What is Janet Napolitano’s legacy? BIG BROTHER STATE OF SPEED CAMERAS

In Robert Robb’s recent article about Governor Napolitano’s legacy as governor, he forgot to mention her biggest legacy: speed cameras everywhere. We’re pleased to see that a ballot initiative is being started to ban speed cameras. We were looking into having the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers sponsor this so this saves us some work.

Websites are popping up around the Arizona blogosphere and everyone from the Republic to the New Times has been covering the growing opposition to the cameras, which were rammed down our throats by Napolitano. The Republic ran an editorial today listing some of the problems with speed cameras and noting that even its supporters are now admitting the cameras have gone too far, they’re so prevalent people are disturbed.

What troubles us is twofold: 1) The revenues (if any – that’s a completely other matter) will give the government a license to spend more money, which is irresponsible at this time considering we have a $2 billion budget deficit. 2) The speed cameras over-enforce the law. Arizona state law provides that the speed limits are recommended and it’s up to a police officer to determine whether a driver’s speed was “reasonable and prudent” under the circumstances. That is why officers have discretion as to whether they give you a ticket or not when you are pulled over. Say you are driving on a deserted highway, it’s a sunny bright day, there’s no construction or windy steep turns in the road, and you are going 67 in a 55 mph zone. The officer will more than likely not give you a speeding ticket, because under those circumstances, there is nothing dangerous about your speed. Speed cameras remove this discretion by the officer, removing state law’s due process requirement that a police officer serve you personally with a ticket, and instead create their own new punishment requiring a standard that is not set by law.

All in the name of what? Greed. Not public safety, since drivers don’t get points on their record for these types of tickets, they can get 100 speeding tickets by photo radar and nothing will happen to their driving privileges. Further, a study in Texas found that accidents increased by 52% after speed cameras were installed! And the money doesn’t even go to improve the roads – it goes to fund Clean Elections!

News sources are also pointing out that the speed cameras aren’t going to bring in the revenues claimed; because 60% of drivers appeal the tickets, it will clog the justice courts, at an increasing cost to taxpayers.

Finally, we are disturbed that speed cameras take police officers off the roads and put them in other locations, where they won’t be able to catch drunk drivers, the biggest danger on our roads. A speed camera will do nothing to stop a drunk driver, other than send him a ticket in the mail a week later.

The website Camera Fraud is actively taking on the speed cameras, organizing protests and educating the public on why they need to go.

This website, Safe Speed Lafayette, provides exhaustive information on why speed cameras are a bad idea, and which cities and states have consequently banned them (the list below includes jurisdictions that have postponed them as well):

* Alaska, Nebraska, New Jersey, Utah, and Wisconsin
* Albuquerque, New Mexico
* Bakersfield, California
* Gulf Breeze, Florida
* Hawaii
* Lubbock, Texas
* Minnesota

* Michigan
* North Carolina
* Ohio
* Rome, Georgia

We hope when Jan Brewer takes office as governor in January that removing the cameras is the first thing she does. The Pinal County Sheriff ran on a platform this year of eliminating the speed cameras in Pinal County and won – the first time a Republican has won there in years, an indication that banning speed cameras is widely supported by the public.

Camera Fraud


  1. Kenny Jacobs says

    Maybe if we knew who “Pat” is, we could find out how many times “Pat” has been busted for speeding.

  2. not a speeder says

    Gee Kenny, do you think that everyone that dislikes the speed cameras speed? You are wrong. I’m 43 years old, never had a speeding ticket in my life,and am strongly opposed to these tax cameras.

  3. if you have any doubts about the scameras just read the contract


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