What is Governor Brewer Thinking!?!?

Before I launch into my dissent over the current Governor, I do have to give her credit for getting a lot of good things accomplished. With that said, many of us political consultants are asking, “What is Governor Brewer thinking?!?!”

Has her political consultant/advisor got her jacked up on political PCP?

Brewer’s polling numbers are in the tank and recent polls indicate she would get her head handed to her by voters in a match up against Terry Goddard.

While national trends that Democrats and incumbents will be the primary targets in 2010, I believe that Governor Brewer has put her own party in jeopardy here in Arizona. While many other states will turn red as Republicans return, here in Arizona I fear we will see the opposite take place thus defying the national trend to conservatives great dismay. We have one of the best conservative pro-taxpayer, pro-family legislatures since I can remember and we missed incredible opportunities to turn our local economy around through major tax, regulation and trade policy initiatives.

Frankly, we blew it because of a stubborn refusal to acknowledge economic reality and do the right thing.

Tonight, Governor Brewer has indicated she will announce her campaign for Governor in 2010. Instead, I would hope she would do the opposite and quietly retire.

The next legislative session hasn’t even started and I have to wonder how much more damage will be done.


  1. I think our Governor is thinking it’s time for the adults to get involved in running this state before the loser-tarians like Gorman and Gould turn it over to Goddard and the tax and spend Democrats.

  2. drunk with power???

  3. watch the AZ GOP pull off a NY 23 and wonder why they lost

  4. Conservative one says

    It’s going to be the pro-tax increase Republican against the anti-tax increase Republican in the GOP primary. Who do you think is going to win? Brewer staked her governorship on getting that tax increase passed. She’s toast…

  5. The Choice Is Easy says

    One guy gets it. You cut taxes to attract businesses fleeing California, and you don’t spend more than you take in. It’s pretty simple.


  6. It’s Scozzofava time!

  7. Klute – if you’re implying that the Democrat will win due to a GOP rift, you are completely wrong. Scozzafava was not nominated by a public vote – she was appointed by 11 party apparatchiks. She would have never been nominated had there been such a vote – just like Brewer will not be nominated. Parker will defeat Goddard in 2010. Take it to the bank . . .

  8. She is another typical life-long politician who feels “entitled” to the position. Attention Jan: This is not another political anointment, you have to be elected. Good luck.

  9. Not a chance in Mohave County.

  10. Arizona Republic headline, Wednesday, August 25, 2010:

    “Embattled Governor Ousted by AZ Voters: tax hike cited as reason”

    At least we get a primary here in Arizona unlike the voters in NY-23.

  11. John,

    Unfortunately, Greg Patterson would report us to the authorities and see us dragged away in chains if I took that bet, but otherwise I totally would.

    And besides, Tony GOPrano has taught me a valuable lesson about bets with conservatives.

  12. nightcrawler says

    Everyone has a different interpretation of reality. What many conservatives may consider a poor job, others may consider a good job. Some folks might like Jan’s salty “in your face” style as she holds tough on principle.

    From where I sit, I think she really has Arizona’s interest in mind above those of the AZGOP. She has risen above party politics. In the general, that may play well. In the primary, not so much.

  13. Really? That’s our plan? Brewer just decides to serve out her term and let Vernon Parker get Len Munsil’ed in the General by Terry Goddard?

    Wet behind the ears Dean Martin would get railroaded when every the key Dem talking point is how he’s lost the State more money then any Treasurer in state history.

    Until a candidate gets the cojones to step up, present a plan for the budget that isn’t warm and fuzzy “cut taxes” and “make cuts,” Brewer has my support.

    At the end of the day there isn’t a candidate that has the guts to really do what’s right for AZ. Martin would never openly advocate for the cuts it would take. Parker is high by thinking tax cuts will solve a budget deficit and Munger is a non-story from the get go.

    Brewer is the incumbent and is the only one that has a shot at being Terry Goddard, who by the way would be the worst governor in the world.

  14. Two things. By making it clear she is running she will have more pull with the lege in the upcoming special sessions. If in the sessions and next year’s regular session she is able to actually get something done to deal with the budget she will be seen quite differently by primary time.

  15. Jefferson Smith says

    “More pull” from Jan Brewer is not just an undertow sinking GOP chances at holding the 9th Floor, it’ll more likely become a vortex of “throw the bums out” next November. Brewer is an anchor around the leg of Arizona Republicans. Terry Goddard will sink Tax-Happy Brewer if she’s nominated.

  16. Antifederalist says

    Have you had your head in the sand for the last couple polls? Brewer does awfully against Goddard and Dean polled within 6 points of Goddard. Also, he hasn’t LOST money at all. He’s MADE over a billion for the state through very safe and conservative investments. Dean has been on the ball about the state’s overspending since before it was apparent there was a problem. Remember when Janet called him “Chicken Little” years ago? He was predicting red ink for the state due to spending that was outpacing revenues. He was RIGHT.

    You’re also wrong on the point that Dean would never openly advocate the cuts necessary. Apparently, you haven’t heard him speak recently? He’s been talking about going back to `06-`07 budgets to make spending match revenues. He’s also running the Treasurer’s office on a fraction of it’s `91 budget. So, if he can save that much money in his own agency, I bet he could cut wisely in the rest of the state’s agencies. These trumped up bleak pictures by Brewer’s pro-big government department heads are NOT to be believed.

    Get your facts straight.

