Which Republican will win today’s Special Primary Election in CD-8?


  1. I guess that I cheated. I voted in this poll after seeing the first election results that show Jesse Kelly way ahead. I must admit that I am pretty surprised by the margin of victory for Jesse Kelly.

  2. Jon Altmann says

    Jesse proves that grass roots and some money can win. He pasted Paton two years ago with a third of the cash Paton had. Antenori and McSally are still solid Republicans. It is good to see a competitive race and good candidates.

  3. Iris Lynch says

    Generally speaking, when a candidate (Kelly) comes as close as he did against Giffords in the last election, chances are good that he would succeed on the second try. I am perplexed that Antenori, McSally and Sitton are not aware of this. Despite the ‘sympathy’ vote that will give Barber some help, he has no chance of beating Kelly, unless the voters are too complacent to vote.

  4. Iris Lynch, I hope you are right. But lets face it. Kelly did nothing to combat the outright lies of Giffords. Chances are the Communist Colonel Sanders (Barber) is going to run with those same lies (scaring old people about social security and Medicare). Has Kelly figured out why he lost last time? Is he going to address those issues this time? Barber’s winning strategy is to spread lies to scare the AARP members about what Kelly will do. You’ll see every Cadillac and Buick in town screeching tires to get down to the polling place to vote for Barber.

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