Who is Bill Montgomerey? Arizona Republic hasn’t a clue

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Arizona Republic, is not a trustworthy source for news. There was a time in years gone by, when you could pick up the latest edition of the local paper, and be reasonably sure the news was fairly complete and accurate. Today, it is hard to discern between the editorial page and front page headlines. 

Bill Montgomery

The Republic just published a list of candidates for public office in Arizona. One of the most critical races in the upcoming primary is the contest for Maricopa County Attorney. In the left corner is Rick Romley, friend of the illegals who recently begged the Governor not to sign SB 1070.

When she did sign it, Romley quickly came out with a new program designed to undercut the new law and render it ineffective. Romley wants to be the County Attorney, but finds it inconvenient to enforce the law.

On the right is attorney Bill Montgomery, the only conservative in this race, who also wants to be County Attorney, but unlike his RINO rival, is primed for challenging the burden illegal immigration places on each and every citizen of the State of Arizona.

The Arizona Republic either does not know, or does not want to know that Bill Montgomery is running for office. After all, has there ever been a stronger advocate for illegal immigration than the Republic? You can look for Montgomery’s name in their list of candidates, but you won’t find him. He isn’t there. Is that ignorance or malevolence? You make the call, but either way, there is no excuse for the company that claims to be the paper of record.

Bill Montgomery is a Conservative Republican, seasoned prosecutor, former Deputy County Attorney, West Point graduate and Gulf War veteran who is running on a simple platform: Enforce Our Laws – All of Them. “While the Interim County Attorney  has signaled ‘retreat’ on fighting illegal immigration, and wants to appease those who do not want to see serious enforcement of our laws against illegal immigration, I vow to enforce all our laws, when I am County Attorney,” said Montgomery. “The days of “cafeteria” enforcement – picking and choosing which laws to uphold, based on personal whims or on which direction the political winds are blowing on a particular day – will soon be over”. Bill Montgomery’s conservative record and commitment to enforcing all of our laws, stands in stark contrast to Rick Romley’s record in just the last month.

“I am committed to enforcing all of our laws and working with law enforcement to give them the tools they need to do their job,” said Montgomery.  “Unlike my opponent, I welcome the passage of SB 1070 and would not beg the Governor to veto it like Romley did.  But more importantly, I will not use loopholes and excuses to avoid prosecuting illegal immigrants in Maricopa County who break the law like Romley has.”

Bill Montgomery’s bid to become our next County Attorney continues to rack up impressive, high-profile endorsements. His campaign has garnered support from Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA), the Arizona Police Association (APA) and U.S. Representative Trent Franks, who have all joined the chorus of calls for a conservative Republican for County Attorney.

To learn more about the Bill Montgomery for County Attorney Campaign or to schedule an interview with our next County Attorney, please contact Ron Meritt at (480) 225-0722  or  (480) 225-0722


  1. Isn’t Rick Romley that perfumed prince who spends more time looking in the mirror than he does looking out for us? We don’t need a pretty boy for a county attorney. We need someone who will make sure the bad guys obey the law. Romley is cozy with that slimy bunch of supervisors, and almost the first thing he did when he took over is figure out how he could avoid protecting us from the illegals. Maybe if he had to spend a few days living at the border, at full risk like our southern citizens, he might change his mind, but then again, who knows?

    Montgomery looks like the man to me.

  2. Romley is a “metrosexual” which is a nice word for the limp-wristed class that populates downtown Phoenix during the day. We owe our freedoms to the rough men that came before us and not slick dudes that won’t enforce our border nor prosecute those who violate it.

  3. MaskedTruthman – I never thought about him that way, but you are right. That also explains why Romley is supported by Kyrsten Sinema and the Dems. I list Sinema separate since she campaigns as a “bi-sexual Socialist.”

    Let’s see, Romley has already told us he will not enforce laws he doesn’t like. For example the new SB1070 and the human smuggling law. Both widely supported by voters. So he doesn’t care about the law or voters opinions. Well at least he’s pretty.

    Bill Montgomery strongly supports both laws. The Dems (and Sinema) hate him. Seems simple, since this is a Republican primary. Montgomery wins this hands down.

  4. Mole:

    Romley doesn’t dare enforce the anti-smuggling law if he wants to protect the Supervisors or his campaign donors.

    The law is aimed at “coyotes” and in the normal course of events, the major ones just might “rat” out their U.S. contacts and customers to settle scores or get an arranged deportation trip after a short term in the joint.

    Street talk has it that they get paid $3,000 a head for each worker provided. That begins to give you an idea on how much profit is actually made in hotel, restaurant and fast food industries!

  5. What’s a Sinema? It sounds like a cross between sin and an enema. That said, it obvious why it supports Romley.

  6. I won’t vote for this guy.

    He worked for the idiot Andy and Joe, and thought they did good work.

    Now he can pay the price for that.

    I probably won’t vote for Romley either.

    But Monty, who sucked it up to Andy. No.

  7. Yeah right!

    As an “Open Borders” guy it’s either Romley or a Dem!

