What they failed to mention.

Today’s East Valley Tribune has an article about Mitt Romney. In the story they reference a January 24th poll done by Behavioral Research Center (BRC.) The poll was widely reported on some blogs as a scientific counter to the in-exact straw poll at the Maricopa Republican Committee on January 13th. The BRC poll may have a broader sample than the straw poll but how valid are the results when the person coming in second is not even running? Why did BRC feel the need to include Rice when she has not expressed any interest? Romney and Giuliani are essentially tied for second when you subtract the person who is not running from the “scientific” poll. To which candidate do those votes go when Rice’s name is not included?

The Tribune did not mention the latest BRC poll showing McCain’s popularity the lowest since January 1997.

Also of interest, a prominent pro-life activist has endorsed Romney.


  1. Why did the in-exact straw poll include Rice?

  2. Because it was “in-exact.” What is the excuse for the “professional” BRC poll?

  3. Smart voter says

    Today’s Republic showed McCain trailing
    Giuliani in fundraising. Money talks. Romney has shown great successes in this arena.
    I’m an active Republican and know only one person who is a committed McCain supporter–and that person has a financial interest in McCain’s political future. Of course there are others out there, but they are few and far between among those I discuss politics with.

  4. ‘Smart’ Voter,
    In the tunnelvision world you must live in, of course you won’t find anyone “you” think supports Sen. McCain. I know hundreds who do and back him financially. Those #’s shown were from 2006; Guilani has had fundraisers already, McCain has not. It’s funny how just this week, donations to Sen. McCain’s Exploratory Committee have spiked in Arizona. Coincidence? I think NOT!

  5. honest abe says


    Your handle should be Eremitic voter, that way we would have reason to believe your remarks.

  6. Smart voter says

    Tony GOPrano:
    Sorry to disappoint you, Jeff, but I do not live in solitude. I’m out and about—in my job and socially.
    I talk to a lot of people everyday. Not one of them is a McCain supporter–all for various reasons.
    I do have a longtime Democrat neighbor who registered as an Independent a couple of years ago. He thinks McCain is spectacular. I didn’t mention him, because he is such a leftie that I actually didn’t think it was fair to McCain.

  7. Jim Bopp is one of the best attorneys in the country specializing in election law. He handled a lawsuit for Arizona Right to Life that successfully threw out a provision in Arizona election law requiring non-profits to register and file a statement of organization before even mentioning a candidate’s name. (I was personally privy to the lawsuit.)

    Bopp has also been one of John McCain’s biggest thorns challening the infamous anti-free speech McCain Feingold campaign finance law.

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