Who is Dennis Burke, rumored to be our next U.S. Attorney?

Dennis Burke Diane Humetewa
The word is that competent, career prosecutor Diane Humetewa is about to be sacked as U.S. Attorney to make way for Janet Napolitano crony Dennis Burke. This is unfortunate.

Burke is known for little other than carrying Napolitano’s water at the Attorney General’s Office then at the Governor’s Office. While at the Governor’s Office, when he was considering running for Attorney General, he was featured in a TV ad for the governor – a blatant waste of tax dollars in order to promote Burke’s visibility. He and Napolitano’s other cronies left the office in disgrace when Napolitano left for Homeland Security: As Espresso Pundit has documented, Burke walked out with a killing from unused vacation, which was permitted to accumulate in amounts in excess of the limits set on state employees by the Department of Administration, $41,315.

The total haul for Janet’s people on the Ninth Floor, who along with her are responsible for the current fiscal mess, was over $870,000. As an attorney and Chief of Staff to Governor Napolitano, Burke is the one who either failed to see this legalized theft or allowed it to happen.

If merit were the rule of the day rather than cronyism, Burke wouldn’t get a job sweeping the floors due to his stunning mismanagement. As it is, he is set to replace the first Native American U.S. Attorney, and Burke probably has his sights set on even higher goals.

And let’s not forget that Burke is a member of the Phoenix Country Club, which Burke’s own buddy Terry Goddard ruled violated civil rights laws by discriminating against women. But did Burke make a statement for women by leaving the club? Of course not. He may talk a good game, but heaven forbid he sacrifice his golf game to stand up for women’s rights.

That’s quite a site–a political hack member of a country club that discriminated against women according to Democrat Terry Goddard replacing a Native American woman as U.S. Attorney. Think the press would pick this up if Burke were a Republican and Humetewa were a Democrat?


  1. Jon Altmann says

    I hope this is not the case. Here we have an outstanding Native American female prosecutor as a U.S. Attorney who is trailblazing both as a woman and as a Native American.

  2. All indications are that Ms. Humetewa served with honor and distinction. That doesn’t entitle her to a lifetime appointment, however. Unless we’re saying that the next Republican President is obligated to keep on all of Obama’s appointments, including Holder, Napolitano, Clinton, etc.

  3. I agree with the poster who questions whether you expect Diane Humetewa to have a lifetime appointment. The US Attorney is an appointed position that is appointed precisely so that the new administration can ensure that its particular vision of federal justice will be carried out nationwide. After our last administration’s spectacular perversion of federal justice, time to clean house. No need to trash Burke–he did speak out publicly and forcefully against the PCC’s disgraceful policy re women–or to protest that Diane is being replaced unfairly. Is part of the ordinary political cycle.

  4. You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

  5. Maybe I’m confused …

    Didn’t the previous President get a lot of MSM press for sacking a bunch of U.S. Attorney’s?

    What’s the difference?

  6. The difference is that the previous president sacked a bunch of US Attorneys in the *middle* of their/his term, when it became clear they were not doing things the way he wanted. Here, as is the custom, with a change of administration, *all* US Attorneys are replaced, regardless of what their record is, so that federal law enforcement is consistent with the Administration’s view of who is qualified. That is why this is an appointed position.

  7. @DR

    It’s a difference without a distinction.

    If the US Attorneys are “not doing things they way he wanted” and they server at the pleasure of the President (since it is an appointed position) then he has the right to replace them.

    The US Attorneys *should* be enforcing the federal laws consistently with the Constitution … not the prevailing winds/administration view.

    But, I do understand that each administration likes to reward its peeps by giving them jobs.

    Very unfortunate that we have politicians instead of statesman.

    Subtle difference, but a distinction with a difference.

  8. Every US president brings in a new US Attorney team, and US Senators from homestates are always consulted. Attempts to label Dennis Burke as a partisan political hack for Napolitano are inaccurate at best and just plain evil at worst! Burke worked in Washington before going back home to Arizona and was a major force within public safety and national security for non-partisan government reform, efficiency, transparency, free trade and embracing and utilizing technology to accelerate change to keep America competitive and protected. Burke could make a zillion dollars here consulting and trading in on his extensive networks, contacts and knowledge, so clearly money and power are not serious motivations for taking a civil servant position as US Attorney back home. His loyalty to AZ is quite frankly, our loss here in DC and at the federal and international levels. I’m GOP and even I know he’d be one of the best, if not the best, US Attorney in the country if appointed. Wake up Sonora! Your blind partisan, hate-mongering is clouding your judgment. Country first.

    BTW, the Bush II White House tried to fire their own US Attorney appointments when individual US Attys. had the nerve to put the Rule of Law ahead of such blatant political hackery. How dare those patriots put country first? One of those folks was Pat Meehan of Philadelphia who’s dedication to public service and to his homestate of Pennsylvania gives me reason to be hopeful that we still have real leaders who put their fellow citizens and country first, not their party or political friends.

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