Whatever It Takes… or something like that.

Once again, a common thread is weaving through the effort to elect JD Hayworth, revealing desperate tactics.  It is a familiar mantra to anyone with a moderate knowledge of Hayworth.  Whenever Camp Hayworth strikes with another effort, he and his cronies prove over and over that no law, no person, and no dollar is off limits…in other words they will do “whatever it takes”.      

Take the multiple times then-Congressman Hayworth used the private skyboxes of Jack Abramoff for fundraising events, among other things, when it was a known campaign finance violation.   Why did it take a federal investigation for him to come clean?  And could the real reason for his wrath be found at the end of this article?

The truth hurts.  So, blame the guy that started the investigation rather than accept responsibility for your own actions and choices.   Harboring anger for pulling the plug on his high-living ways, the loss of his PAC money with his wife as the sole employee, and eventually getting the boot out of office could really motivate a guy to call names, point fingers, and make up his own version of reality rather than face the truth that….you blew it buddy and we know it.  The pork lovin’ days of JD were over. 

That not one member of the Arizona delegation, some of whom worked with him when he was in office, have endorsed him speaks volumes.  This little story explains a lot, it is from his days in the House. 

How is his role in helping the fight against big pork described?

I remember our friend JD Hayworth standing up in those caucus meetings and just beating the hell out of us.”
Joe Scarborough
Apparently the members of the Arizona delegation are not the only ones who have less than warm regards for the master bloviater.  This quote from Dick Armey, the House Majority Leader and FreedomWorks chairman, sums it up,


…J.D. had a fairly short, undistinguished congressional career with virtually no initiative on his part.”


So I get it, accepting responsibility for his actions and disclosure has always been a hard thing for JD.  Anyone telling him how to do things that interfere with his personal agenda may not feel the love in return.  

But, shouldn’t he have to reveal just who paid off his huge legal debt?  For awhile JD has used that as the reason he couldn’t run…got this legal bill, got kids to educate, got a family to feed. I can’t afford to do it.  What changed?  What happened to that legal debt?  Is it retired and if so, from where did that money come?  If not…what made this run possible that wasn’t there before?

Remember, the folks behind JD are infamous for manipulating their positions and using less than legal ways to, shall we say, get their way.

To whom is Hayworth beholden now?  There is a reason candidates must disclose their financial contributors.  Voters should know who enables the candidate to do what they are doing.  As an analogy, if someone paid off a candidate’s house, their kid’s college tuition, or bankrolled their personal living expenses…that would be huge and something the public would find very interesting.

So why does JD refuse to disclose the “whos” and “hows” of his new found financial independence?

Or…. is this just another case of “whatever it takes”?   


  1. OK, so let’s review what Joe Scarborough said about John McCain. (This comes from an earlier post.)


    For those who want to know what really happened, go ahead and visit JD Hayworth’s legal defense website Freedom in Truth Trust which is dedicated to setting the record straight on the accusation posted above.

    Here’s a question to you Molly. If you’re husband was blacklisted or lost his job because someone didn’t like his politics, don’t you think you’d be a little angry at the person who took away your family’s livelihood?

    What if the person sat on a US Senate Committee which oversees the licensing of the business entity you work for? That’s the kind of mean-spirited “stick a stake through the heart of that guy” politics that is taking place here.

    We all know that John McCain oversaw the Senate investigation of Jack Abramoff and found absolutely NO WRONGDOING by JD Hayworth. But yet, John McCain did NOT lift a finger to JD’s defense or honor and gave no financial support to help him cover the cost of his legal bills which nearly bankrupted his family.

    If I were in JD Hayworth’s shoes, I do everything in my power to take that dirty rotten mean SOB McCain out politically and legally. JD has a lot more grace than I do but I’ve seen a side of McCain as have many others who know what John McCain is capable of.

    I know you still don’t like his style but at least tell the truth about what really happened. Because if you don’t. I will.

  2. Molly,

    You continue to be very funny.

    Is this the new attack line from Kos?

