When Will Gabrielle Giffords Take A Stance?

Jonathan Paton

For Immediate Release: Friday, February 26, 2010

Jonathan Paton is reaffirming his opposition to the Democrats’ latest plan to push through a government health care bill. But after a year of wavering, what stance has Gabrielle Giffords decided to take this week?

“Does Gabrielle Giffords support Nancy Pelosi’s plan to ram through a government health care plan?” Paton asked. “We know she supports the contents of the bill — or at least she did. Problem is, it’s hard to keep track of all of her different positions on this issue.”

In a long-winded statement Thursday, Gabrielle Giffords said a lot — a whole 469 words — but as usual, she conveniently avoided taking any stance on the issue. Jonathan Paton is making his position clear.

“Southern Arizonan’s have watched this congresswoman do the same thing on nearly every issue, and they have had enough. For the better part of 2009, Rep. Giffords skirted taking a stance on President Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s plans to take over the health care system. She moderated discussions between chosen ‘experts,’ but never shared her own opinion. Then, she went back to Washington and voted for the worst piece of legislation that has gone through this Congress,” Paton said. “Unlike Gabrielle Giffords, I won’t leave you guessing. I won’t say one thing and then do the other. I oppose any plan that would risk our quality of care and hand more power and obligations over to a federal government that is already bloated and indebted to the Chinese. It’s time for Gabrielle Giffords to get the message: Her constituents don’t want this bill. And unlike her stance, that’s not something that changes depending on the day of the week.”

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  1. “Gabrielle Giffords said a lot — a whole 469 words…”

    And not only that, she used a bunch of syllables too! Vote Paton, the politican who promises to only speak in a series of grunts!

  2. Giffords is a Pelosi puppet!

    She will do whatever she is told to do by Pelosi.

  3. When will Patton take a stand on Dont ask Dont Tell? How will Scarpinato, his spokesman(a known homosexual) feel when Paton tells him that his kind is a danger to the military?

  4. Lisa, get a life

  5. Seriously, Shane? Take Lisa’s comment down.

  6. Why should he? It’a a legitmate question about whether or not Paton supports DADT repeal or not. It’s something that’s going to come up in his tenure if he gets elected. He might as well take a stand now so as not to seem like a weasel afraid of taking a position on an divisive issue.

  7. kralmajales says

    Im with Klute, all Lisa has done is reaffirmed one way or another what people on this blog thinks for the most part. One of the tabs on this blog is “homosexuality” and it has a list of 47 past posts that condemn it in some way or another.

    Here is the link to all the cyber ink on the evils of homosexuality:


    Don’t ask don’t tell should end…the leaders of our military want it to end. So should you if you have any support of the military.

  8. kralmajales says

    Oh and it would be interesting to know what Paton thinks about healthcare. He seems to be completely unknowledgable. He appears to think that our quality of healthcare is really really high when we are now ranked 37th in the world in healthcare quality and 2 in the world in how costly it is.

  9. Hey Kral, while we’re talking world stats, how are US schools when compared to other countries. Do you think India is spending $15K-$20K for K-12? I think not and they are doing very well. But you dems just want more and more and more money for schools with no accountability for results.

    If you lefty’s want to make don’t ask don’t tell the issue of the campaign, good luck. Your iddiot president can’t even sort that one out. He’s had a whole year and what’s he done about it?

    The demographic of CD8 is not what I’d call a big “let’s have gays openly serving in the military” so you want to make that your big anti Paton issue, good luck to you on that. Plus, where are you going to create one shade of difference on that one in the primary, you’ve got four men all with military service, I think all with combat. So really, keep whipping that dead horse.

  10. Also, the Brits are having a conservative resurgence now and it’s because of their lousy heath care system.

    Gabby is TOAST.

  11. I read the “issues” section of Paton’s website on healthcare. Apparently he’s brave enough to take shots at people who propose ideas but not man enough to tell voters what his solution is. Way to go, Paton. What other issues will you weasel out on?

  12. I’m all for discussing issues. I’d hope, however, that SA wasn’t used to out people.

    Lisa’s use of the phrase “a known homosexual” doesn’t make clear that Mr. Scarpinato is out.

  13. kralmajales says

    “Do you think India is spending $15K-$20K for K-12? I think not and they are doing very well. But you dems just want more and more and more money for schools with no accountability for results.”

    Bad bad bad example Bob. The fact is that most in India do not have access to education at all. It is only the wealthy and middle class that have education…and that chance to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

    Oh…and we are slipping quite a bit in education also.

    And I love your crazy stats on per pupil spending, its less that 10K. And it should be more…especially when most education spending comes at the school district level and when there is such a vast disparity between districts in property tax base and wealth.

    Why is District 16 in the Tucson area the best school district? It is the wealthiest and it is difficult if not impossible to be educated there because most houses in the distrist start at 350K and go up fast.

  14. kralmajales says

    I have never agreed with Daniel Scarpinato on everything, but he seems to be a kind young man and he is hard working. I don’t know if he is gay or not and if he is or isn’t, it shouldn’t be an issue. It wouldn’t be if he were a Democrat, I can tell you that. It saddens me that the party of Reagan who had helped embolden the Log Cabin republicans (although not openly…) has dropped to a level like this.

    Check out what the millenial generation thinks about LGBT rights and equality and then ask yourself just how long you all can live to keep these ideas alive?

  15. I’m with you, Kral.

    The latest Pew data on Gen Y indicates that the GOP is pretty much toast with millenials. Apparently the tea partiers aren’t the Repubs’ saving grace.

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