When you are disconnected from the Power, You stay in the Dark

Power is derived from the people.  Those governing are accountable to the governed.   Jon Kyl is in denial.  He needs to take the twelve step program to recognize and accept responsibility for his actions and stop blaming everyone else.

“While Kyl isn’t faulting Republican senators for their change of heart [ed.:  maybe because he will need their votes in the future?], the senator has decidedly different feelings for Randy Pullen.” [ed.:  Kyl feels he doesn’t need Pullen to either be a Justice or to make millions as a lobbyist in DC].

“What he has done is hurt the party,” Kyl said, saying he believes that the squabble within the GOP will result in smaller donations, undermining the ability of the party to help its candidates. [ed.: Since 91% of the registered Republicans agree with Pullen and not Kyl on this issue, who is hurting the image of the Party?  The RNC was in agreement with Kyl and lost over half of its small donations since the CRAP bill fiasco came to the forefront, while the state party has more than doubled its small donations.  Go figure.]

Pullen, for his part, denied the party is being harmed. Nor does he take any responsibility for any injury to Kyl or his reputation.  “I don’t think we damaged him,” Pullen said. “I think that he did that all on his own, without any help from us.”  [ed.:  AMEN!]

Senator Kyl, it is time to get plugged in again.  The power is still available, but the circuit is overloaded and you are close to blowing the fuse.  Your historical political family is searching the horizon hoping to see you returning from afar.

Addendum: Even the San Francisco Chronicle saw the flaws within the senate immigration bill and within the process employed.


  1. Here’s a thought. Since when was it the Party Chairman’s job to work against any of our elected officials? I seem to recall some minor detail about his #1 priority as Party Chairman is to register Republicans and elect Republican officials.

    He can have his difference of opinion with Senator Kyl. I have a difference of opinion over this issue. However, I stand firmly behind the Senator because I cast my vote for him in 2006 knowing that he would do what he thought was best for Arizona and the nation. Does his support of this bill equate to my opinion of what should be done about immigration? Not really. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to go on national TV and wave around pictures of middle fingers and use independent voter registrations to make a point. When Pullen did that it soured the face of the AZGOP.

    If Randy Pullen wanted to make known his disagreement with Senator Kyl, he should have had a face-to-face, phone conversation, or at least sent a letter to the Senator. Not make a big scene coming out against the United States Senator from your own state and your own party, where it is your job to get the weight of the base generally behind him. Pullen was wrong to turn so many people against the Senator because that is not was he was elected as Party Chairman to do. If he wanted to do that, he should have resigned as Chairman and started his own 527 or PAC.

    I stand firmly behind Senator Kyl, and so does The Arizona Watchtower.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says


    Exactly our point. Both Kyl and Pullen should get back to their core missions. The middle finger press conference might not have been the party’s best moment but Kyl’s attack on talk radio was even more stunning for it total break from reality.

    All of us within the party would benefit by a truce. We hope some meetings are in the works.

  3. Party Platform Guy says

    To match your small thought – how about the governing being accountable to the governed.

    To put it even more clearly, when the senator gave his word in his campaign in November to people like the Border Patrol rank and file, gave his word this year to Party leaders at meetings set up by the Chairman while he was concurrently participating in secret meetings with Chappaquiddick Ted to betray the people who elected him, it is time to stop blaming someone else for the negative image he created.

    Now, as “The Guard” you could be courtmartialed for sleeping on duty. It is obvious you are really out of touch with the background of this situation since Chairman Pullen had phone conversations with the senator, correspondended with the senator AND personally face-to-face met with the senator and had the integrity to tell the senator straight up what he was going to do prior to doing so.

    If in this situation the senator had demonstrated his longstanding reputation for integrity and character, he would have followed the example of Pullen by listening to and being upfront with the people and party officials here in Arizona. If he had done so, he would have reduced the sense of betrayal from those who gave thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to his re-election campaign.

    Lastly, Pullen did not turn people against the senator, he was clear, open and public in opposition of the bill. Whatever long term damage Kyl has incurred was self inflicted.

    Frankly, if you stand firmly behind Senator Kyl’s actions in this fiasco, you are enabling his improper behavior and you also need to go through the twelve step program for enablers.

  4. Iris Lynch says

    Ditto, party platform guy! When do these grown-ups get past the “Look what you made me do.” of a 6 year old? Randy Pullen was reacting to his base, as he should. If he were Kyl’s puppet, I would be infuriated with him. Perhaps Kyl beleives he knows what is best for us, but that is a definitive Democrat BIG DADDY and arrogant outlook of one who thinks they own all the chips. Being 5 years away from an election means you are just 5 years away. Not an eternity.

  5. PartyGuy says

    Pullen was defending and protecting the Arizona Republican Party and that IS his job. The party was coming apart at its seams thanks to McCain and Kyl. Folks were leaving the party, reregistering as Independents, sending back hate mail instead of checks and more. Because of Kyl and McCain.

    Faced with a disintegrating party (which even the most dimwitted understand has a bad effect on electing Republicans in the future) Pullen defended the Arizona State GOP’s position, which was border security first and no amnesty. Pullen’s actions saved the state party because he stopped the bleeding and actually attracted old Republicans back to a party that actually stood for something.

    “The Guard” wants us to believe that Pullen attacked Kyl instead of the legislation. If Guard had read the posts since the beginning of this thing he would know that he wasn’t the first to try to sell us that lie and we aren’t buying it. Pullen continues to heap praise on Kyl the man, while opposing the bill in the Senate.

    Good job Randy and thanks for saving the day!

    Incidentally, I keep getting solicitations from the RNC and the NRSC asking for money. I always reply that my money now goes exclusively to the State GOP Party!

  6. PartyGuy says

    And Kyl isn’t 5 years away from an election, he’s never running again. That’s why he doesn’t care about us anymore.

  7. kralmajales says

    I agree with Guard in in thoughts about Pullen’s role. He is to raise funds, get the party excited and register voters. He DID get the party “excited” but not in the traditional fashion.

    Pullen’s rhetoric is going to alienate the moderate, business Republican that is there when you need them for dough. This new found populism that I seem to be reading in this forum does not mess very well at all with the traditional conservative core of low taxes, free trade, and limited government. Instead, the rhetoric is very protectionist and even beats up on business all over the place on the immigration issue.

    If this continues…moderate Dems like Napolitano will grab more and more business support, much like Clinton did during his presidency. In addition, the increase in registration of independents (yep…recent polls show its happening and that a lot of it is a shift of moderates AWAY from the Republican party) is also a pretty big deal.

    Purity is nice at times…but it doesn’t give you the numbers to govern.

    The only real hope I can see is a complete desertion of the Bush Administration and a return to the traditional Republican governance philosophy of Republicans like GOP PK…and that means getting the hell out of Iraq. Lugar, Hagel, and Voinovich have it right.

  8. K

    Why do you care? You are an ex-Republican.

    Randy has done what he was elected to do – represent the governed.

    As far as the Iraq situation, Bush is pursuing the wrong policy, but the answer is not to join the appeasers. It is to take the handcuffs off the military and WIN the damn war with as few American casualties as possible while creating as many casualties and deaths as possible for the enemy.

    My son is putting his life on the line as an EOD Specialist, is willing to die if necessary for his country but not for a conflict we are not committed to winning. WIN THE WAR!! Do not dishonor the sacrifices already made by our military by doing anything less.

  9. PartyGuy says

    Listen to Kral!!!

    Then do the opposite of what he says… He wants us to lose, remember?!

  10. Right on


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