Where is that Audit of the Rio Nuevo Program ?

Anyone remember this story?

The Tucson City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to look into seeking a detailed, outside audit of Rio Nuevo.

In case you forgot, the date of this article was March 24, 2009.  Well, guess what, today is October 20th and there is still no audit.  A call to the offices of the 7 dwarfs reveals that the audit process has not even been started.  So after you voted for the audit, you refuse to start the audit (at least until the elections are over).

Councilwoman Nina Trasoff, who heads the now-suspended meetings of the Rio Nuevo subcommittee, voted for the audit proposal after saying that she thought it [the audit] was unnecessary and likely costly.

No Nina, losing the Gem Show is costly; losing the baseball teams is costly; losing our bond rating is costly.  Keeping you and Karen and Dick in office is in all, too costly.  Say Bye-Bye.


  1. I’ve written profusely about the obscene corruption and incompetence of Tucson’s economic and downtown development characters. TREO stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from worthy organizations and hasn’t done a thing in five years. MTCVB is almost pure boondoggle. JobPath is a cash cow scheme for PCC’s profit hungry community campus. Lot 175 delivers uncounted buckets of cash to one individual. Dan Eckstrom and Larry Hecker solicit six figure fees for political support with the city and county.

    The fired Rio Nuevo director, Greg Shelko, was rehired at $100/hour. The Downtown Tucson Partnership and Glen Lyons?

    If you ever thought, ever, at any time, even for a moment, that the swine at this trough, the Cloth, would be held to account, the joke is on you. Snell, Shelko, Lyons, Walker, Eckstrom, Hecker, Singer, are RAKING IT IN.

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