  17. Antifederalist you might want to look at the facts yourself.

    I’ve heard Dean speak and I’ve heard Ken Bennett speak and I have heard everyone in their dog talk about going back to ’06-’07 budgets. SHOW ME THE CUTS. When pressed on exact cuts, neither would give even one detail. Lay out a plan and lets see how far you get.

    The poll you are quoting also asks who wins a primary- and where does Dean finish? Third. as a second choice? 2nd…Behind Brewer.

    Polls say nothing, just like the other Republican hopefuls in this race.

  18. Where is DSW and all the other guys on this site who knew for certain she would not run? They claimed to have inside info and all this political savvy i couldnt understand…

    I told him months ago she would run. This woman is a career AZ politician and finally made it to the top, she is not going to just leave without a fight. She has nothing to lose, either she gets another term as governor and then is done or she loses and retires.

  19. and by where are you DSW I know you wrote this, I was just looking for a you were right Johnny and I was wrong

  20. Let’s face it. Brewer is McCains choice and that’s why she’s running and for no other reason. Time for McCain and his cabal to retire with whatever grace they may have remaining and go silently into the night.

    Let’s free this state from the McCain loadstone once and for all.

  21. McCain’s choice? SHE’S THE INCUMBENT GOVERNOR!! Why do us Republicans love to try and eat our own! How soon we forget the social and 2nd amendment bills she signed in this session.

  22. Hey the last incumbent governor to be voted out was Sam Goddard, Terrys father, in 1966. It is easy to be reelected in Arizona and polls show Jan behind now but the only real polls are the ones that open at 6 on election day. Also Vernon Parker may be a nice guy but nominating him will be a guaranteed loss.

  23. Observe,

    The reason Brewer is running is because she is a 65 year old career politician. Sh finally made it to the pinnacle of Arizona state politics and has no incentive to leave without fight. She is 65!! She is done after this whether she serves a term as governor or loses in the primary or the general this year. So she might as well go down fighting.

  24. If we should judge a governor or candidate by the people she surrounds herself with, what should we make of Grant Woods being Brewer’s campaign chairman?

  25. She’s the only one that is going to be beat Terry Goddard.

  26. Sean, she won’t win the primary unless all the other candidates fall apart or split the vote too much. If she does win, there is no way she will beat Goddard. Goddard would be presumed unqualifed and incompetent to do the job. Brewer has already proved it which puts her at a disadvantage compared to almost any other candidate. Plus, she has shown herself to be a tax and spend Republican rather than one supporting smaller government which makes her hard to distinguish from a pro-life Democrat.

  27. A simple google search shows me everything I need to know about Grant Woods and Jan Brewer. What is she thinking if he really is her campaign chair?

    By Chip Scutari
    The Arizona Republic
    Oct. 25, 2002

    Grant Woods, one of Arizona’s most popular Republicans and co-chairman of Matt Salmon’s gubernatorial campaign, is considering jumping to the Democratic Party after the Nov. 5 election.

  28. Antifederalist says

    You’re on some GOOD drugs if you think Jan can beat Goddard. That’s straight-up crack logic. Of the names bandied about, Dean is the only hope for the Republicans to beat Goddard.

  29. OK, I’ll admit that I am wrong on Brewer not running. When all the political planets are in alignment and there can be no other explanation other than she won’t run, that’s how you call it. Now that she has officially announced this is going to be a square peg in a round hole scenario (sorry to tangle my metaphors!) Already, conservatives see her off to a bad start just with the campaign, nevermind the fact her polls are low, her name ID is poor and she’s advocating Democratic tax policy! Grant Woods is one breath away from a Slade Meade and in the same camp as Carolyn Allen and John Greene. She will have no core conservative support and will throw the state party into chaos over whether they should back the incumbent governor-gone-wild or several far more conservative candidates. I would really hate to be the Chairman at this point having to try to keep the party together and raise money at the same time. Republicans at the national level will do very good in 2010 but Arizona will be the anomaly as the Democrats take advantage of the wedge the governor has caused her own party. Goldwater, Reagan and all our conservative heros are rolling over in their graves. This is going to be a repeat of the McCain enthusiasm of 2008 all over again. God help us in 2010!

  30. DSW you are high if you think the sitting governor and two time Secretary of State has poor name ID.

  31. We are talking about Terry Goddard, people! Like he is some sort of unbeatable force. This guy won’t even take on abortion issues because he’s too afraid of how it will hurt his liberal base.

    All of the uber taxcutters must see that if they cut too much they are going to be wildly unpopular in a general. Sure, it may get the old folks and the people with their kids in private school, but you are going to get killed. Have we learned nothing with Matt Salmon and Len Munsil?

    If you can’t find someone who can keep Republican women home, you have no shot of winning. Who do you think can do that?

  32. What do you mean when you say we need to find someone who will keep Republican women home?

  33. Sorry, let me clarify. Not home as in not voting, but staying home as in voting with the Republican Party. Neither Salmon or Munsil could keep Republican women from voting for Janet. She was the “education” Governor and despite her overspending, they trusted her over a fellow Republican.

  34. I just saw a copy of the Yellow Sheets and they reinforce my assertion that the GOP is seriously divided over Brewer’s decision to run for election.

  35. Captain Obvious says

    What is she thinking? She is thinking that it is a whole year until election day and that it will be a crowded GOP primary. She’s also thinking that she is the incumbent governor.

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