Where is Governor Brewer?

As we all know, Arizona is on the border of Mexico which is waging an all out battle against the swine flu epidemic => pandemic.

This news broke late last week.

Since then, President Obama has spoken, Department of Homeland Security Director and former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, has spoken, The Center for Disease Control has spoken, The World Health Organization has spoken, and even Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has spoken. Even the Department of Health Services has issued a press release.

So we are waiting for Governor Jan Brewer to issue some press release or statement. We certainly have given her the benefit of the doubt that she is hard at work coming up with a plan or strategy to confront this crisis but given that it is now Monday and the flu “went public” on Friday, she really needs to issue a statement.


  1. Why?

    This is probably just the Obama government taking an opportunity to let a mole hill build into a mountain to take the economy off the front page for a few days.

  2. George of the Desert says

    The Gov. is meeting with staff of several state agencies today to discuss this very issue. She is not panicking, which is a nice reaction.


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