What Member of the MSM do you Most Dislike?

Here’s my pick.  CNNs Ms. Amanpour.  One of the most biased journalists I’ve ever listened to.

And tell me if you recognize this mug shot of my second most loathed MSN personality.

“… charged with Grand Larceny … a Miami radio station once printed bumper stickers that said, “Honk if **** ****  Owes You Money.”

Ok, its over to you good readers.  Let us know who your most disliked MSM personality is.  And there are no rules; right or left of the line is ok.


  1. VV,

    Anderson Cooper.

    I guess I live a sheltered life because I didn’t know what “teabagging” was when Anderson Cooper mentioned it and accused us citizen activists of it the other night. I had to visit UrbanDictionary.com to get the definition. Imagine my shock and disgust! Guys like Cooper should be fired for comments like that. If Beck, Hannity or O’Reilly had made such a statement. They would have been fired before the end of their shows.

    What this all demonstrates is that now even the media is in a “civil war” over the direction of the country.

    Now if we can just get these self-professed “journalists” just admit that they are really liberal advocates parading as journalists. That would be real progress.

  2. “Now if we can just get these self-professed “journalists” just admit that they are really liberal advocates parading as journalists.”

    As soon as Cavuto, Hannity, and O’Reilly admit they are conservative activists.

    Looks like we got ourselves a Mexican Standoff, boys!

    And VV, I think that’s Larry King, isn’t it? As for most annoying media personality? Cavuto, easily. He’s the kind of guy who thinks a 5% tip is acceptable.

  3. Dude!

    They already have admitted to it a number of times! Really, you should turn on FoxNews and see what your enemy is doing once in awhile.

  4. But… but… I thought they were fair and balanced? You mean, they were just shills for the right all along?

    I wonder what else I was right about for the last 8 years?

  5. Veritas Vincit says

    I’d peg it back well beyond 8 years. How about 32 years and a peanut farmer?

    And maybe being technical? How about 97 years beginning with Woodrow Wilson?

  6. Antifederalist says

    Untersturmfuhrer Klute,
    What the Libs can’t get through there’s thick skulls is that being fair and balanced means being RESPONSIBLY subjective. There is no such thing as objectivity because everyone has their own bias and it’s going to seep into any story. Responsible subjectivity includes presenting both sides in any dispute. Fox tends to allow reputable, big-named communists to come on their shows and spread their virulent lies and BALANCES their BS with a right-winger. They’re above-board about what they do. The MSM (ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, all the other networks and most newspapers) on the other, hand will either pack an audience with reds and encourage that audience to boo the instant a purported conservative (Tucker Carlson) opens his mouth and the instant that a leftist-loved communist (Carville) speaks, the audience claps; puts a discredited or notoriously left-leaning “Republican” (Gergen, Buchanan) on the show to parrot what the left has to say; or spins a story to the left and outright lies to the public that the story is objective. The lone MSM example I can think of that’s admittedly left-wing is Air America.

  7. Well, we’ve all got our shareholders to please.

  8. The difference is Hannity will tell you his show is informative entertainment. He will also tell you that he is a conservative with a conservative slant.

    Amanpour et al claim to be journalists. Much like my most recent favorite Susan Roesgen @ CNN.

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