  3. Well it sure looks like the McCain camp doesn’t want to talk about illegal immigration, “cap and trade”, the bank bailouts, and so forth. I mean, why run an issues oriented campaign? Being out of touch with the majority of Arizonans on such issues is a good reason why.

    The majority of the McCain campaign dialogue is in regards to his opposition to earmarks. I applaud this and think it is an issue that needs to be resolved. With that being said, how many billions (trillions?) of dollars has been spent on illegal immigrants and their families, both at the federal and state level? Where is the outrage at the waste of this taxpayer money? Oh wait, McCain was the co-author of the liberal supported “comprehensive immigration reform”. I guess to McCain there is no problem spending that money.

    The voters of Arizona do not have a short memory.

  4. Stephen Kohut says


    How does that old saw go, “tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”?

  5. kralmajales says

    I think the wheels have come off McCain’s campaign and, frankly, his career. He has denied he was a Maverick after naming his plane Maverick, calling himself “the maverick”, and even putting it in the subtitle of his book.

    Why? I am sure the loyal posters here know. He is DESPERATELY trying to act like he is a conservative after years of claiming the mantle of the “great moderate.”

    From the right…and the left…it is embarassing. Ya’ll know it, I know it, everyone knows it.

    McCain has lost it. Period.

  6. In my world, anybody could take money from anyone – but report it IMMEDIATELY AND ACCURATELY!

    This is the kind of sloppiness, delaying and cozy, wink-wink stuff that causes people to call for all kinds of complicated campaign finance laws.

    The other problem is not doing everything possible to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. If I knew who paid off JD’s legal bills, I would be more comfortable.

    Is this sloppiness again, or simply political maneuvering that will move others to call for more campaign finance laws. Just do the right thing.

  7. No McCain says

    Desperation rears its ugly head in the form of using Scarborough and Armey as sources. Very amusing.

  8. How ridiculous, McCain’s campaign manager has mob ties and was caught up and indicted in an FBI corruption sting and has the audacity to put this stuff out there?

    McCain camp should look in the mirror more often.

  9. So, DSW respectfully I ask you…what is the status of his legal fund? Has his legal debt been paid? Who contributed to the fund? How much?

    All the who hates who the most, why they did what they did, and who JD may have owed favors to then is part of the narrative…. but it is not nearly as important as who JD owes now. And why.

    Quite to the point is the question, will the campaign provide the public with an accounting for his highly promoted and very public legal defense fund?

  10. Molly — I contributed. And I am just one who is a powerless PC who has watched our Sr Senator go RINO right before us…..

    Molly, why was JD just released after he was smeared, and told “Never mind”…..

    Who is he now running against who knows full well that JD’s name never came up in the hearings??

    Yes, none other than slime-dog, character-deficient John McCain.

    Hey John: character matters!! Better get some.

  11. Hey, McCainiacs!: Enough of the Abramoff garbage. JD was found innocent–by McCain’s own investigation!
    K-E-A-T-I-N-G, K-E-A-T-I-N-G,
    Not any fun, is it?

  12. I will put up McCain’s avoidance of political impropriety against JD’s anyday.

    Neither is a felon or a criminal of any kind. Both men are capable of blowing a gasket. Both men have made mistakes.

    Only one has gone above and beyond to make it right. Only one is powerful and in a position, through hard work, to protect me and my family from liberal ideologs and threats from without. That one is John McCain. It’s not even close.

  13. SuzanneC says

    Poor John McCain, he is running on empty, JD has all the momentum on his side. JD looks new and refreshing against the RINO. I want to know of anybody here ever got a traffic ticket, and had to go to court to defend themselves and prove it was not their doing. If I say you received a ticket for speeding, or DUI enough times, people will rememebr that, nevermind you were found not guilty, but why mention that. When you like to repeat a tale, give the outcome too. The investigation was dropped, because there was no crime committed by JD, he was never even charged or indicted. But if you repeat something enough it may be true? Talk about your dirty politics, opps but then McCain is running against another Republican, so he can be as nasty as he wants.

