Whatever Happened to…

One question: While the federal government continues to inject itself into a multitude of industries is anyone asking about the fed’s track record on Social Security? I was under the impression – as were many others – that the Social Security system was going bankrupt and would collapse within a decade. So I ask the question, whatever happened to the issue of Social Security reform? I propose that the federal government allow individuals who want out of the system to get out and do our own thing. For those of you who believe Social Security will be around for you, I’ve got a federal bailout to sell you.


  1. Social Security will be able to pay in full all obligations until 2049. After that less than full obligations could be met. This would easily be fixed by adjusting the ceiling on social security tax.

  2. Antifederalist says

    Todd, you’re behind the times. No surprise. Recent reports on the solvency of the Social Security fund show that it will be bankrupt sooner than was originally thought….SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!! Also, Bernanke said recently that the pace of federal spending is unsustainable in the face of looming entitlement spending increases. The Peter G. Peterson Foundation, the guys who did IOUSA, have not stopped beating the drum on this issue. However, with the Dummycrats in power, they couldn’t care less. Allowing the system to stay as is is right in line with their goals and ideals. They WANT the masses to suffer high tax rates so they can redistribute the wealth as THEY see fit. They WANT the masses to be poor so the masses become prone to rely on the government. That’s their fantasyland, so, just trust them, there’s NOTHING WRONG with social security, just like Barney Frank said there was nothing wrong with Fannie & Freddie.

  3. Antifederalist – the unsustainable entitlement is Medicare not Social Security.

  4. Antifederalist says

    Wrong AGAIN, Todd: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124212734686110365.html.

    MAN, I don’t understand how people like you function in society being wrong ALL THE TIME.

  5. Again Antifederalist – Social Security is fine for a long time (the WSJ article says 2037, not in a decade as DSW claimed) and could be solvent for many more years after that with raising the ceiling on social security tax. BTW, the trustees report is based on extremely pessimistic growth projections.

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