    With the GOP registration edge in the County and the trend against the left in general, you’ll have a rough time in the primary and the general

    I’d consult Mary Rose or Don for instructions!

  8. Bill’s doing a great job getting the word out about the massive contrasts between him and Romley, and RINO Boyd Dunn for that matter too. Besides; every time Romley opens his trap about how he is repealing all Andy Thomas’ tough on illegal immigration policies he loses a ton of votes…

  9. Yeah, right: – Don’t you mean Yeah, LEFT!? Let’s see, Montgomery was in charge of the auto theft unit and the auto theft rate is down and so is crime in Maricopa County. Montgomery is RIGHT about Joe and Andy having done their jobs. You may not like how it was done but we’re safer because of it. Also, Montgomery worked when Romley was in the office before and has said Romley did some good things then. Where’s the criticism of that? Montgomery is the best candiate we have seen come up thorugh the Party in years.

  10. I wouldn’t refer to Rick Romley as “limp-wristed”. He is a tough-as-nails veteran who left a good portion of himself behing in Vietnam.

    He was once one of our better county attorneys, a tough, fair man who always worked to see justice was done. This is what makes his current behavior so sad.

    I will never vote for Rick Romley for any office ever again. The last thing this state needs is a “Republican” Goddard apoligist. A very good case can be made that Arpaio and Andrew have abused their positions; but it’s also clear that Don Stapley is a piece of vermin. His clandestine taping of Bill Montgomery could be viewed by some as a prudent act considering Montgomery worked under Stapeley’s arch enemy; his revealation of that tape for purposes of smearing Montgomery can only viewed as the act of a despicable piece of slime who, 200 years ago, would have been called out at dawn to answer for ungentlemanly conduct at twelve paces.

    Romley’s closeness to Stapley and ostrich-like inability to see the harm caused by illegal aliens is a damning indictment of his political judgment. A person can find great fault with Arpaio and Thomas and yet still carry on their policies against illegal immigration; Romley, however, has had his judgment clouded by rage against Arpaio. I almost think that if Arpaio said the sky was blue Romley would release a well-reasoned legalistic argument that it’s actually purple with yellow dots.

    Still, even though I won’t vote for him, I remember the man he used to be and for that reason wish people would stop the unnesscesary personal insults like “limp-wristed.”

    Romley is a man who once upon a time served his country – and community – at great personal cost and with honor. Let us be mindful of that as we thank him for his service and tell him he can rest by retiring him from political office this election cycle.

  11. Oh yeah…as for the “list” of Maricopa County Attorney Candidates by the Republic, Bill Montgomery is on the website version of that list. Considering that Bill Montgomery is most likely going to win the Republican primary, it would be shocking if the Republic didn’t mention him in the print version. Do you have a link to the story with the ommission?

    Come to think of it, it wouldn’t be that shocking if the Republic wanted to trivialize him. Montgomery is a decent fellow, and the Republic doesn’t like that type of person. Still, a bit more detail in the orignal story would be nice.

  12. Romley could not go to the border. He might get his fancy clothes dirty. He’s a city guy.
    Bill Montgomery has my vote.

  13. I am a firm opponent of both Arpaio and Thomas, but right now it looks like Montgomery is the only credible candidate.

    Romley refuses to admit that illegal immigration is a probelem. Boyd Dunn isn’t much different. Romley worked for Goddard, which is kind of appalling.

    I’m hoping that Montgomery will stick by his campaign pledges to “Enforce ALL the laws” while avoiding the abuses of power that Arpaio and Thomas have indulged in. I have no problem with enforcing laws against illegal immigration; I have a very serious problem with law enforcement officials making it a routine practice to always investigate their political opponents.

  14. Friends,

    Forgetting the Romley is a decorated war veteran, as are many fine people, let’s examine the facts:
    1. He is the lapdog of the Board of Supervisors-pure and simple. He has and will do WHATEVER they want him to do! So much for the independence of the County Attorney’s office.
    2. He will NOT cooperate with our Sheriff and will undermine the Sheriff’s work in any/every way possible. Is this the attitude we need in the County Attorney?
    3. He is more interested in making sure his French cuffs and 24 Kt cuff links are in place that prosecuting criminals! He is a “dandy” and will no doubt require his junior attorneys to attend regular “dress for success” classes!
    4. He has no support from the people of Maricopa county. He was literally resurrected to his current temporary position for one reason only: he is willing to carry out the orders of Don Stapley and his gang.
    5. He is a politiican-not an attorney. He may have a law degree, but he has no cajones!
    6. He will NOT support SB 1070 in any way, shape, or form!! We finally get a law to free up our law enforcement and we need a supporter of this law-NOT a detractor!
    7. He is a liar. He has no credibility with the people who work under him.
    8. He is NOT a leader. He does not inspire people or demonstrate one characteristic of a leader.
    9. He is just going after “one more gig” as county attorney. His ego is driving him-not the desire to help our community and put criminals away
    10. He is not a team player-simply a loner. All of the people who know him will confirm this. He is simply unable to put together the right team or work with the team.

    We need Montgomery for County Attorney-lets get out the vote and get this has been politician back where he belongs-in a rocking chair

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