What is Your Pledge?


This video has gone viral again. For the most part, these members of “the cultural elite” aka, “the beautiful people,” have some great pledges like being respectful and picking up after oneself and not being wasteful. But I seriously have to ask if these same people would have made this video if John McCain had been elected? And where were they when George W. Bush was President. You see, they’re just not consistent.

So I have to ask what is your pledge?

Mine is a pledge to fight the current assault on our Constitution and American values which are articulated in our Declaration of Independence as the unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

What’s your pledge?


  1. Holy Cow!

    In one segment Demi Moore and that Coocher guy she’s married to pledge to abolish slavery, then at the end they “Pledge to be a servent of Barack Obama!”

    Talk about having your wires crossed.

    Kool-Aid stock must be soaring.

  2. Basil St. John says

    My pledge is to remember that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

  3. Tucson Vice says

    “Mine is a pledge to fight the current assault on our Constitution and American values which is our unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

    My pledge is to remember that the phrase “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” is nowhere to be found in the U.S. Constitution.

    I’ll also pledge to not take seriously those who scream about defending the constitution but don’t know the difference between it and the Declaration of Independece.

  4. Tucson Vice says


  5. Tucson Vice,

    Please tell me where it is found in the Constitution where the Executive Branch can fire CEO’s of private industry; where the Executive branch is authorized to buy up over 50% of an industry; where the Executive branch can make the CEO’s of the banking sector to sit down in a secret meeting and force them to take taxpayer dollars and like it; where the Executive branch can randomly create 32 unaccountable positions who answer to no one but the President and who will oversee and set policy for major sectors of the economy and our personal lives? Where is that all written in your Constitution?

    And you wonder why the American people are on the verge of a political revolt and marching on their government (September 12th)? And why the President’s national support continues to drop and the number of self-admitted Obama supporters confessing to voter remorse increases?

    How’s that hope and change working out for you?

    I’ll restate my pledge not only to support and defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic but also to defend the principles asserted in the Declaration of Independence!

  6. This site jumps the shark!!! says

    I rate this as a jump the shark moment.

    Budget vetoes, taxes need to increase, reality dictates more cuts to the budget for the State, and this is what you have here?


    Buh bye.

  7. This site jumps the shark!!! says

    Crap, now I am pissed- I didn’t read the Repulsive- Valdez used that idiom.

    Okay- missed the boat- ya ijjits.

    You still have no take on the Gov’s plan to raise taxes?

    How about some reality here?

    We need a tax increase- the longer we wait, the bigger the tax increase- and borrowing to pay the bills is beyond stupid- but hey it is a Republican IDEA!

    Dumb, dumb dumb.

  8. That’s another post TSJTS!

  9. The Moore and Kutcher pledge is creepy, but those two are creepy in general so that is not surprising.

  10. Tucson Vice says


    You keep defending ‘Merica against all of your foreign and domestic enemies (have you decided which one of those catagories our president falls under yet?) and I’ll just cross my fingers and hope that this is your flag waving way of saying you’ll vote against him.

    The Constitution doesn’t say anything about CEO’s or banks. To use a simplistic, Bushian constitutional shrug-off, it doesn’t say that he can’t do any of that stuff either, now do it?

    I don’t suppose any of that has anything to do with the many republicans that I have met that scream and rant about defending our founding documents despite seeming never to have read them, or bothered to understand them.

  11. “And you wonder why the American people are on the verge of a political revolt and marching on their government (September 12th)?”

    Wow. And I thought the 9/12 Project was about coming together as Americans. Not a small minority trying to attack Washington.

    That’s more “9/11 Project” by my measure.

  12. Have Americans lost their sense of direction?

    Since when do you become a “servant to a president” instead of a country? Or community? Or how about God? (or is that too offensive to say these days?).

    Isn’t anyone looking at the big picture anymore? These “actors” are used to, by trade, being told what to do by a “director.”

    Welcome to Cuba my comrades. The traitors are some of your fellow Americans.

  13. This site jumps the shark!!! says

    So where is it?

    After all, Brewer stuck to her guns and put the property tax back on the books.

    Adams should be tossed from leadership, along with Bagdad Bob Burns.

    Criminy- wtf is going on with this party?

    Government is finally about as small as it is going to get- the next things up on the chopping block are tax credits and charter schools you fools!!!

    Someday I want a republican party that makes sense and can add two plus two and get four without a tax cut!!!

  14. This site jumps the shark!!! says

    Or DSW- let’s kick about 10,000 inmates out of state prison.

    That would really put the twist in the knickers of CCA’s lobbyist.


    Nobody home.

  15. This site jumps the shark!!! says

    Further proof is the moronic 9/12 site now at the top of the blogroll.

    WTF are you idiots doing?

    Obama could be the easiest prez to run against, instead I see tremendous f*ckups like the truthers and our legislature leading the party into the abyss!!!

    Read your history- do you want dems to run the country for twenty years like they did after 1932?


    No wonder the Repulsive is having a field day picking on the party- it has no brains!!!

    If this continues, the next election will be about a 25% share for the party- and dems will do whatever they please for the first time in years- then you idiots who *purified* the party will be very lonely at your 9/12 parties!!!!

    Why bother?

    This is done.

    Might as well join the dems, they look like the winning team for the foreseeable future in Arizona, and most likely nationwide too.

  16. Well “This Site Jumps the Shark”, we know what kind of education you have to use words it”f*ckups”. Could you not have come up with a better word? Maybe something a little more colorful.

