Where Was The Republic?

I’ve been scouring the Arizona Republic and AZCentral website to read their coverage of the mass protest at Congressman Harry Mitchell’s office in Scottsdale – NOTHING.

Did I miss something or did the good folks down at the Republic just not show up? Maybe they were carbon copied by the DNC and told to ignore all those angry mobs of senior citizens and citizen activists? Seriously, I want to give them the benefit of the doubt but I cannot find any coverage of the event on their website(s). Were they short on staff yesterday? Was a decision made not to cover the story because they couldn’t pay a reporter? I’m really throwing them a lifeline here.

Whatever the situation, we did our best to cover the event by posting video coverage and interviews here on Sonoran Alliance. But we would like to know what really happened with the Republic and their coverage before we come to conclusions of our own.

(And if I missed something online, I’ll be the first to acknowledge it. Send me a link!)


  1. There is a building two blocks away from Mitchell’s office. It says “Scottsdale Tribune” on it. You’d think when the Trib stopped delivering in Scottsdale the competition would take over.

  2. See Arizona Republic (8-9-09) page B-7.

  3. Page B-7: Photo with a large cutline (caption). Buried well, as you would expect when Harry’s District Director is Robbie Sherwood. It’s bad enough that Robbie pulls strings to get Harry favorable press; worse when the Republic is manipulated into virtually ignoring something where hundreds show up. Compare this to anytime three random wackjobs park in front of Jon Kyl’s office. The paper treats that like the next March on Washington.

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