What if

If Senator McCain resigns soon enough he will force an election for his senate seat in the 2008 cycle. Shadegg will likely run for and win that seat, thus replacing McCain. If an equally conservative Republican runs for CD-3 (we can dream) then the net effect will be to trade out Shadegg for McCain. If they had told me sooner I would have voted for McCain in the Arizona primary.


  1. Walt Stephenson says

    Napolitano wants McCain’s seat. She would not let Shedegg waltz into the Senate seat and she is still very popular although I can’t understand why.

  2. Antifederalist says

    McCain isn’t up for reelection to the Senate until 2010. I can’t imagine that he’d resign his Senate seat unless he actually won the general election. He’s powermad and would hate to be out of office if he lost the general. So, I can’t imagine that Shadegg is angling for a run at McCain’s seat. Also, many Congressmen run for a Senate seat while staying in office until the expiration of their House term. Why in the world would Shadegg want to be out of office for a year or more and run for Senate rather than run for Senate from a place of power: the House. I guess one could make the argument that if he retires, he can stay in Arizona and run rather than flying back to Washington during the week to vote, but it seems pretty thin to me. I could be wrong.

    While thegreenpapers.com lists Sean Noble as a possible opponent to Harry Mitchell, rumor has it that he wants to run for Shadegg’s seat and that he fears that Dean martin might challenge him for Shadegg’s seat.

    Finally, I agree with Walt. If the pink gorilla wants to run for McCain’s seat, Shadegg will have an uphill battle.

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