    Tucson Vice, the constitution outlines what the powers of government are and who has them, and those powers NOT GIVEN to the goverment belong to the people.

    Not the President, Congress, or Judges but the PEOPLE.

    I to pledge to stand by the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. I will not serve Obama, I’m not his slave!!!

  17. Klute – I always thought with the 9/12 project wanting to return to how people felt on 9/12, for Beck and his audience this means angry, fearful, intolerant of dissent and ready to lock up foreigners – pretty much the same as they are now.

  18. I could care less if some wacky celebrities want to pledge allegiance to Obama, but I do care about the large number of our elected officials who have pledged allegiance to Grover Norquist. How come that is perfectly ok with you folks?

  19. This site jumps the shark!!! says

    my education- or lack of it is not the issue.

    the outcome dictates the anger I feel right now.

    How about useful idiots instead?

  20. Todd,

    Exactly. The last place I ever want to return to is 9/12/01.

  21. Donutwarrior says

    I pledge to protest the Democrats bad policies and sit back and watch them implode as they try to ram them down our throats. Good luck joining the Dems shark, you will need it. They are on a crash course with reality, and that reality is that people don’t want what they are selling. I will place odds on when the Dems drop Obama, as he is setting them up for a big collapse. You just can’t govern as a hard leftist when you have only a 20% core of hard leftist followers. The next year will be interesting indeed as this collapse unfolds. The Republicans have their problems, but they aren’t anything like this bad. I hope they sit around and watch, offering positive alternatives.

  22. I pledge to find role models smarter than Semi Less and the Assman the Cootcher–who’s only real skill is mastering twitter and getting the red string all in knots on his Kabbalist pinky. These celebutwits are proof that 2012 might be Armageddon if they become the political weight in the world. From that 70s show to the Mayan Doomsday Clock- I’m gonna go watch the History Channel’s 49th airing of Nostradamus 2012, or Mega Disasters. I pledge to not projectile vomit the next time I see Ashton Kutcher talk about himself or his doofii entourage.
    Gag me with an iPhone.
    PS Hey Jumpy the Shark there–please explain to me why all of you libs are so sexually frustrated, I mean the OVER use of your four favorite letters? Anyone over 14 knows that’s a dead give away for those that don’t, say it too much. Get off the ‘puter, shower off, and go outside. Get a latte or a beer and relax. You’re stressed out.
    Daily KOS is one big swear word too– four letter pocket pool. Do you remember the comic, the Angriest Dog in the World? The entire thing was the exact same strip— the angry dog frozen in time. To this day, it’s still my favorite ever.

    You libs–you are the Angriest Dogs in the World. Get off of here and go to match.com or something.

  23. How ’bout we return to message here for a moment……….

    The topic here is NOT Governor Brewer. The issue is freedom and liberty and the attacks to the foundations of our country which Obama and this dangerous “pledge” represents .

    Obama’s pledge is a throwback to Joseph Goebbels and Stalin’s guy Mehkil. I said this before the election when I read about people “fainting” at his rallies and watched little kids chanting OBAMA songs like Hitler Youth as their proud parents watched on admiringly.

    This man is more about creating the “culture of Obama” than he is about defending and protecting the US Constitution. The symbolism , the art, the writings, comparisons to deity, people referring to him as Barack. All right out of the Hitler,Stalin,Kim Jong Il, Saul Allinsky playbook.

    This is America.Not Nazi Germany. We don’t pledge our allegiance to ANY leader. We are citizens of a great republic and not “citizens of the world.” We take a pledge of allegiance to a concept of freedom , to liberty, to support the US Constitution and our American values which are a damn site better than the supposed values of this slick Chicago political thug who has packaged himself to become president ( for a while ) .

    Americans were duped by Obama. He took advantage of their fears. Promised them something but took so much else away from them. Any politician can promise to put a few bucks in your pocket. But no one should be fooled about the price to be paid by such sleight of hand.

    This president is a dangerous man and the people who surround him are hungry for power . Good people from across our land are telling him they do not agree with the direction our country is going. Oor voice is louder than any microphone Obama controls. We need to keep our message strong.

    American is in a fight to regain it’s political balance. We must stay focused. We must continue to speak up and not allow the lies which the Obama crowd play fast and free with to drown out the truth.

  24. Can anyone confirm that this was actually Bruce Ash who just wrote that?

    Because I would *love* to make that famous.

  25. I love how all those who “pledge” are people with money and they are all great looking and successful. Too bad that’s not your every day average Joe like me who could use some help. Believe me, if I had a spare penny, I’d help someone else. Obama better wake up before the American public revolts. I’ve never seen this country so close to revolution and anarchy as it is now. He needs to do the right thing and step down and install John McCain as President before the country ends up a burnt out war zone. It’s very close to that now.

  26. Veritas Vincit says

    Barry Sotero, AKA Il Duce, de Fuhrer, or “the Chairman” has commissioned his National Public Endowment for the Arts pals to use their “artistry” in aiding his efforts at the total health care takeover.

    Those who are students of unbiased history, (not revisionism) will note, de Fuhrer did took similar actions to those the Obamanation is taking: He used the arts to project his image, and he injected government health care into Germany.

    Remember, de Fuhrer and Il Duce were both democratically elected.

    Its the tried and true playbook to fascism, or in this case, communism.

  27. Part two was even better “The Pledge for Obama and America: Part 2”

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