What is the Arizona Economic Council?

You can add The Ahwatukee Foothill News to the list of organizations that have been duped by this shadowy group named the Arizona Economic Council. In running commentary authored by the Arizona Economic Council critical of Jan Brewer and the Republican Legislature (“Budget Cuts Hinder Tax Collections, 3/23/09), the Foothill News described the Arizona Economic Council as “an independent, non-partisan, nonprofit organization aimed [sic] to promote ideas to create jobs, strengthen our economy and educate Arizonans about the economic issues facing our state.”

The Yellow Sheet has also reprinted a couple of news releases from this group attacking Republicans, and also referred to it as “independent” and “nonpartisan.”

This is a joke. The Arizona Economic Council is led by Seth Scott, who actually authored the piece in the Foothill News. A quick Google search reveals that Scott is former spokesman for liberal Congressman Harry Mitchell.

George Cunningham, who is also quoted in the article and identified as a member of the group, was a top staffer for liberal former Governor Janet Napolitano. Democrat Cunningham also amassed a far left-wing voting record as an extremist legislator from Pima County. Cunningham voted against a bill requiring people to show identification in order to register to vote, and even voted against a ban on partial birth abortion.

And the other member of the group mentioned in their propaganda piece, Enrique Lopezlira? Their propaganda merely calls him a “Valley economist.” But a look at FEC and state campaign finance records reveals he has donated thousands of dollars to candidates and causes over the last couple years. And every penny has gone to left-wing candidates and causes.

You can call this sloppy journalism, but had a group of conservatives formed a similar group that tried to phony itself up as nonpartisan and independent, I doubt this would have escaped the media’s attention. And it is shameful that such a nakedly partisan, leftist group would try to paint itself as nonpartisan.

The Arizona Economic Council, nonpartisan and independent? Not hardly.`


  1. SonoranSam says

    Gee. Kinda sounds like a mirror image to the Goldwater Foundation.

    If they deserve credibility, why not the Arizona Economic Council?

  2. Mr. Conservative says

    Just wait till Doug Murphy writes a nice “puff” piece following up on this “issue” to hammer McComish & Huppenthal to vote for the tax increases.

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