  14. OK…lots of attention is being driven away from the point with the shiny objection of “I know I am but what are you…?” That is the most transparent thing in his campaign.

    McCain supporters believe JD cannot accept his own actions and will do whatever he can to avoid it. Make excuses and point out the failures (real or perceived) of others, then characterize all who oppose him as the boogeyman.

    The JD supporters hate McCain and will make sure we all know why. They distrust and despise McCain supporters for supporting McCain. They attack the McCain supporters with the same tactics displayed for years by their leader…call names, label, try to marginalize their points BUT NEVER ANSWER THE QUESTION BY AVOIDING THE TRUTH!

    So, can we move on now?

    ANSWER THE QUESTION…what happened to the legal debt. Who contributed to it. Real names attached to real money.

    JD brought this up, he used it openly. It should come as no surprise that it is an issue. JD himself placed this topic in the minds of folks…no one else can be blamed.

    Provide a full disclosure of all who contributed, how much they gave, and how much debt, if any, is left.

    If he has nothing to hide, why not?

  15. Jacklyn M. says

    Conservative 2 the Core says: “How ridiculous, McCain’s campaign manager has mob ties and was caught up and indicted in an FBI corruption sting…”

    What the flip? You have to back that one up.

  16. Jacklyn M. says

    And Ann, exactly. Nobody here is answering the question, they are just trying to redirect attention away from JD.

    And McCain didn’t declare JD innocent as someone said. My recollection is the Justice Department decided to stop pursuing the case against him. That doesn’t mean he was declared innocent. It means they stopped pursuing the case against him. And yes, I know JD has a letter from his own lawyer with a statement, but it is what it is, a letter from his own lawyer, not the justice department.


  17. Veritas Vincit says

    Hello Molly … do you know McCain personally? Do you know both men personally?

    The JMac is as laden with empty calories and grease as the best Big Mack and fries you can buy.

    There is a pattern of behavior that flows from the top down in any organization, formal or informal and, what we see in those people lining up behind the big JMac only confirms this axiom of organizational theory. As the textbooks say, ‘The fish rots from the head’.

    What’s lined up behind the john smells pretty foul.

  18. Here is why we don’t want McCain in office anymore. Despite the facts on the table, McCain and his supporters ignore the truth and focus on junk information they generate. McCain is thoroughly disingenuous and nasty. How desperate. The other problem with the McCain camp is that they don’t see how transparent their little game is.

    Let’s see if we have this down correctly. John McCain initiates the Abramhoff investigation then accuses and smears JD Hayworth by linking him to it. Hayworth retires the legal debt from that accusation. Well afterward, JD challenges John McCain’s arrogant request to stay on as Senator. In breath-taking stupidity, McCain reminds the world of his dirty politics by bringing up the retired legal debt as though that’s some kind of bad mark. Could it be more clear that John McCain is a train-wreck and of no more use on Capital Hill?

  19. Stephen Kohut says

    I am no fan of JD’s by I will not let the vigorous beating of the McCainaics on the very tired and tiny Abramhof drum go by without asking why they are dead silent on the over $120K McCain took from Keating. Did McCain pay back all the money he took from Keating back? How did he pay for his defense during the Keating investigation. Let’s hear some facts and responses from the McCainiacs on that before we hear more ranting on the $2.5K of Abramhof money. There should be 48 explanation on Keating for every one on Abramhom in proprotion to the difference in money involved.

  20. Calling someone a RINO is not the “checkmate” of an argument. Molly presented some legitimate arguments and others have made good arguments against McCain too but there are the narrow-minded few who think that their arguments can be summarized by an overused acronym.

    The term “RINO” has been overused and abused so much that it now has about as much potency as a Sheriff Joe endorsement.

  21. Where’s the list?

    The man who likely knows who is on the contribution list is the first poster on this thead and he decides to divert to another subject.

    Do you see how this looks?

    Nothing but name-calling by the haters.

    Where’s the list?

