What took you so damn long?

We always knew you were a RINO. Our question is what took you so damn long?!?!

We should also thank President Bush and Senator Rick Santorum for helping get you relelected over a real Republican like Pat Toomey.

Good riddance to you Spec. Don’t let the door hit you on the backside on your way out.

The bad news is that Senate Democrats can  now completely shut the Republicans out of the process. No filibusters!

Here is Specter’s official statement.

Not to be caught off guard, Arizona conservatives are also speculating whether or not John McCain might also abandon the Republican party and join his good friend Joe Lieberman as an Independent heading into the 2010 elections.

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  1. easy 2010 hold for dems

  2. EX-sen. rick santorum

  3. Well, let’s see if you can get “real” Republican Pat Toomey elected.

    (hint: you can’t)

  4. Grumpy Gus says

    Ok, now how much leverage does every other Democrat in the Senate have? Tons. All they have to do is threaten to jump ship, to threaten to vote against cloture, and we have ourselves a balance of power! The R’s only have to find one D to help them. One. They’ll offer him the world.

    The only thing more important than the 2008 election will be the 2010 election.

  5. Send Pat Toomey a donation: http://www.toomeyforsenate.com/contribute/

  6. But isn’t Sen. Robert P. Casey D-Pa (in picture at right) pro-life?

  7. Veritas Vincit says

    Arlen Specter’s legacy shall be a totally Democratically held Senate to approve all the “CHANGE” Obama’s superiors have waiting for us. This is how history will record this small man.

  8. VV,

    “…Obama’s superiors have waiting for us.”

    Which are who, exactly?

  9. Antifederalist says

    According to House staffers who work for Members who endorsed this sack of feces over Toomey, Spectre gave the PA House delegation all of 10 minutes’ heads-up about his defection. If I were a House Member that had endorsed him, I’d be none too happy with the scumbag and I’d be publicly withdrawing my endorsement. Best of luck to Toomey!

    One more lynchpin has been broken and the nation will accelerate it’s fall into socialist oblivion and decay.

  10. Antifederalist says

    Untersturmfuhrer Klute,
    Not so sure CQ agrees with your analysis. They say Specter is running scared from the R party because he knows Toomey is gonna clean his clock. Then it comes down to the Dim primary: will the Dummycrats accept a former R? I bet not. So, that leaves D nobodies to run against nationally-recognized Toomey.

  11. “They say Specter is running scared from the R party because he knows Toomey is gonna clean his clock.”

    In the closed Republican Party, where the fringe has finally driven moderate Republicans into the arms of the Democratic Party.

    “So, that leaves D nobodies to run against nationally-recognized Toomey.”

    Really? The same Pennsylvania that voted for Barack Obama over John McCain 55%-44% and Bob Casey over Rick Santorum 59%-41% is going to vote for Toomey over anyone?

    Not bloody likely.

  12. Kenny Jacobs says


    “Overall Pennsylvania voters have a 45 – 31 percent favorable opinion of Sen. Specter, but he gets a 47 – 29 percent unfavorable score from Republicans. The Republican gets a 60 – 16 percent thumbs up from Democrats and a 41 – 35 percent positive from independent voters, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN uh-pe-ack) University poll finds.”


    Numbers don’t lie. Enjoy your ideologically pure temper tantrum.

  13. Veritas Vincit says

    Klute, those guys who write the stuff in the teleprompter for the ventriloquist’s dummy to read.

    It was one of your own, that’d be Bill Clinton who said, “… its a virtual presidency.” or did you forget?

  14. Conservative does not mean Republican says

    Arlen, Arlen, Arlen. You are such a disingenuous sack of crap.

    You switched parties because Republicans have gone too far to the right? Let us debunk the lastest lie from the nation’s favorite ex-RINO.

    Specter became a Republican back in the 1960’s, during the time of the Goldwater movement. This was arguably the birth of the modern conservative movement and perhaps the most ideological point in conservatism’s history. Anyone who has read Conscious of a Conservative knows how committed Goldwater was to the principles of limited government, personal responsibility, etc. Specter was elected to the Senate in 1980 during the Reagan Revolution. Again, Reagan harbored in a new era for conservatives. Specter was a Republican during all of this time!

