too started to become citizens. There is no way that anyone can identify an illegal alien just by looking at them. You cannot tell who is an American citizen just by looking. Latino voters are tired of getting treated as something less than real Americans.

    They could be legally here; they could have lived in the U.S. for generations. The only marker is skin color. The effect of the immigration debate on many Latino voters has been to make them feel like their Americanness is being questioned, even if they have been here for many generations.

    The rampant xenophobia encased in fear of terrorism has made it critical for the legal immigrants, once illegal, to acquire the status that would grant them immunity from narrow legal persecution. However, it is not strange that in this xenophobic wave these people are feeling being threatened and insulted..

    In the meantime, the Republicans had their chance for about 6 years to make a statement that the republican party would take care of the American people and they really showed they don’t care by their non-actions and clearly directed actions against inmigrants. However, it is not only what Republicans say; it is also what they don’t say. Republicans have been filibustering everything that comes up in the Senate.

    It is true that some Democrats such as Jim Webb, Jon Tester and Claire McCaskill vote with the majority of Republicans to kill the Senate immigration compromise, without offering a realistic and achievable alternative that would establish a more humane policy.

    But, it is also undeniable that the most vicious, the most wretched, the most offensive, the most revolting, the most ruthless, the most vilifying, the most repulsive attacks have come and are still coming from Republicans.

    Just a few examples to illustrate it.
    1) Sensenbrenner wanted the criminalization of these people.
    2) Newt Gingrich, Former House speaker, who coined Spanish as the Language of the gheto
    3) Fred Thompson just slammed Cubans, suggesting that they come to America not in search of freedom, but to bring “suitcase bombs.”
    4) Dana Rohrabacher in his speeches is warning “the end of America as we know it”.
    5) Tancredo, his motto: “a scourge that threatens the very future of our nation.”
    6) J.D Hayworth, not reelected, but still instilling hate. No comments.

    The list goes on and on.. .

    From the beginning, the bill’s most forceful opponents were southern Republicans. GOP Sens. David Vitter of Louisiana, Jim DeMint of South Carolina and Jeff Sessions of Alabama led the charge, often backed by Texan John Cornyn.

    One thing is certain, the past six years, the Republicans were mum on all issues with immigration reform as just one of them. They controlled the white house and congress. If there is anytime in which a party is able to get things done, it’s when they don’t have anyone to really interfere.
    Immigration was just one of them.

    Indeed, the Hispanic vote is hardly a monolithical block. But what the anti inmigrant rethoric has done is bringing them closer together, solidifying this block.

    Therefore, it seems to me that the most recalcitrant and extreme positions are from Republicans, where no room is for middle ground. This whole episode has branded the Republicans as the anti-inmigrant party.

    So Republicans have done this at a national level. Pretty transparent move they did, and now the immigrant population, IRISH, PHILLIPINOS and many other immigrant groups, particularly HISPANICS, are aware of this issue.

    As mentioned before, the most vicious, the most wretched, the most offensive, the most revolting, the most ruthless, the most vilifying, the most repulsive attacks have come and are still coming from Republicans.

    At any rate, this is the beginning of the legal immigrant backlash directed against the Republican Party for their position on the immigration bill.

    By your actions, you shall be judged.!

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