  22. Pragmatic Conservative says

    Conservative to the Core or are you really Rob Haney?
    I’m sure you are familiar with Libel Laws. Would you please show the documents to back up your statement that John McCain’s Campaign manager has Mob Ties and has been indicated in an FBI sting.

    Cyber space is not quite as anonymous as you may like to think it is. My question is why would a JD surrogate lie about something as serious as this or is this the “new JD Hayworth campaign strategy”?

  23. Travis,

    You can ask for the list all you want but most of the people on this site are not in a position or have any way of knowing who is on the list or have the authority to release it.

    Sure I am all for releasing the list, am I for transparency sure. But I cant make him release the list.

    But moving on to things we can actually comment on… I am curious as to Molly and Travis’s reaction to McCain now claiming he is not a maverick and never claimed to be…

    This to me speaks to the core of McCain always willing to change his tune to get votes. This is an important issue to actually address.

    He either is just saying anything to get re-elected or he cannot remember the 08 campaign. And if that is the case you have to call into question his ability to be a Senator. He will be 74 come election day. This term will end when he is 80. Does John McCain have the right state of mind to be a senator anymore

  24. This campaign is in danger of getting too personal on both sides.

    Voters need to hear which side each of these candidates will support on CRITICAL issues ahead.

    McCain says “forget about my record, think of my potential.” Okay, like what? See him ALREADY glommed to a Democrat proposing MORE busy-body legislation. Looks like same-old, same-old. So, where’s the “new start?” Reworking soundbites, slogans and image positioning isn’t “meat.” We want to see what he’s offering and how serious he is about sticking to campaign promises.

    Hayworth needs to move up to the next level and articulate to voters what he means by “Consistent Conservative” that goes far far beyond “Not like McCain.”

    Whatever happened between Hayworth and McCain should be considered experience, live and learn, make a better person out of it and move ahead wiser and careful without bitter. Ignore the the noise.

    Scott Brown had a positive, concise, very sound-biteable message, easy to project without being shallow. He carefully crafted that, it wasn’t off the cuff, from someone else it would have been hammering, but Brown delivered it as reinforcement, as “can’t be shaken” from it. He didn’t have much time, so he figured out how best to use it. Every second he had was used to project his message and get him known amongst voters. Brilliant. Incredibly disciplined campaigner, upbeat but firm and very classy.

  25. johnny – I never said I could make Hayworth release anything. I asked. And asked. I asked a person on his campaign, who runs this blog. My point earlier was that he should do the right thing before there is force of law. That’s the conservative way. Be open, do the hard thing, do it first, do it because it’s the right thing. Release the list. If I was not supporting John McCain, I would want him to release the names. If I was supporting him, I’d want him to release the names.

    You really think the most important and qualifiying topic for Senator McCain right now is what he calls himself? Sure, I’ll address this crucial subject, – I don’t care if he calls himself a maverick or a bologna sandwhich – he is more qualified at 74-, 80- or 90-years-old than JD Hayworth.

    I am concerned that one of the main reasons JD decided to run is because it would be a way to pay off his legal fees and generate a living. I don’t want to be just an income source to my elected offficials, I want to be a constituent.

  26. Travis,

    You do realize the senate will be a pay cur for JD compared to his radio job?

    Also I don’t think its important what he calls himself. Its that he is willing to deny something so irrelevant as being a maverick in an attempt to get elected.

    What does this guy stand for? One day its being a right wing and conservative and one day its TARP and open borders.

    My point about his age and these denials is does mccain even know who he is anymore? His denials and flip flops have gotten more bizzare by the day.

  27. Jeremiah Wallace says

    Why does this not surprise me at all. JD Hayworth has always been about the “money” but now his anger, frustration, and bitterness towards John McCain is the real reason he even entered this race. Shame on you JD.

  28. wanumba,

    I am more than willing to allow the past be the past, for both candidates…as you suggest. It is the present I am concerned about.

    Presently JD Hayworth is in the middle of a campaign for an office he said he couldn’t afford to hold.