    Now, at a time when Republicans have become increasingly unpopular (and more liberal!) he decides to change? He claims the party has gone too far to the right? What a shamefully dishonest statement. The party was never further to the right than under Goldwater. If anything, the party has recently reached its most liberal point. With out of control spending, waffling on social issues, and a belief in big government, Republicans left true conservatism behind. The Republican party has become synonymous with Big Business and Big Government. Ironically, this shift has been propelled in part by people like you, Sen. Specter.

    No, Arlen, I don’t think your switch is due to an ideological shift of the Republican party (at least to the right, anyway). Rather it’s due to a popularity shift of the Republican party. You are doing nothing more than pursuing your usual strategy of political opportunism. It’s easy to be a Democrat when they are riding the wave of popularity and power. What will you do when the balance of power shifts back and you lose your precious Senate seat?

  15. VV,

    You’re not answering the question. Who’s controlling Obama? The Trilaterals? Stalin’s brain in a jar? The ghost of Elijah Muhammed? Lord Xenu?

    “It was one of your own, that’d be Bill Clinton who said, ‘… its a virtual presidency.’ or did you forget?”

    No, the Cheney Presidency was an effective demonstration.

  16. Veritas Vincit says

    Klute, you might be a pretty decent sort of chap if it wasn’t for a nasty habit you seem to exhibit all the time … putting words in someone’s mouth they never said, thought or considered.

    Anyone who’s spent time in either Washington DC or politics beyond the simplistic rally, knows that there are, what’s the right word you can quote me on? Hmmm…

    *interests* that have more to do with the outcomes of events than our silly old ballot box ever did. And, along with those *interests* is a whole lot of both money and influence/power. Been that way at least the I know since Woodrow Wilson’s pals talked him into creating a central bank and a progressive income tax.

    But that’s all history now. Just try keeping what someone says apart from your own fantasies and we’ll get on just swimmingly.

  17. ” If anything, the party has recently reached its most liberal point. ”



  18. we’ll take mccain too

  19. & the ladies from the great state of maine

  20. sclerotic party byebye

  21. VV,

    Then don’t say loaded thing like “Obama’s superiors”. Because 1. that implies a greater power than office of the Presidency (regardless of who the president is) and 2. it feeds into the Republican fantasy (which I’m consistenly hearing) about Obama the Manchurian candidate for:

    A. his Muslim overlords
    B. Some sort Robert Mugabge Svengali-type
    C. The Stockholm-Paris-Moscow Alliance

    Combine that with you posting a cartoon showing Trotsky and Stalin looking on approvingly of the New Deal (a cartoon that implies the goal was dictatorship), yeah, I get to put two and two together.

    What was that you said about connecting the dots as a child the other day?

    But overall, yes, I’d say I’m a decent chap.

  22. “The party was never further to the right than under Goldwater.”

    nutjob said it

    1964 gop senators:

    George Aiken
    Leverett Saltonstall
    Margaret Chase Smith
    Everett Dirksen
    Thomas Kuchel
    Clifford P. Case
    John Sherman Cooper
    Thruston Ballard Morton
    Jacob K. Javits
    Hugh Scott
    Kenneth Keating
    Winston L. Prouty
    Hiram Fong
    Milward L. Simpson

    gop governors:
    Nelson A. Rockefeller
    William W. Scranton
    George Romney
    James A. Rhodes
    lots more non-conservatives…

  23. Conservative does not mean Republican says


    Nice one you moron. What I was refering to was the birth of the conservative movement. The grassroots of the Republican party saw a remarkable change. They became “Goldwater Republicans.” The hearts and minds of the party were won over by Goldwater and his ideas about limited government conservatism. Obviously not every elected Republican was a conservative in 1964.

    Who beat Rockefeller for the GOP nomination? Oh yeah, Goldwater. Did he kick Rockefeller’s liberal butt? Yes, he did. To nominate someone like Goldwater marked a level of conservatism among the grassroots that has rarely been seen since.

  24. The Dems can take Collins, Snowe, Specter, Kolbe, Leach, Schwarzenegger, etc.

    They are all cancerous to the GOP.

    Cut them out and move on as a stronger party!

