Where is Rick Romley on S.B. 1070?

Does temporary County Attorney Rick Romley support Senate Bill 1070?  He needs to tell us.  His longtime boss democrat Terry Goddard has come out against it.  His political benefactor board of supervisors chairman Don Stapley is against it.  At least they’re willing to take a stand.

Romley has a news conference tomorrow.  Someone should ask him if he stands with his buddies against S.B. 1070.  If he is for S.B. 1070 he needs to say how that squares with his political alliances, his sixteen year record of TOTAL INACTION on illegal immigration when he was county attorney before, and his claim that enforcement of laws against illegal immigration is “McCarthyism.”


  1. Romley called for the gov to veto the measure

    If he supported the bill would have upset allies such as wilcox, stapley, david smith, and terry goddard.

  2. Rick Romley–did anyone ever ask why our Attorney General Terry Goddard needed a special consultant on the payroll? Could it be because Goddard couldn’t find his way to a courthouse if he needed to? How many criminal cases, generated here in AZ, did they do anyway? What ever happened to the Warren Jeffs case? So we had TWO supposed prosecutors in the AZ Attorney General’s Office and what did the taxpayers get for it. How much was Romley making as a special consultant?

  3. Bill in AZ says

    c’mon, you’re not being fair to Goddard. He fined Walmart for having mispriced items in their store while doing a remodel. That’s something.

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