    According to his very own words, the reason for his financial needs is based on the legal defense against the Abramoff accusations. He needed the income from his job, had kids to educate…those are his words not mine.

    What happened to the debt? How can he afford it now? What changed?

    On his website, radio show, and in publicly held events, funds were raised to “retire” this debt. So…what happened? Who and how?

    These are very fair questions and the Clintonesque posturing of silence, deflection, and attacks against those who ask it only leads to further suspicion.

  29. johnny – I don’t know what JD’s salary was as a local talk show personality, but I do know what a senator makes with benefits and I would venture to say it’s not a pay cut. The retirement benefits, the healthcare benefits and all the other benefits obviously are a bigger draw to Hayworth than a short term contract with a talk radio station.

    Why couldn’t Hayworth pay off his legal bills with his Congressional retirement, a talk show, his book royalties and speaking and consulting fees?

    All of a sudden, he announces for office, breaks his contract for this talk show and his legal bill is paid.

    You are showing a serious lack of curiousity about who and how his debt that hung on so long was paid so quickly.

    If it was many little old ladies and some hardworking PCs, then let’s see. That’s all I ask.

    Finally, for conservatives to be trumpeting a Newsweek quote and a Jon Stewart joke to pound McCain is really weak.

  30. CarolAnn says

    I have known since the announcement I would not vote for JD. I read the posts by the ignorant JD lovers above and know why I am voting for McCain. You should really think before you post such hateful things. Facts are fine, but you are being immature and irrelevant. As far as I am concerned, I want our Nation held accountable and from what I have seen and heard from McCain he has done just that. I remember JDs days, they were filled with far too much immorality and far too little intelligence. Think before you write JD friends, you are turning people off left and right and making more of us spread the terrible truth about JDs past…

  31. ignorant JD lovers… immature and irrelevant…far too little intelligence.



  32. Travis,

    Its the same way why didnt Hillary pay off her campaign debt. She knew she could get people to do it for her. As did JD. He had the money he knew had supporters who would want to help.

    I dont know why it matters that he didnt do it. I agree he should release the names but since I cant get him to do that there is no point in continuing this

  33. Also Travis you don’t actally dispute the fact that mccain is now pretending he was not a maverick you just try and dismiss it as newsweek and Jon stewart.

    Talk about weak and pathetic you don’t even know what to say about mccain on this one because its so bizarre.

  34. kralmajales says

    McCain is a Maverick…which means that he does not march to the beat of the conservative drum.

    There you go…

  35. johnny – You are building straw men because your arguments are so weak.

    Although I don’t think it matters much, I do indeed dispute the fact that McCain is pretending anything. The press calls him a maverick, Palin calls him a maverick. His point, if he said it, was that he considers what he does as normal, not the stuff of a maverick. I like that – and so many other reasonable people.

    I also stand by my derision of both Newsweek and Jon Stewart. Champion them if you like, but especially on this tidbit, it’s weak.

    PS to Stephen – I’ve warned you before about drinking and posting and I see that you’re at it again.

  36. AZstinkweed says


    I hate talking with people like Stephen. They just try to beat you to death with facts. Like I care about some silly vote they made or what they did to get money. Money is important for campaigning so they need to get it, right? What does it matter how they got it as long as they get enough to win. That’s the point, isn’t it.

  37. Travis,

    Now you dispute what has been reported in the press all week without a single McCain denial?

    I think you are becoming like your candidate… delusional.

    Also you say the media and Palin called him a maverick, it is much more than that. His plane on the campaign was called MAVERICK 1.

    Why dont you just admit McCain will say and do anything to get elected. At least people would respect your comments if you are willing to concede some things. All campaigns make mistakes (although McCains seem to occur daily).

    Like I know JD is a blowhard but I really dont care. I just cant stand McCains lies and BS anymore I want him gone and JD gives us the best chance to do that.

  38. I’m wondering if the new case law that will bring Twitter, Facebook, Myspace into the 21 century is going to happen anytime soon. How will these new technologies fit into our current system and how can they be controlled across cyberspace?


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