Now What?

If a photo speaks a thousand words, here’s one that shouts, “Time to clean up the mess and govern!”

Hopefully, the new administration will lead by example and ask the people to clean up after themselves and take care of one another.

Looking at the mess on the Capitol Mall, it appears our tax dollars will be put to work cleaning up instead of asking people to be responsible.


  1. Maybe Ms. Feinstein should have asked everyone one to pick up thier garbage as they left.

  2. I was on K Street last night after the Arizona Society Ball (which had a decidedly Republican hue — LOL!) and the street sweepers were already out. To be fair, when you pack several million people together in a very small place for an extended period of time, things tend to get a bit messy. But how about a focus on the positive for just a minute? We had a peaceful transfer of power, no riots, no violence, almost everyone being respectful (yes there are a few knuckleheads in every crowd). I do sense Americans are tired of the constant attacks between left and right. Obama sees that and is trying to change the tone, as his reaching out to McCain shows.

  3. Oh, Bill, I wish it were so. Obama NEEDS the victims and is willing to continue to prosecute those he needs to, in order to keep ‘protecting’ and ‘rescuing’ his ‘victim’ supporters. As of this AM, the brand new website already has a ‘blame’ on Bush. And He smiled happily when the Reverend knocked ASIANS & WHITES. This is just the beginning. And should the propaganda lose its shine, it will be ratcheted up. Could it get out of hand? Ask Dr. Goebbels. Oh, that’s right, he died for his inevitable loss of power.

    PS Obama reaching out to Mc Cain is similar to talking to one’s self.

  4. Iris Lynch–

    Most Americans are sick of partisan hatred and realize that it will not help solve our serious problems. Obama knows that. Do you know that? More house foreclosures and business failures are going to keep coming in 2009. We’re in serious sh@t now–If we slip into a Depression, what do you think that will do to the stability of the country we love? The two major parties are going to need to at least attempt to work together to get through this.

    “Victims”? To what are you referring?

  5. Iris,

    So, I’m guessing you didn’t actually listen to Rev. Lowery, and are just regurgitating what you’ve heard on Fox and Limbaugh. You can read it here.

    All those terrible, hateful refernces to the Old Testament! Sure, this man hates America.

    No one’s being made a victim here. Although, you surely are trying to make yourself one. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: white people need to get over themselves.

    Also, classy, the reference to Goebbels. What GOPBoomerGal did with volume, you do with celerity.

  6. Average Joe says

    OMG! I saw this picture on Drudge but didn’t pay much attention. I actually didn’t see the monument in the distance and thought it must have been a scene of bombing in Gaza!

    Note to Bill in comment # 2 above…1.2 million does not add up to “several million” in my book, though it does seem it would take several million to leave such a mess. Goes to show you what the “community” really thinks about our great country, doesn’t it?

    How shameful….

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