Where’s Representative Biggs?

As big-taxing liberals like Marty Shultz and his ilk continue to shop around their plan for a multi-billion dollar tax increase for transportation, only one State Legislator has stood up for the taxpayers and made clear his opposition to this proposed bludgeoning of the taxpayers – Senate Transportation Chairman Ron Gould.

That Gould has been such a stalwart defender of Arizona taxpayers in announcing his opposition to this boondoggle should be no surprise. Senator Gould was the only member of the Arizona Legislature to receive the ranking of “Hero of the Taxpayer” from the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers, and he has won the top award from AFT each year he has been in the Senate. What is surprising though, is the unwillingness so far of House Transportation Chairman Andy Biggs to come out in opposition to the idea of a multi-billion dollar tax increase.

Biggs is seen as one of the good guys down at the Legislature who has usually been a strong defender of the taxpayers. Yet, as discussion of this plan continues, he silence on the issue is concerning. I find it hard to believe that Biggs would ever support slapping the taxpayers of Arizona with a multi-billion dollar tax increase. But as long as he stays silent and does not announce his opposition to this billion dollar boondoggle, the question remains whether he is still committed to standing up for taxpayers like he has done his entire career in the Legislature.

From what I know of Biggs, I suspect my fears are misplaced, but I sure would like to seem him join Senator Gould in presenting a united front against this audacious plan to shaft the taxpayers of Arizona.

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