  25. Iris Lynch says

    GOP JOE,

    I concur. And this is the time for them to go! Once Obama’s senate has the undying majority, it makes no difference if he manages to get all the ‘moderates’ to show their true colors (yellow). 60/75 What is the difference? Who would have thought any American President would hold up Zimbabwe as a model for governing? Kill and spend. Kill the banks, kill the corporations, kill free speech and kill the Constitution, kill the rights therein. Spend our way into oblivion and runaway inflation. Hold onto your assets, we are in for one hell of a ride. But once the ride is over, and the thrill is gone, there will be NO DOUBT who stoked the engine this time!

  26. To any of you who believe the GOP is moving right…would you mind naming some issues where this is happening? I can’t think of a single one.

    Are they to the right of Newt’s class of ’94? How about the GOP the gave us the Dan Quayle/Murphy Brown controversy and the Pat Buchanan convention speech in ’92? Today’s GOP may too far right for your taste, but it has CLEARLY moved left since the 90’s.

    What the GOP has lost is its ability to articulate its views. We should WELCOME debates about who is outside the mainstream and who is not.

  27. Veritas Vincit says

    Klute, ever read any of FDRs writings? Not some college professors review, but the real deal? FDR admired Stalin and, at one point attempted to pack the Supreme Court so he could remain in office.

    The line between what Stalin could do and what FDR couldn’t do was consistently a theme in FDRs writings.

  28. Veritas Vincit says

    Klute you’ve been living on Diversity Lane so long, to you the center looks far right.


  29. And you see similar admiration for Stalin in Obama’s writings? Because that’s the parallel you appear to be trying to draw.

    While your link isn’t coming up, I’ll say the far right looks far right. America is shifting center-left. It’s a gradual shift, but it’s happening. Patrick Murphy beat Jim Tedisco in NY-20. Arlen Specter switching parties. Obama’s approval ratings are in the stratosphere.

    You can thank people like Karl Rove for that more than anything.

  30. No character. No class. No good.

    Glad he’s gone.

    Too bad Pres. Bush campaigned for him last time, we could have had a real conservative heading the judiciary committee instead of RINO-boy. Ugh…

    Purge them all!

    BTW, he needs to pony up the dough that the Rep. Party has been giving him. Pronto!

  31. Veritas Vincit says

    “And you see similar admiration for Stalin in Obama’s writings? Because that’s the parallel you appear to be trying to draw.”

    Now there you go again, shifting what someone actually says to what your desire them to be saying. Lay off the kool-aid and poetry for awhile ok? At least till your vision returns to focus.

    The “shift” you dream about is actually a demographic and social phenomena between urban areas where big government is all intrusive and welcome in peoples lives, and rural areas where people retain some of their original independent ways.

    The “Urban Dependents” (some would call them parasites on the productive), and the Rural Independents who’d rather fend for themselves or assist their neighbors.

    Best example; one dials 911 while the other keeps a .12ga handy.

    That’s the polarization you see happening.

  32. VV,

    Humor me, then. Will you say, right here, that Obama does not admire Stalin, is not comparable to Stalin, is not trying to emulate Stalin (or Trotsky, or Lenin, or really anyone involved in the Russian Revolution)?

    Do that, and we’ll speak no more of it. Because otherwise, it seems like you’re doing your best Claude Rains impression.

    Shocked, shocked you are that I’m able to put two and two together.

    “…and rural areas where people retain some of their original independent ways.”

    Who are also, incidentally, the areas that are the biggest piglets suckling at the government teat.

    The tax donor states are primarily blue (8 of 10). The states that get our tax dollars, generally red.

    “The ‘Urban Dependents’ (some would call them parasites on the productive)…”

    Oh for God’s sake. Go Galt then. Will you commit here to never taking a dime from Social Security, Medicaid/Medicare, worker’s compensation, etc. Your arguments of “I paid into the system” will not cut it, because Generation X, Y, the Millenials – we’ll all pay more for you Boomers than we’ll ever get back – and that’s, say it with me, SOCIALISM.

    “…the Rural Independents who’d rather fend for themselves or assist their neighbors.”

    So I take it you’re studying microbiology in order to develop your own swine flu vaccine rather than accept it from Big Government. And you do road-repair as you go.

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